Well here's my latest story. But this time it's not all happy love and sex like the others. This one's kind of sad with character death, emo crap and depression.

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Chapter 1

I was waiting at the entrance to the village. Gai-sensei was coming back from a very long mission that he had been on for the past week. I was exited. Ever sense I had turned sixteen I had become aware of my sexual desires for him and eventually I discovered I was just simply in love with him. That was about three years ago and now I was nineteen. I never told him though because I was afraid that it would ruin our relationship.

I smiled when I saw Kakashi-sensei, who had gone with him, come into view. But frowned when I saw Gai was motionless on Kakashi-sensei's back. I found myself running to meet them. I stared at Kakashi-sensei and he just looked away and walked by. I felt tears in my eyes and I just stared at nothing. This couldn't be happening. No not to my Gai-sensei.

I turned around again and followed Kakashi as he ran to the hospital. When we got there Kakashi went strait to the emergency room but I was held back.

"No let me go!" I yelled and struggled to get free.

"Come on kid you can't go in there unless you're injured or bringing in some one who's injured." The doctor said and I felt angry. But I sat down in the waiting room and waited. I kept telling my self that if he was in the hospital he had to be alive. Right? You don't bring dead people to a hospital. Right?

After about two hours that felt more like an eternity some one approached me. It was lady Tsunade. I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. If she was called here it had to be bad. She told me to go with her and I followed her down the hall. We stopped in front of a door and she sighed.

"I...Is he going to be ok?" I asked shakily.

"Well." She stared and looked at the floor. "He's alive." I felt a wave of relief wash over me when I heard this. But when she continued I felt scared again. "But he's still in bad condition."

"How bad?" I asked. I didn't know why she was stalling so much.

"Well…how can I explain this in a way you could understand." She whispered.

"I am not stupid! Just tell me dammit!" I yelled and was as surprised as she was by what I said. But I meant it.

"Well. He's alive but he's in a comatose state. He may never wake up."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I ran into the room but what I saw made me sick. I saw my sensei lying in a bed with a breathing mask and a bunch of wires attached to him. It was a sight I hoped to never see.

"He's totally unresponsive. He could be like this for the rest of his life or just simply die." Tsunade said from behind me. I shook my head and walked over to the bed. I stared at him and felt tears run down my cheeks.

"NO!" I yelled and buried my face in his chest. This couldn't be happening. It wasn't possible. He was supposed to always be there for me. "No. Wake up! Do not leave me!" I clenched at his hospital shirt and completely broke down. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"You have to choose." She said and I was just confused. Then I understood. She wanted me to make the decision to ether keep him alive or not. But I just couldn't do that. I got up and just left without a word.

Just when I was about to leave though Neji and Tenten came walking through the doors.

"Lee what happened?" Tenten asked.

"Gai-sensei…He's…" I couldn't finish and just left. I ran all the way to the spot where I first became a genin and just stared. I felt a warm liquid run down my cheeks again and sat down on the bench.

"How could this happen?" I whispered to my self. "What should I do?"

"Hey." I jumped at hearing a voice and looked up to see Neji.

"Neji. What do you want?" I asked as I wipped my tears away and glared at him. I wasn't about to let my rival see me like this.

"What's with you?" He asked as he sat next to me.

"What do you think?!" I yelled back. He was unfazed though.

"You know what you have to do Lee." He said in a serious tone.

"No I do not." I replied, my anger quickly being replaced with despair.

"Yes you do. Do you honestly think he'd want to be like this?" He said. I thought for a moment. Gai-sensei wouldn't want that. But I couldn't. And with out realizing it that's what I said.

Why?" He asked, more curious sounding than cold or smug.

"B-because I…Because I…" I felt tears that threatened to overflow if I said it. "Because I love him! I love him so much!" I finally said and buried my head in his chest as I cried. He didn't push me away but insted he actualy hugged me back.

"You must choose what's right. After All you knew Gai better than I." He said quietly as he ran his fingers through my hair. Eventualy I calmed down and found my self wondering why he was doing this. after a few moments he released me and we went back to the hospital.

When we got back to the hospital Tenten ran up to us. She had a sad look that said nothing had changed. I felt like crying again but I couldn't yet. Tenten lead us back to the room and lady Tsunade was there waiting.

"Well?" she asked as she gave me a serious look. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. I shook my head and tears ran down my cheeks.

"Just do it." I finally choked out. Tsunade gave me a nod, unhooked everything attached to Gai-sensei and left. We just stood there staring.

"Come on Tenten we should leave him alone." I heard Neji say. Then I heard the door close telling me they were gone. I walked closer to the bed and stared down at the man I loved and hoped this was some kind of fucked up dream. That way I could wake up, call the real Gai-sensei and cry about it to him. But after a few minutes I realized it was real. There was no chance he would wake up.

As I saw his breathing start to become slower and more labored I cried.

"I love you Gai-sensei." I heard my self whisper. "I am sorry I never told you sooner." I bent down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Then I climbed into the bed with him and rested my head on his chest as I listened to his heart beat become slower. Then after one last breath it was gone. He was gone now and I completely broke down. I couldn't help but apologize over and over again as if it were my fault. I knew it wasn't but it felt like it.

After a while I heard the door open and some one stepped in. I looked over my shoulder and saw it was Neji. This time he showed some kind of faint emotion but what it was I didn't know. Nor did I really care.

"Come on Lee. You can't lie there all day. People will think you're a necrophiliac." He said and I got up. I didn't say anything as I walked past him. We met up with Tenten and left. When we got out side I winced from the bright light. Then I was angry that it could be so sunny and beautiful out on such a sad day. It wasn't far. Everything bad always happens to me!

"Lee its ok." Tenten said sympathetically. But I ran off before she continued.


Well there's the first chapter. I think it's sad because I cried while writing this. But then again I'm an emo weirdo.