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The Sickness


Chapter One - Fearless

The city was still, calm, silent. The city lights cast colored glows into the dark, starless sky. The clouds were lit from below by blues, oranges, reds, purples and yellows. The city streets were almost empty, as if it the city's only inhabitants now- where ghosts and memories.

A quiet, but chilling wind cut through the streets, catching stray pieces of paper and rubbish, blowing them down the roads a few meters, before fading away again.

The silence was heavy, consuming. Fearing the curse of Mary Shaw, none dared break it. Those that traveled the streets still, walked quickly, heads down, tensed- as if, expecting a dark figure to leap out from the alley or the gutter, or the storm-drain, and claim another victim.

The city, once full of life and vibrance, now only had the memory, and the flashing lights to fill the void.

Heat rose from the cement pavements, sticking to their skins like a sickness, before the next cold breeze brushed away the heat.

Two sets of eyes scanned the city, searching for any sign of the life, the vibrance- the energy, the city had once contained. The eyes met, the first's look nervous- skittish, as if they too, expected to be dragged away into the darkness by a pallid, rotting hand. The second look confused, thoughtful, immune to the fear that had clawed it's way inside the very heart of their city.

"Where th' shell are they?" The second asked, though not addressing the first - voice piercing the silence, soft- but loud enough to make the first jump.

"Don't speak so loud!" The first hissed, fear evident in his voice. The second smiled, teeth shining in the dull light.

"You're a ninja. Start acting like it." The second chastised. "Damn, If'I'da known that movie would scare ya so bad... I wouldn'ta let ya watch it. 'sides, she can only get ya if you scream."

The first looked around the silent, sleeping city. Maybe his brother was ignorant, or- maybe just stupid. But he knew there was something wrong, tonight. Something bad. Something- thick, putrid, a mass of decayed, violent flesh with a vengeance.

He knew it was not just him- it was in the very air he breathed, the sickness. He shuddered, the second laughed. It came with the darkness, but the feeling of a cancer, slowly drawing the life out of the city, lingered on, standing against the bold light of the sun.

"Bro, it's not just me... look at 'em. They're scared. Something must have scared them! The city is scared! You know, don't pretend you can't- you can feel it, crawling on your skin like bugs- clawing it's way into your chest like a cold lump of fea-"

"You're jus' bein' dramatic now." The second sighed, searching the rooftops, for his remaining two brothers. "Why'd I get stuck with ya anyway?"

"I think Leo needed to speak to Donny."

"What about?" The second frowned.

"How the shell should I know?" The first snapped. His eyes scanning the shadows around him, glancing over the thicker shadows- perhaps, because he was not as observant as his other brothers- or perhaps, because he did not want to see what lay in the deeper shadows.

The Vile. The Twisted- the sickness.

The second suppressed a shudder, looking around himself also, set on edge by his younger brother's ramblings. He did not fear- if he saw, he would look, deeper into the shadows. Perhaps, even enter the shadows.

But, no matter. The Entire City was under the spell. It was only a matter of time... until the mutated fell to the fear, the sickness, also.

"C'mon! They can meet us at the lair!"

"Ya really wanna go trekkin' through all those dark tunnels on ya own, without ol' Fearless Leader ta hold ya hand?" The second sneered. The first almost whimpered. "Jus' remember, baby bro- never, ever- scream!" The second yelled. The first jerked, shying away- one foot stepping into the shadows, a strangled cry escaping his throat, before he clamped his own hand over his mouth.

Then, the first froze, one foot in the deeper shadows. One foot in the sickness. "Raph..." The first whined, terror thick in his voice. Cold creeping up his leg, under his flesh, through his bone- consuming.

"What?" The second asked, worry taking the place of sarcasm. The second stepped forward, grabbing the first, and jerking him out of the shadows, away from the sickness. "What's wrong?"

The first said nothing, horror naked on his face, eyes on the deeper-shadows, the sickness. The fear knotted inside of him, twisting his heart, his soul in despair and terror. The first broke out in a cold sweat, pale, shaky. The second shook the first.

"What is it?" The second demanded, turning the first to face him, but the first's eyes and face stayed turned to the deeper shadows. The seconds eyes narrowed, releasing his brothers' upper arms, drawing his sais- metal gleaming in the false light, the light that would never pierce the deeper shadows, the shadows were the sickness dwelt.

"Raph, don't!" The first cried out in fear, making the second halt, again, eyes searching the darkness.

Another mutant appeared, landing gracefully between the first and second. The third. The fourth mutant appeared a second later.

"What's wrong?" The third asked, frowning, eyes on both the first and second, hands going half to draw his ninjakens.

"N-nothing..." The first whispered weakly. The third and forth shared a puzzled look. The second turned to them, away from the darkness.

"Good ta see ya decided to show ya face, Fearless." The second sneered. "What th' shell took ya so long, anyway?"


The words echoed through the darkness, a thrill of fear went down the first's spine, and he latched onto the third's arm, seeking protection. But, perhaps, also seeking to protect the unsuspecting third from the sickness lurking in the shadows.

"Drop it, Raph." The Third- the Fearless ordered. Then fixed a smile on the first. "Let's go home then."

The four left quickly, the first sticking close to his brothers, never straying into the deeper shadows.

The sickness followed.



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