Fifteen Ways That Sam Annoys Dean

His stupid, floppy hair. Dean gets that it doesn't bother Sam, but, for the sake of his sanity, Sam could get it cut.

Sam's resemblance to a puppy. Those fucking eyes make it hard for Dean to say 'no' to anything.

Dean also really hates Sam's emo-ness. Sam's constant 'it's-all-my-fault' outlook on life really gets on Dean's nerves. It would get on anyone's nerves. Hell, the pope would probably shoot Sam after a day of his emo, gloom-and-doom shit. That just means Dean is a fucking saint.

Sam's bitchface. Or, bitchfaces is more accurate. They are really irritating.

Those damn four inches that make Sam taller than Dean.

The noises that Sam makes during sex, apart from the moans and scream that Dean wholly appreciates, there are those stupid little whimpers and mewls.

The cuddling after sex is just ridiculous, because, hello? Neither of them is a chick.

Sam's health consciousness, it's just un-American.

Sam's insistence that Dean update his music collection.

The fact that, after they started fucking like rabbits, Sam thought it would be okay to touch the stereo in the Impala.

Sam driving the Impala. Ever. Is wrong and, obviously, annoying.

Sam's refusal to hustle anyone, even if it means not eating for a day or two, irks Dean to no end.

Sam's lack of appreciation for good porn. He is singlehandedly ruining the Winchester name.

Sam is a cocktease. This is okay, as long as he follows through with things. But sometimes, he doesn't. And that is just really cruel.

When Sam has to flirt with people to get information, Dean isn't happy. And when they get back to the motel, he fucks Sam up against the door. And sometimes he doesn't even wait until they get to the motel, just fucks Sam in the backseat of the Impala.