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Chapter One

A Butterfly in a Snowstorm


That's the word that described him the most.

He was pissed at his life, pissed at the main branch, and most definitely pissed at that girls incessive bothering. Now that he thought about it, He was so pissed at everything he didn't really know what he was pissed at anymore.

Neji stalked angrily through the gardens in the Hyuuga Estate. He kicked a birdbath sending it crashing to the ground, causing its inhabitants to take refuge in the skies. The porcelain bath broke into puzzle-piece shards on the ground.


The boy had stopped to stare at the birdbath, correction, the pieces of the birdbath as they lay on the ground gleaming in the setting sun.

Great, now I'm gonna be in trouble for that. Another thing to go on my "Things-to-be-pissed-off-at" list.

The brown haired Hyuuga continued his angry pacing. Back and Forth. Back and Forth. He was turned around and was headed for the shattered birdbath when he was startled by the sound of a girl's voice.

"Neji nii-san!" Hinata said loudly, trying to catch the boy's attention.

The sudden sound of her voice made him trip over a tree stump that would have normally stepped over or avoided completely. Neji thrust his hands out below him to catch his fall, unknowingly landing in the shattered birdbath. He yelped in pain and quickly got to his feet. Neji imagined the slow and painful torture of the girl who stood before him as him removed a shard of glass from his palm.

"A-ano nii-san, are you okay?" Hinata asked, obviously concerned.

Neji shifted his glare to Hinata.

"Are youreally that dense? Do I look okay to you? There's glass coming out of my freaking hand. Common Sense would tell you that maybe, just maybe I'm not okay."

Closing his eyes, Neji slowly counted to ten in his head before continuing.

"What do you want anyway?"

Hinata cast her look to the ground, to nervous to meet her cousin's hard glare.

"I f-figured that you m-might be hungry, so I brought you something to eat."

Sure enough, the girl carried a tray of two sandwiches (A/N mmm... pb and j), two cups of milk, and a bowl that held a bunch of grapes.

Neji's eyes lowered to the tray. Surely she didn't think that we'd eat together, did she?

Hinata raised her gaze to see that of her cousin's, but quickly went back to staring at the ground. A light blush crept across her face.

"A-ano, I thought that maybe we could eat lunch toge-"

Neji cut the girl off.

"What the hell made you think that we, of all people, would eat together? I'd rather dine in the bowels of hell with fucking Satan than eat with you! And to tell you the truth, I don't even think I couldeat this crap you call food!"

Neji was absolutely fuming. His volume increasing with every word he said. Hinata on the other hand, was on the brink of tears. She flinched at every harsh thing he threw at her.

His words were like knives repeatedly plunging themselves into her chest, over and over again.

Neji walked over to Hinata in three quick strides.

" Even if I could stomach this shit I'd probably throw it all back up from having to look at you while I eat."

Tears now trailed down the girls face, dripping off of her chin and making dark spots on the tan coat she was wearing.

Neji smacked the tray out of her hands, further more hurting his own bleeding hands. The tray slammed against the wall of a nearby house, leaving splatter marks where the milk had gotten on the wall.

Hinata brought up a hand and was holding it to her chest, as if trying to shield her delicate heart from the older Hyuga's poisonous words.

Neji closed the little distance between them until their faces were mere inches apart. His voice lowered to a vicious whisper.

"I hate you. I've always hated you and I always will hate you! Stop trying to do these little things to bond with me all the goddamn time! Hell, if any thing its just going to make me hate you more! You want me to like you? Then stay the fuck out of my way!"

Neji pushed past the crying girl, leaving her alone to pick up the contents of the tray.

Neji hissed in pain as he cleaned his wounds. He didn't think the cuts were so deep but they hurt like hell under running water. After cleaning and re-bandaging his hands, Neji went into his room.

The room wasn't anything special. It was pretty bland. The walls held neither posters nor color. In fact, the only things with color (that could be seen) was his bed, which had light blue sheets and a dark blue blanket, and his carpet, which was just tan.

Hiashi had often offered to have it painted, saying that it "Depressed him every time he went in there." but every time Neji declined. Neji liked it that way.

It was white, like freshly fallen snow. It held neither comfort nor warmth, and it kept away anything that did. Looking at his room, Neji often contemplated if he was anything like the snow, and every time he came to the same conclusion. No, he was nothing like the snow.

Although it held no warmth or comfort, it did a hell of a good job bringing it to other people. Snow brought people together. Its tranquil demeanor made one happy and hopeful.

No, Neji wasn't like the snow. Neji was more like the ice before and even after the snow. Ice lacked everything; compassion, love, joy, consideration, and hope. Ice was emotionless. It'd freeze over anything in its path, instantly destroying it. Ice makes one, and only one, promise. That is to melt when it was warm enough, leaving nothing behind.

But in Neji's case, it was always cold.

After slamming the door, the boy flopped on his bed and thought over the events of the day.

You know you shouldn't have said that, his conscience repeated over and over again.

"Shut up" Neji said aloud, turning on his side. "She knew better. And if she didn't then she knows now."

You're being stupid. The voice echoed through his skull. You know how sensitive she is. Don't you remember when...


" Ha-ha you're such a freak!"

"I know! Look at those eyes!! Why are your eyes so weird?"

"The better to see you with my dear!"

"Stop it! Please, just leave me alone!"

A young Hinata stood crying in front of a group of boys who were teasing her. She was completely surrounded and had no means of escape.

Where was everyone?Wasn't anyone going to help her?

The boys kept sniggering and making jokes about her.

"Bug-eyed freak!" one boy exclaimed, causing the whole group to start chanting "bug-eyed freak" over and over again.

Hinata covered her ears"Go away! Leave me alone!"

The boys just laughed and chanted louder.

"What are you doing to lady Hinata?" a voice said angrily behind the boys.

The circle parted so all of the boys could look at the newcomer.


Sure enough, Neji was glaring at all of the boys who were teasing Hinata.

"Oh lookie, another bug-eyed fr-"

The boy didn't exactly get to finish his sentence seeing as he was interrupted by a fist to the face.

Neji punched him hard enough for one of the kid's teeth to come out A/N Let's just say the kid had had a loose tooth. Technically Neji helped him out. and for his nose to start bleeding.

Neji glared at the other boys.

"Unless you want to be next, I suggest you get out of here"

The boys fled leaving Neji and a still crying Hinata alone. Neji knelt down in front of her.

"You can't let them get to you all the time. People are always going to make fun of us because of how we look." Neji wiped away a tear that was rolling down Hinata's cheek. "It doesn't matter though. Just remember: you're a Hyuga. Be proud of that. Respect that and they will too."

Hinata embraced her older cousin. "Thank you, Nii-san."

"Hinata?" Neji said from his cousin's hold. "How about we keep this a secret. I don't want to get in trouble for hitting people again."

Hinata pulled back and nodded her head knowingly. A butterfly fluttered past their faces and came to rest on top of Hinata's head. She was preparing to swat it away. When Neji shook his head.

The boy reached up and caught the butterfly, cupping his hands so Hinata could see before it flew away.

"See, its not harmless or anything," Neji said showing the brilliantly blue insect to his cousin.

"Ooh, it's so pretty. I wish I were a butterfly. Then I could fly anywhere!" Hinata exclaimed reaching out to touch it. Once her skin made contact with one of the delicate wings, the bug took off.

Neji smiled at Hinata's look of awe.

In a way, he thought, you already are.

Neji sighed deeply, closing his eyes. A loud knock at his door caught his attention.

" What now?"

The door opened and Hanabi stepped into the room.

"Yo Neji, time for dinner."

Neji smirked. Out of all of the main branch members, she was the only one he could stand to be around, even though he hated her too.

"Where's the usual messenger girl?"

"I don't know. She said some crap about having to do something and not wanting tho anger you. Whatever."

Hanabi plopped down on the bed next to him. "What'd you do this time? Did you hit her?"

Neji looked angrily at his younger cousin. " I hardly think that any of this is your concern."

Hanabi just rolled her eyes and laid across the bed."What ever you say Neji. How old do you think I am? Five? I'm going to figure out one way or another so just tell me."

Neji glared at her. "Get out."

The girl just chuckled. "Oh c'mon nii-san-,"

Neji cringed

"- I just want to know. Please?"

Neji sighed. He knew she wouldn't leave unless he told her every detail. "I just...said some things to her."

Hanabi clicked her tongue. "Im pretty sure if you got that stick from up your ass you wouldn't be so mean. Well that, or you need to get laid. Big time."

Neji swelled with anger. "Get The Hell Out Of My Room, NOW!!!!"

Hanabi ran out the room, giggling.She poked her head back in the door. " I heard Tenten's single. Maybe you and her can...you know, bow-chicka-wow-wow."

At this point, Neji picked up the nearest object and chucked at her head. She dodged it, poked out her tongue, and ran.

Neji rubbed his temples.

I'm never having kids.

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