Chase Matthews was sleeping this saturday morrning because he had to work on a project with Nicole which ment that he had to do all of the work (and listen to her talk the whole time). He was awoken by a loud song playing from his dresser, it was his phone. He groaned and reached for it. He didnt bother to look at the ID so he just flipped it open and held it to his ear.

"What?" He asked pretty rudley.

"Thats a great way to greet someone on the phone." Someone said scarcastically.

"Who is this?" Chase asked rubbing his eyes with his free hand.

"Only your best friend in the world...who you arent in love with." The girl said. Chase shot up.

"Dana!?" Chase yelled. Good thing he was the only one in his room at the time.

"Yeah, whats up?" Dana asked laughing.

"Nothing, just suprised about you calling. You havent called in almost a year." Chase said.

"That guilt trip isnt going to work on me Matthews. But I am sorry, I... just had a lot going on, you know with me moving and everything." Dana said, Chase could tell something was bothering her.

"Ok, so why did you call?" Chase asked throwing his legs over the side of his bed.

"Um, I was wondering if you wanted to meet up? Maybe at a resturant off campous or something, I have something I really need to tell you." Dana asked, she sounded nervous.

"Yeah sure, when and why off campous?" Chase asked standing up and walking over to his dresser.

"Because I dont want Zoey and the rest of the guys to know that I might be coming back." Dana said excidedly.

"Cool! Wait until...I cant tell them can I?" Chase asked with a sigh.

"Not until I know for sure. When can you meet me and where?" Dana asked.

"I know where but what time is good for you?" Chase said getting dressed. He put the conversation on speaker phone.

"Um would like 10 minutes work?" Dana asked laughing slightly.

"Yeah ok so were going to meet at The Grumpy Grouper, you know where that is right?" Chase asked putting his shoes on.

"Yeah its only been a year." Dana said. Chase could tell she was smiling on the other end.

"Ok see you soon Day, and just to let you know, everyone here has missed you a lot." Chase said putting the phone back on the earphone setting.

"Believe me I missed you all too. Hurry up im almost to the grouper." Dana said as she hung up. Chase smiled and hung up as well. He grabbed his keys and rushed out the door. He got into his car and drove pretty fast to the grouper. Chase went into the resturant and looked at the table they always used to sit at, sure enough Dana was sitting there but with someone else with her. It was a little boy about 1 and a half. He had light brown curly hair and brown eyes, he looked a lot like Logan. Chase walked up to her.

"Dana, I cant believe your actually coming back." Chase said as Dana shot up and they hugged.

"Its been way to long Chase!" Dana said smiling. They both sat down and Chase eyed the baby.

"Dana, Is he yours? He looks a lot like Logan." Chase said worried. Dana looked away from Chase to the baby, then she looked down at the table. Chase gasped. Dana started to crack up."Um...did I miss something?"

"He's not mine, This is Zack, my baby brother. The only thing that makes him look like Logan is the the hair which he gets from my dad." Dana said smiling as she ran a hand through his hair and the baby giggled. Chase smiled at them.

"Have you kept in touch with anyone else or just me?" Chase asked as the waitor took their orders.

"Well I talked to Michael a little and the same with Zoey but thats it." Dana said taking a sip of her water.

"Ok big question, are you coming back?" Chase asked.

"Yeah, Tomorrow!" Dana said with the biggest smile ever on her face. Chase was smiling along with her." he still..."

"There? Yeah and as egotistical as ever, but he has a girlfriend." Chase said moving his chair back a little. Dana looked pissed for a minute but quickly snapped out of it.

"Good for him, how long has he had this one? A week?" Dana asked laughing slightly.

"Actually they started to go out the school year after you left and have been as strong as ever." Chase said.

"Thats good I guess." Dana said disapointedly.

"Im sorry I had to tell you this way, I should have let Nicole blurt it out." Chase said trying to raise her spirits. He got a smile out of it but that was all. "Changing the subject, what else have you been doing latley?"

"I actually have been working on my singing, I made a CD in france with one of my girl best friends who is actually supposed to be coming here when my clothes get here too." Dana said gloating.

"Woah! I always knew you would somehow. I need to borrow it soon, when you come back." Chase said with a smile."And who is this friend?"

"Her name is Katelyn or Kay for short." Dana said smiling.

"I am coming back tomorrow and my clothes and stuff are coming in a week, I just couldnt wait. I have some clothes and stuff so im definetly coming back. Who's Logan's new girlfriend?" Dana asked.

"Her name is Lola Martinez." Chase said like it was no big deal, but Dana saw it in a totally diffrent way.

"You have got to be kidding me." Dana said closing her eyes trying to get her anger down.

"No, are you ok?" Chase asked.

"Lola Martinez is my cousion..."

Dana, Zoey, Lola, Mike, and Katelyn are 16 while Logan, Chase and Quinn (not going to be in this story a lot) are 17

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