"This is the grand temple of Karnak, it is slightly larger than the other temple connected to it but both play large parts in our ceremonies. I'll take you around to the various daily traditions that are done."

Atem swept through the corridors, the two running at his heels, attempting to catch up.

"The purification bath is for the pharaoh and the high priest only." He said, gesturing to the large pool, almost the size of a small lake that lay outside the ominous stone pillars they walked between. The two nodded, Yugi gaping at the large, crystal-clear water before his eyes were pulled back to the path.

"Pu-purification?" Yugi stumbled, Yami got a few flashes of what Yugi was really asking in his mind. He shook his head, trying to shush the boy before he repeated the question for Atem to hear.

Atem stopped abruptly, turning to the pair to listen to Yugi's question.

"Pardon?" He said, his calculating gaze meeting Yugi's timid one. Yugi blushed, adverting his eyes as he repeated his question.

"Um…what do you mean…by—by purification?" Yugi stuttered. He never got nervous when talking to Yami about such things, but Atem was different…much different.

And although his darker half would never admit it, Yami felt as timid as well.

Atem paused a moment, his gaze sweeping between them, realizing what the two were really thinking. He may not have a mind link like the other two had, but it didn't mean he was an idiot.

With a crooked smile Atem made his way to the bath, letting the two take a closer look. "The bath is used daily. The high priest cleanses the pharaoh. Then various perfumes are put on and I am dressed in the ceremonial style. It is a tradition. Anyone other than myself or the priest caught in the bath is grounds for execution."

Yugi gulped.

Atem smirked, taking a step closer to the smallest of the three. Yugi's breath hitched as Atem's body stood so close he could feel the warmth radiating off him.

"You weren't thinking about going in there…were you?" He asked, studying the boy's blushing face.

"Well, I…I mean. It is a nice bath and you know…" Yugi chuckled awkwardly, "We haven't gotten a clean shower for a—yes. Yes I was thinking about it." He finished determinedly.

Yami shook his head, letting out a big sigh.

"And you know what will happen if you were to be caught? What the Gods would do to you even if you were to go unseen from mortal eyes?"

Yugi shook his head, "Yup."


Atem watched Yugi for a few more moments, studying him as he contemplated.

"Well, I wouldn't be a very fair guest if I went and got you killed the first day. So…best I go in there with you."

Yugi broke out in a grin before quickly hiding it again, nodding his head quite business-like.

"Yes, perhaps that would be best. Oh, and Yami of course will have to come. He's become quite dirty. You know this sand. Just pops up everywhere." Yugi chuckled, pointing to Yami's ass before the dark quickly blushed and covered himself.

Atem nodded again, "Yes, perhaps you are correct. And of course, you will have to go completely naked. There is no way around that."

"Naturally." Yugi added.

"Shall we finish the tour later then?" Atem asked. Yugi and Yami looked to each other before turning back to Atem, quickly nodding their heads in agreement.

Atem nodded, pulling his cloak off of him, letting it fall to the ground.

"Will you be able to purify me without the proper training? Priests grow up memorizing these ceremonies." Atem asked, stepping out of the thin white cloth wrapped around his waist. Yugi and Yami watched with wide eyes as Atem's tanned muscles flexed beneath the sun, his perfectly chiseled body glistened as it slowly stepped into the cool water. He let out a pleasured sigh, slowly easing into the water, his eyes sliding closed in content.

Yugi and Yami frantically tore their clothes off, jumping in the water after the pharaoh and quickly sidling up to him.

"I think we can manage." Yami grinned, grabbing the back of Atem's head and crushing their lips together. They kissed hard, bruisingly, neither willing to quit before the other or be any less dominating. Yugi watched with quiet snickers as the two finally gasped for breath, their lips already wet and swollen.

Atem said nothing, just grinning with amusement as he caught his breath. Yugi took the opportunity to wade closer to him, reaching in the water for him. Atem's eyes widened slightly as Yugi took a firm grasp of his cock before his eyes slid shut, his lip bit as Yugi slowly pumped him. He leant back against the cool stone edge, his head resting on it as Yugi continued. Yami let his hands run over the pharaoh's chest, letting the water wash away the small beads of sweat collected over his tanned chest.

He let his lips brush against the pharaoh's ear, sending shivers down his spine.

"Are we doing well, my lord?"

"Ye-yes." Atem groaned, his eyes squeezing shut as Yugi pumped him harder.

Yugi sighed, watching Atem's expressions hungrily, enjoying how he could make the pharaoh feel as he let his fingers slide up and down the hard, pulsating shaft.

"I can't…I can't hold on much longer." Atem whispered, gripping Yami's shoulders as his climax came closer.

"Let go." Yugi hissed, inhaling a large breath before diving under the water, wrapping his mouth tight around Atem's shaft.

"Uuhhn Yu-Yugi." Atem moaned, bucking into Yugi's mouth as he came in hard salty spurts. Yugi swallowed it hungrily before returning to the surface, panting for breath.

"Didn't want to contaminate the pool." Yugi grinned, wiping his mouth.

"All parts of me are part of a God, Yugi." Atem shook his head, reaching under the water to run his hands over Yugi's ass and hips, guiding him back to sit on his lap.

"I think its my turn." Yami cut in, his cock hard as a rock from watching the two through lustful eyes.

He glided himself through the water to stand in front of Yugi, placing soft kisses across the boy's lips and neck, feeling Atem's hands run up and down his thighs.

"I want you to fuck me aibou. And I want him to fuck you." Yami whispered in his ear. Yugi nodded his head slowly with a strangled sob as Yami's fingers traced over the head of his swollen cock.

Yugi lifted himself up, impaling himself onto Atem's throbbing cock. The two let out gasps of pleasure, Yugi sighing as he began a steady rhythm, the water rippling around them.

"Come on, Yami." Atem coaxed. The dark obliged, the other two pausing as Yami lined himself up, quickly slamming himself down.

"Ya-Yamiiiii." Yugi whined, overwhelmed by the tight heat and Atem pressed hard against his prostate sending his nerves on edge.

The three started an awkward rhythm, Atem guiding them as he slowly pushed in and out of Yugi.

"Aww fuck faster please. Faster." Yami moaned, unable to hold out any longer as he began to slam himself down onto Yugi best he could, the water heightening his senses. Yugi whined and wiggled, about to cum from Yami's frantic pace.

Atem matched it, beginning to frantically thrust up into Yugi's tight heat and catapulting the boy harder into Yami.

"Ph-pharaoh! I—I can't…" Yugi groaned, his nails digging into Yami's sides.

"Just a little longer." Yami groaned, letting his hand grasp his own length and pump it hard.

Atem groaned quietly, the water making his thrusts harder as the water moved with him. With everything slippery and wet the three could barely make their movements synchronized, their thrusts viciously hard… frantic…and sloppy, desperate for release.

"Al-almost the-there." Yami gritted through bared teeth as he fisted himself faster.

"Hurry mou hitori no boku." Yugi pleaded as Atem struck his nerves hard, pounding into them and sending him white hot flashes with each deep thrust.

"NNnnnn…Yuuugi." Yami finally groaned, releasing his essence over his fist and fingers. Yugi moaned out, wiggling helplessly as Yami's muscles clamped and throbbed around him, making his vision black from the intenseness before exploding hard into his dark.

"Ohhhh Yami." Yugi whined, keeping himself buried deep inside his partner while his climax cascaded over him, making him melt into Atem's body as he felt the pharaoh cum inside him, his ragged breath hitting his neck before the three slumped down into the cool water.

"I think I could do getting purified daily." Yugi grinned.

AN: -collapses- I'm finally back! I've had this story in my head since I went to Egypt 2 months ago and saw the purification bath. Although originally it was to be with Set and Atem, but I enjoy this one too. Well hope you all have stuck around, I love hearing from you. Sorry for the ridiculous delay and hope to have another to you asap! Xxxooo