AN: This story is a spinoff of "Things I Never Knew". It is about Braedon Snape, Caydon's brother from "Things I Never Knew" and his relationship to Draco. Specifically, it gives a fuller, more personal, view of what it means to be Owned than "Things I Never Knew". If you have not read "Things I Never Knew", then you will likely understand little that is happening here. Draco/Braedon. Will likely be rated M later.


Braedon was three years old

Braedon Snape held his mother's hand and skipped along beside her. Today, he was to meet the son of his Owner, a boy named Draco Malfoy. Braedon's mother had been telling him for weeks how lucky he was – he had been chosen to be Draco's Pet. Being a Pet meant that he would get to spend all day playing with Draco and he would be given nicer things than everyone else. This morning, Braedon's mother had awoken him before dawn, scrubbed him thoroughly, cut and combed his hair, and dressed him in his best set of blue robes.

As they approached Malfoy Manor, Braedon became more subdued. He could remember seeing the house from a distance, but he had never been inside a dwelling anywhere near the size of the manor. It was intimidating. When he entered with his mother, he saw that they were in a huge room with many things that Braedon had never seen before and wanted to ask his mother about, but he bit his tongue. A House Owned in black robes approached them.

"We're here to see Mistress Malfoy and young Draco," his mother told the man. The House Owned gave the appropriate nod of respect to one of his mother's station and gestured for them to follow him.

After going upstairs and walking down a long hallway, they entered a room where a blonde woman sat at a table watching a little boy play on the floor. The little boy had very fair hair and was playing with colored blocks. "Castle," he said, and Braedon watched, fascinated, as the blocks formed a castle of their own accord. The boy knocked it down and said "Boat." The blocks formed a boat.

Braedon's mother picked Braedon up, a bit protectively, and approached the woman. The woman stood and took a long look at him. "This is your son then?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am," Braedon's mother curtsied as best she could while holding him on one hip.

"Well, let him play with Draco and well see how they get on."

Braedon's mother put him down in front of Draco. Draco looked at him. "You're my new Pet," he said.

His mother beamed at him. "That's right, Draco. Such a clever boy!" Braedon didn't think this was so clever, but he was afraid to say anything.

Draco pretended that he didn't hear her. "Mama says that you have to play with me," he said.

"Do you want to play blocks?" Braedon asked, hopefully. He had never seen such magnificent toys.

"No," Draco said, knocking the blocks down. "They're stupid." After a moment, the blocks stacked themselves in a pile. "Let's play with my brooms!" For the first time, Braedon noticed that the room was lined with many toys. Draco went over to a corner and took out two small toy brooms. Soon, the boys were chasing each other around, flying at a low level and laughing. Their mothers stood by, watching them silently.

After the boys were thoroughly worn out, Mrs. Malfoy called a servant to take Draco away for a nap. Braedon went over to his own mother who picked him up again.

"He seemed to get along well with Draco," Mrs. Malfoy said.

"Yes. I knew they would," Braedon's mother answered.

"Yes, I forgot about your acclaimed clairvoyance. He's a pretty little boy," here she touched Braedon's cheek. "Not as pretty as my Draco, of course, but very nice looking for an Owned child."

"Yes, ma'am," Braedon's mother said, politely.

"You say that he's already shown signs of magic?"

"Of course."

"Draco is a very special boy, Mrs. Snape. I trust that your son will serve as a suitable playmate for him."

"I understand."

One week later

It was late at night and Braedon had just been awakened by his mother. He was riding in a cart to the Manor as he had done everyday for the last week, though he was unsure why he was going at the moment. Surely, he was not going to play with Draco at this hour.

When they arrived at the Manor, Braedon and his mother were taken not to Draco's room, but to a small room below the ground level. There was a long steel table and several people standing in the room. One of them was Mrs. Malfoy. Braedon's mother moved to put him onto the table, but he clung to her in fear.

"Shh, dear it's alright," she said. "This may hurt a little, but it will be over soon."

She laid him face first on the table and pulled his robes down a bit, so that his shoulders were bare. Braedon felt strong, adult hands holding down both his arms and his legs. Suddenly, there was a sharp pain at his shoulder and he cried out, squirming.

"Shh, baby, hold still," his mother said and Braedon thought that she would cry.

He realized that someone was scratching into his skin with a wand. But his mother had been right, it was soon over. When they allowed him to look at his back in a mirror, he saw that letters had been tattooed onto his back, just below his Owned tattoo.

Mrs. Malfoy leaned in very close and whispered in his ear. "Do you know what this is on your back?" Braedon wriggled away from her and shook his head.

"They are Draco's initials. You are his now. The other Owned all belong to the family, but you shall always be Draco's even if he were to be disinherited. It is a very special bond. You shall closer to him than any friend, closer than a brother," here she paused before going on, "and perhaps, someday, closer than a wife."

Braedon sniffled a bit from the pain, and tried to comprehend what Mistress Malfoy was saying. He thought all this meant that he was special – because he was Draco's Pet. He liked feeling special.

Braedon was five years old

"Come on, Braedon, keep up," Draco said, pulling on Braedon's hand. They were at Diagon Alley and Braedon kept slowing down and stopping to look at some new amazing thing. He had never been outside Malfoy land before and the sheer number of different people and things was overwhelming. Normally, Owned would not be taken on shopping excursions, but Draco had insisted on bringing Braedon along to keep him company. Narcissa Malfoy had agreed. Unusually light-hearted, she had told Draco that she would just bring her Pet as well, a woman named Callia who had very dark hair.

Narcissa allowed Draco to decide where they went most of the day. At the moment, Draco was dragging Braedon into a pet shop. They looked at the owls and toads and snakes and cats, but in the end Draco began to play with some puppies in the back.

"Mama," he said, when he saw Narcissa. "I want a puppy."

"If I buy you a puppy, you will be bored with it in a week and it will just give the servants another meaningless chore."

"I won't get bored," Draco insisted. "I want it, Mother."

Narcissa smiled at her son. Braedon had known that she would give in; she nearly always did to Draco. "Then you shall have one. But you must play with it."

"I will!" Draco said and then picked out a black puppy. Callia said it was some sort of terrier. Just as they were about to buy it, however, Draco tugged on his mother's robes. "I want Braedon to have a puppy too," he said.

Braedon perked up. He would like to have a puppy, but he knew that if he said this, the adults would immediately become suspicious. He had learned that he was more likely to get nice things if he didn't ask for them.

Narcissa laughed. "Such a generous boy! But I don't think it is a good idea to buy Braedon a puppy."

"I want him to have one," Draco said, stamping his foot a little. "My puppy has to have another puppy to play with."

"These puppies are purebreds – just like you, dear – and they are very expensive. We'll find Braedon some mutt that doesn't cost anything."

"Nooooooo!" Draco shrieked. "He has to have one of these!" He began to hold his breath and Narcissa actually seemed to get angry with him.

"Stop this," she hissed. "You are making a scene. You are getting far to old for these games."

Draco lay on the floor and began flailing about, his face turning blue. Narcissa sighed. "Go get him the puppy, Callia," she said. "But this is the last time that Draco is going shopping with me for a good long while." She gave her son a stern look which he ignored entirely. A brown puppy of the same breed as Draco's was given to Braedon. After they bought both animals, Draco came over and kissed Braedon on the cheek in the style of an Owner.

"Aw, look at that," Callia said, Draco's earlier tantrum already forgotten. "They love each other."

"I remember when we were that age," Narcissa said.

Two days later

Braedon was sitting across the table from Draco and sneaking pieces of meat to his puppy under the table. Braedon was allowed to eat at table with the Malfoys because he was still a child and Draco needed someone to talk to so he wouldn't bother his parents. Sometimes, Draco would even sneak him pieces of his dessert, though Owned weren't supposed to have sweets.

"Solon," Lucius Malfoy said, suddenly. Solon was the name of Lucius' manservant and he also happened to Lucius' Pet from when he was little. "Take those animals out of here. We do not bring dogs to the dinner table."

Solon nodded and removed the puppies. Braedon knew that for anyone else, Draco would have thrown a temper tantrum, but he was much more inclined to listen when his father spoke.

"I can't believe that you bought them those puppies," Lucius snapped at Narcissa. "Especially for him," he pointed at Braedon and Braedon felt like sinking into his chair. He had always been a little afraid of Lucius. "It's unseemly, buying such an animal for an Owned boy."

Narcissa pursed her lips. The husband and wife often argued and Braedon didn't think that they liked one another very well. "You bought Solon a horse last year," she pointed out. "If any of us treats the servants in an unseemly way, it is you."

"It wasn't a thoroughbred horse," Lucius said coldly. Braedon noticed that Draco was pouting and pushing a piece of broccoli around his plate. "And Solon is a grown man. If people see that we are giving such lavish gifts to little boys, they may start to think that I have a … taste for them."

Braedon did not know what Lucius meant by this. Draco looked at Braedon from across the table and Braedon made a face at him to make him laugh.

Braedon was six years old

They felt very grown up. Braedon and Draco were walking to Braedon's house all on their own, with no grown up to lead them. It was very exciting. As Draco walked down the road, other Owned saw him and whispered among themselves. For the first time, Braedon felt proud that he was Draco's Pet and he realized that he was better than these other Owned. He tossed his head and laughed with Draco.

This was Draco's first time being at Braedon's house. They talked to Braedon's mother as she made dinner and Draco was very polite. He even patted Braedon's baby brother Caydon on the head. At dinner, however, he was less enthusiastic.

"This is yucky," he said poking his potatoes with his knife. "They're so lumpy."

"You don't have to eat them," Braedon's mother said, a bit apologetically.

"I want bread and jam," Draco said. Braedon raised his eyebrows. He had seen Draco eat jam. If they gave him all the jam he wanted, then they would have no more for a month.

"Finish your dinner first," Braedon's father said.

"Don't want to," Draco said and Braedon recognized the signs of a temper tantrum.

"I can take him into the kitchen, Papa," he spoke up.

"No you can't," his father snapped. Braedon crossed his arms. His father didn't know anything. Draco was going to start screaming now.

Draco started kicking at the legs of his chair and letting out a high-pitched whine. "I want jam. I want jam! I WANT JAM!"

Braedon's little brother Caydon began crying.

"Mr. Malfoy," his father said, standing up and speaking in a very commanding voice. "You will stop this nonsense immediately."

"I want jam!"

"Silence!" Braedon's father yelled. Draco was so surprised at being spoken to in this manner that he became quiet.

Braedon was eight years old

"I don't know, Draco," Braedon said, holding the broom uncertainly. "These are grown-up brooms. I don't think that we are supposed to use them."

"It can't be that hard," Draco said, taking another broom out of the shed. "We both have magic. You've even been practicing a little at school, right?"

"Well … yes, but only a little Owned magic. That's different."

Draco ignored Braedon and got onto the broom. For a moment nothing happened, but then the broom rose shakily a foot or two in the air.

"We should go get a grown-up," Braedon said.

"Don't be stupid," Draco told him, but at that moment the broom started bucking and Draco was thrown to the ground.

"Are you alright?" Braedon asked, running to him.

Draco got up and dusted himself off. He didn't appear to be bleeding. "I'm fine," he said. "Go get the broom and I'll try again."

Braedon crossed his arms. "You can't try again, dummy. You're going to get yourself killed!"

Draco blushed bright red. "I am not." He stomped over to his broom and picked it up.

Braedon felt worry well up in his chest. What if Draco fell off his broom from a greater height and was hurt or killed? He ran up and started pulling on the broom, trying to take it away from Draco.

"Braedon, stop it!" Draco yelled, pulling back. He wrenched the broom away from Braedon and pushed him hard into the shed. Braedon yelled, shocked, and he pushed Draco to the ground and climbed on top of him. Just then, however, he felt himself being lifted up by adult hands.

Solon, Lucius' servant, was pulling Braedon off of Draco. He turned Braedon around and slapped him hard across the face. Another servant picked up Draco and took him back towards the manor. Solon dragged Braedon behind the broom shed.

"What are you doing!?" he asked to Braedon furiously, his face very pale. "You never, ever harm an Owner, do you hear me? If you were a few years older, they could have you killed!"

Braedon bit his lip, but kept silent. He wouldn't get Draco into trouble.

"As it is, the Malfoys may very well decide that you aren't a suitable Pet for Draco," Solon went on.

"What?" Braedon felt his lower lip tremble and he hoped that he wouldn't cry like a baby. "I won't be able to play with Draco anymore?"

Solon looked him up and down. "Go cut a switch off that bush," he said, making his voice sound cold.


"I assure you that I am perfectly capable of disciplining my own son, Solon," came Braedon's father's voice from the other room.

Braedon shifted on the little cot that Solon had made for him in the servants' quarters. The whelps on his back hurt when he moved and he winced.

"I didn't enjoy hurting the boy, Severus," Solon said, heavily. "But he has to learn. There is no worse action for an Owned to take than to attempt violence against his Owner."

"I am perfectly aware of this. But Braedon is not yours to whip."

"Would you have done it? This is all the more serious because of your son's status as a Pet. No one lives in closer proximity to Owners than Pets and the Malfoys won't stand for any violent tendencies."

Braedon heard his father's voice become quieter. "To be quite honest with you, I'd be happy if the Malfoys got Draco another Pet and dropped Braedon. I was never in favor of the move myself, but my wife thought it would be beneficial to Braedon. The way he's going, though, he'll end up a house servant."

"You've certainly become arrogant since you ceased wearing the black – metaphorically speaking, of course," Solon said, his voice considerably colder. House Owned wore the color black and Braedon's own father wore it still, though he had been raised to High Owned for some time now. "I can think of no higher purpose for an Owned than personally serving his master."

"I'm hoping that Braedon has a life outside being a Malfoy whore," Severus said, his voice like acid.

"You may have been Lucius' favorite at one point, Severus," Solon said quietly, "but you understand nothing of the bond between a Pet and his Owner."

They continued to talk, but Braedon stopped listening because at that moment, Draco crept in through the back door.

"Braedon," he whispered and Braedon could tell that he had been crying. "Are you okay?"

"Yes," Braedon said. "Solon whipped me, but I'm okay now."

Draco climbed into bed with Braedon. Braedon could see the unshed tears in his eyes. "My parents wanted to send you away, but I yelled until they changed their minds. I'm sorry that I wouldn't listen to you. I – I'm sorry that you were hurt." He reached his hands behind Braedon's back and gently touched his wounds.

"You don't have to say you're sorry to me," Braedon said. "You're my Owner."

Draco didn't say anything, but hugged him tightly and kissed him on the cheek.

Years later, when Braedon looked back on that day, he realized that it was the first time that he truly understood the difference between his position and Draco's. He had always known that Draco was more spoiled than him and much more wealthy than him, but he had never truly appreciated how unequal they were. That day, Braedon began to understand what it meant to be Owned.