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Chapter Seven

Today both Mai and Serenity were going to learn their fate and find out if their pregnant. When Joey found out that his sister and fiancée might be pregnant he realized that things had to change and that all of them had to start taking precautions so that neither of the ladies would become pregnant before either of them were ready.

Mai went out and bought two pregnancy kits and this morning she and Serenity did as the instructions and now they had to wait. As they sat there talking they both were hoping that the test was negative because neither of them were ready yet to have a baby.

Joey went to talk to Yami and as they were talking, Joey told him "Listen we have to take responsibility and make certain that neither Mai nor Serenity if their not pregnant that they don't become pregnant till we're all ready for it. Please don't think that I'm preaching to you, because I'm not but we both have to make damn sure that when we make love to those ladies that we use precautions so that this doesn't happen until we are ready to start a family.

Yami knew that he was thinking not only about Serenity but also about Mai and he couldn't fault him for it. "Listen I completely agree with you and I promise to have condoms with me at all times, but what if they fail to stop the sperm from getting into them, what do we do then?"

Joey raised his eyebrows because he never thought about that and all he could say was "I guess then we're fathers."

Serenity and Mai heard the timer go off and neither of them wanted to go look but they knew that they had to and as they checked the test, they came out with tears running down their faces. Neither of them were pregnant but it didn't stop them from wondering what would of happened if it had been positive. "I guess we had better to tell them what the results are." Mai said.

They went outside and as they walked up to Joey and Yami, Yami turned around and he went over to Serenity and held her in his arms because he knew what she was feeling. Joey took Mai into his arms when she told him and for some strange reason he was crying too. Both men were secretly hoping that the test would be positive but since it came out negative they knew that things were going to change from that moment on.

It has been three months since the fiasco with the pregnancy tests and today Serenity is getting ready to graduate from High School. She is in her Cap and Gown and sitting beside Yami as he drives to the High School for the Ceremony. Joey and Mai are following in his car. As they parked the cars, Yami held her hand as they walked to the area where the soon-to-be- graduates were to stay and Yami, Joey and Mai went to find seats and wait till it began.

As she was getting her hair up, some of her friends were talking to her about what they were going to be doing this summer and she said "I'm going to be looking into getting into Domino College and start expanding my education." Sandra one of her best friends heard the sadness in her voice and when they were alone she asked Serenity what was really bothering her."

They sat alone and Serenity told her about the pregnancy scare and how she really wished she was going to have a baby. Sandra looked at her and she said "No I don't think you would, believe me I know. When I was away those six months well I gave birth to my son Kenneth and I love him so much so don't get me wrong, but I really wish I could go to College but right now I'm working two jobs to help pay my parents rent and have money for my son, so see it isn't all the glorious things that every girl thinks that motherhood it. It's hard and sometimes you wish that it would be different but when that little one says Mommy I love you, well it's all worth it but it still is so very hard."

Serenity listened to what Sandra had to say and she knew that right now she wasn't ready to have a baby but when she was ready she and Yami would become parents. So as each student walked across that stage to get their diplomas, she knew that they made the right decision to wait. Joey was up front taking pictures of his kid sister and all of her friends and it was a tearful and very happy occasion.

Later on as she and Yami were talking she told him about her friend and how she's raising her son and how hard it is right now and how she can't go to College, Serenity told Yami "I'm glad that we're going to wait and be really careful until I graduate from College to start our family."

Yami held her in his arms as he listened to what she said and he too was happy not to have to start a family just yet but he was looking to having babies with her when they were ready. Joey and Mai were also happy to be able to wait till they both were mentally and financially ready to have children. So all of them made pledges to each other to always use protection to help prevent getting pregnant, but if it happened they all would be happy to have that baby.

It's been six years since Joey and Mai got married and five years since Serenity and Yami got married and today both Mai and Serenity found out that they are going to become mothers. They both are so happy and since Serenity graduated from Domino College in three years they have been saving money and now they are ready to have that beautiful and very wanted baby.

Joey nearly jumped to the moon he was that excited when Mai told him that he was going to be a daddy. Both couples are more then ready to welcome their babies into the world. Little do they know that Mai and Joey are having twins and Serenity and Yami are having triplets?

When they found out both men fainted and the ladies sat down and looked at the picture the technician took with the ultra sound and it showed the blimps that would soon be their babies and they both cried tears of happiness.

The ladies were almost to their ninth month and both of them wanted those babies out of them so badly and when the big day came both of them had C-sections and Mai delivered a little girl and a little boy. They named their daughter Melissa Beth Wheeler she was born with blonde hair that was almost invisible and their son Joshua William Wheeler had dark brown hair and lots of it.

When Serenity was ready to deliver she also had a C-section and she had two little boys and a little girl. The first born was a son and they named him Amir Joseph Motou he was born with a head of black almost ebony hair, then their daughter was and they named her Marissa Beth Motou and she had red hair and it was really red and the last was their other son and they named him Samuel Thomas Motou and his hair was a combination of red and black together.

They have finally got the families that they all wanted and both women have told their husbands "You want more children then you can damn well have them, we're done!"

THE END…………….

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