Summary: Fifty years ago. Harry Potter learned that fifty years ago Tom Marvolo Riddle opened the Chamber of Secrets, unleashed the monster within, killed Myrtle, and blamed Hagrid for it all, but there was more to the story, there were different shades of the story, Shades of Blue and Green...

Author's Note: Okay, this idea has been swishing around in my head for months and I'm finaling writing it down and posting it!! Okay, this is a little bit AU. Myrtle, Tom, and Hagrid are in their fifth year. Myrtle and Hagrid are in Ravenclaw and Tom in Slytherin; and Olive Hornby is in Slytherin and is prejudicial against mudbloods...

Chapter 1- Anger vs. Sarcasm

Myrtle Vance ran down the hallway and into the Transfiguration classroom. "Sorry I'm late." She said in response to the many eyes glancing at her. "I-I-I got lost." She added.

The professor looked at her. "Well, okay Myrtle. But don't do it again." He told her.

"Yes Professor Dumbledore." Myrtle replied as she slipped into her seat in the second row next to a dark haired boy.

"Hello Myrtle." The youthful black haired boy sitting next to her said.

Myrtle blushed a little. "Why hello Tom, say, what did I miss?" Myrtle asked.

Tom began talking. "Oh, well since our OWLs are coming up, we are merely studying." Tom told Myrtle.

Tom and Myrtle spent the rest of the class period studying. When the class ended, they both got out of their seats and beyond the door before anyone. Both began walking, walking towards their next class.

Out of nowhere, Myrtle stopped and stared at a message on the wall in front of her, which was written in blood:

The Chamber of Secrets has been opened; enemies of the heir...beware

Myrtle turned to Tom to see her best friend sporting an evil expression upon his glass face. Myrtle could feel the fear and curiosity of the event filling Tom, and she wanted to know why.

"Tom," She began, but was cut off by the roaring of the rest of the students finding the message.

"Enemies of the heir beware," Myrtle heard evil Olive Hornby saying; Olive turned so that she was facing Myrtle. "You'll be next, mudbloods." Olive said as she pointed to a dead owl hanging from one of the lamp posts on the wall.

Myrtle recognized the owl as belonging to a third year girl named Mandy Carrington who was a muggleborn Hufflepuff. Myrtle grabbed Tom by the sleeve of his white collared shirt and pulled him into the hallway that the two had been headed for. "An owl, I mean honestly, who would attack Mandy's owl?" Myrtle exclaimed as she and Tom headed for class.

"I-I-I-I don't know. But did you notice the water sinking the floor?" Tom replied.

Myrtle looked at Tom. "There was?" She asked.

Tom slowly nodded his head. "You know Myrtle, sometimes you should think before doing something; take notice." Tom said.

Myrtle nodded. "But who would flood the floor?" Myrtle asked.

Tom was desperate to change the tone of the conversation. "Probably you." He joked in hopeful desperation.

Myrtle couldn't take being made anymore, she loved sarcasm. It was her and Tom's thing that they had together as friends. "Only when I'm a ghost haunting this place would I ever flood it." Myrtle joked back.

The two began laughing as they entered their next class, immediately forgetting about the attacks…

Author's Note: Hope you liked. Hope you review. And all chapters will probably be this short or smaller...hehe...