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Chapter One

This is the story of a Forbidden Lust between a beautiful young lady and a 5000 year old Pharaoh in the body of a very handsome man by the name of Yami. Serenity Wheeler was the sister of duelist Joey Wheeler and she knew it was wrong to have wanton feeling for this man, but she couldn't help herself.

This is their story………

Serenity came to live with her brother after her eye surgery. Her mother finally realized that Joey wasn't such a terrible person after all and granted Serenity her wish to get to know him better. Joey's best friend was Yugi Motou and then there was Yami and he was the entity would came out of the Puzzle that Yugi had assembled.

One afternoon while Joey and his sister were visiting with Solomon, Yugi and Yami came in and as his eyes met hers well something happened and he had to get to know her better and she felt the same way, but how without the others finding out?

While they were visiting, Serenity excused herself and she asked Solomon if she could go outside and see his flower garden and he told her "Of course you can."

She smiled at him and she went outside to find Yami already there.

He turned around and as he saw her standing there he held out his hand and she walked over and took it and they walked around the garden not saying anything at all but it was like they had known each other forever.

As they walked he stopped and turned to face her and he said "There's something about you that mystifies me and I have to find out what it is." Then he kissed her and sparks flew from between them, it was like the fourth of July.

When he lifted his head they were both breathless and that's when she heard her brother calling her name saying "Rene, we have to leave now."

Serenity closed her eyes and wished that they were alone somewhere and no one would disturb them ever. Yami knew exactly how she was feeling but he finally said "You have to go now, but I will see you again soon." Then he kissed her again and she walked back to the house and her and Joey went home.

No one even suspected what had been going on out in the garden, except for Yugi who didn't know if he should say something to Yami about it or let it go. Yugi decided to wait and if he felt he needed to he would speak to Yami later.

When they got home from Yugi's, Joey said "How about helping me fix dinner?" So they worked together and they laughed at something that Joey said and she really loved being here with him and especially with Yami.

After dinner they sat and watched television and then she said "I'm a little tired I think I'll go to bed." She kissed her brother and went to her bedroom and after getting into her night gown she climbed into bed and she wondered what it would be like to be lying in his bed with his strong arms around her. She fell asleep with that thought in her mind and oh the erotic dream she had well she woke the next morning feeling horney and so she masturbated and after coming she got up went to take a shower and then she went to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

As she entered the kitchen she found not only was Joey there but so was Yugi and Yami and when her eyes met his well she turned bright red and she turned around and went back to her bedroom till she could get herself under control.

Yami knew from her expression that she must have had the same erotic dream that he had because when she looked at him she was embarrassed and left the room before her brother or Yugi noticed how flustered she was. He really had to find a way to be alone with her, but how and where could they meet without anyone seeing them? He closed his eyes and willed his body to settle down before either Joey or Yugi would notice how excited he was.

Serenity ran to her room and as she closed her door she knew that he knew how she was feeling and she wondered if he had the same dream that she had last night? She had to find a way to be alone with him without anyone finding out, but where could they meet? She'd figure out something, she just had to.

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