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Kill Strife


"Do you find me sadistic?"

I lay there staring at the ceiling, fighting for breath. I've been beaten bloody. It feels like I'm suffocating; the pain is excruciating. But pain is nothing new to me, considering my previous line of work. Maybe I should have seen this coming. Looking back at my past employer, maybe I had this coming. Karma and all that. But right now, karma can go fuck itself. My only concern is for the one who has done nothing to deserve this.

Then he speaks.

"Do you find me sadistic?"

He kneels down and gently wipes some blood from my cheek with the thumb of his gloved hand.

I stare at him, burning with more hatred than I ever thought I could possess, and he knows it.

"I bet I could fry an egg on your head right now, if I wanted to." he says, looking at my expression with a hint of laughter in his voice. But those cobalt blue eyes, eyes that I once loved so much, are void of humor. In fact, they seem pained, hurt by what they're seeing. But considering that their owner is the cause of the sight before them, I am disinclined to give a fuck.

He continues to wipe away blood from my face.

"No Tif. I'd like to believe, even now, you're aware enough to know that there is not a trace of sadism in my actions..." He looks up at the corpses littering the floor around us. "Okay, maybe towards their sorry asses, but not to you."

I can't stand looking at him, but I wouldn't dare take my eyes off of him for a second.

Standing behind him are his four lackeys, three females and one male, all dressed in black. The fourth female however, seems to have disappeared at the moment. Not that she's of any importance anyway. She wasn't one of them, not really. Just a lackey in training.

Around us are the broken bodies of people I'd begun to care about, and a few others who were just doing their jobs. There they lay, empty vessels in pools of their own blood. I'll probably be joining them soon.

The 'lackey in training' is back now...

"No Tif," he says standing up, "at this moment, this is me at my most masochistic."

...She hands him her gun.

No. This can't happen! Not for my sake but for...

"Cloud" I try to say calmly as he raises the gun, but the panic was evident in my voice, "it's your bab—"


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