Yugi stretched his hand high in the air, desperately waving it to get the teacher's attention.

"Yes, Yugi?"

"May I go to the restroom please?!" Yugi squeaked, he really needed to not wait so long to go pee. The teacher rolled her eyes with a sigh, waving him on before turning back to the board to continue her lecture on war tactics of World War I.

Bakura smiked, quietly snaking out the room behind Yugi, the teacher oblivious to the thief's quiet exit. No one else seemed to notice either, all the students either zoned out like zombies or sleeping on their desks.

Bakura ran down the hall, running to catch up to the spiky-haired boy. He wrapped his arms around the sprinting kid, earning a yelp of surprise.

"Bakura! You scared me!" Yugi grinned, placing his hands on the thief's chest. Bakura grinned, bending down to nuzzle on the boy's neck.

"Bakura! Not here!" Yugi giggled, half-heartedly attempting to push Bakura's roaming hands away.

"Just…wait! Okay? I really have to pee!" Yugi ran down to the bathroom, Bakura smiled, resting against a locker, his arms crossed as he patiently waited for his boyfriend to return. Boyfriend. What had that little midget done to the great thief king?

Yugi ran back down the hall, running into Bakura's arms as he lay his head against the thief's chest.

"Where are we gonna go?" Yugi giggled, blushing at the thought of what they were going to do. Bakura looked around, a puzzled expression on his face as he ran over the more secluded places in the school.

"What about the bathroom?" Bakura suggested, dragging Yugi along with him. Yugi pulled back, shaking his head.

"No, no, no. Remember last time someone came in!" He whined. Bakura rolled his eyes, tapping his foot impatiently, waiting for Yugi to come up with a better idea.

"I got it!" Yugi exclaimed, dragging Bakura down the hall.

"Where are we going? It better not be that giant freezer in the cafeteria again, I still have tomato stains on my pants!!" Bakura grunted.

Yugi laughed, pulling Bakura along as he shook his head.

"No, no, no this is MUCH better!!" He squealed.

They continued running, ducking in and out of halls, rounding corner after corner. Bakura was starting to wonder if it was worth it when Yugi suddenly stopped, sending him colliding into the smaller teen who toppled over from the force.

Yugi jumped up quickly, dusting himself off before motioning to the door in front of them triumphantly.

"TA DA!" Yugi cried. Bakura gave the door a puzzled expression before turning it to Yugi who was beaming.

"The janitor's closet?"

"YES!" Yugi clapped enthusiastically, pulling the door open and throwing Bakura in before stepping inside.

The room was quite cramped, barely enough room for one person to comfortably move. A dirty sink sat situated in the corner, the rest of the room cluttered with buckets, mops, brooms and a bumper sticker slapped to the wall that read, "PROUD TO BE A JANITOR."

"It smells like…"

"Turpentine and shit?" Yugi cut in, unzipping Bakura's pants and pulling them down enough to grab a handful of the thief's bare ass.

"Yes." Bakura grinned. Yugi gave a shrug, jumping onto Bakura, wrapping his legs around him as he let his tongue roam Bakura's. Bakura stumbled backwards from the force, falling into the wall with an oof.

"Looks like the broom beat you to deflowering me." Bakura groaned as rubbed his backside. Yugi giggled as he started unbuttoning the pale boy's shirt before tearing it off.

"Come on, we don't have much time before class ends." Yugi whispered, ripping off Bakura's pants, leaving him naked, as the thief never did believe in the modern idea of 'underwear.'

"Alright, alright." Bakura complained, tearing off the boy's clothes. He let his hands trace up and down Yugi's thighs earning him soft moans of appreciation. Yugi jumped up onto the sink before falling backwards into the deep basin.

"Agh! Help! I'm stuck!" He whined, his butt stuck in the sink while his legs remained kicking and flailing. Bakura roared with laughter, falling against the wall as he watched the hikari's desperate attempts to escape.

"Goddamit Bakura! Help me!" Yugi yelled.

"Alright, fine." Bakura laughed, pulling the small boy out.

"Okay, so clearly that won't work." Yugi sighed, rubbing his sore butt. Bakura grinned, hoisting Yugi back up onto him, his legs wrapped securely around before pushing the tri-colored teen's back against the wall for support.

"Ready?" Bakura growled. Yugi nodded with a smile. Bakura thrust up into Yugi with a grunt, adjusting himself before he began thrusting in again.

"Oh god, Bakura, this wall really hurts." Yugi whined, torn between the pain of the wall's sharp plaster and the pleasure he was feeling as Bakura slowly thrust in and out of him.

"Just…give me…five minutes." Bakura grunted. Yugi nodded, wrapping his arms tightly around Bakura as the boy began thrusting in and out.


"Ah….fuck Bakura. It feels so…uhn…fucking….good." Yugi moaned. Bakura's hot quick breath hit his neck with each thrust. As Bakura's thrusting became more wild it was harder to hold on, their bodies becoming drenched with sweat.

"Faster…faster…" Yugi panted, Bakura pushed up as hard as he could as he used all of his strength to slam into the boy. Yugi's erection was trapped between their chests, the friction working his cock into a furry as Bakura pounded into him frantically.

"Oh god…oh GOD BAKURA…I'm gonna….oh fuck…" Yugi was moaning until the door was flung open and Bakura found himself being yanked out the closet, Yugi falling to the floor.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?" The janitor screamed at the tangle of limbs on the floor.

Bakura got up, smirking at the janitor as he grabbed his and Yugi's clothes.

"Jealous?" Bakura leered as he pulled on his pants. Yugi's whole face was bright crimson as he began apologizing profusely to the janitor.

Yugi grabbed Bakura's hand, quickly pulling him down the hall before the janitor got a chance to call for a teacher.


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