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I. Two artists

Two figures were walking along the hallway of the Akatsuki hideout, one of them deep in thoughts.

Sasori was still confused about what happened when they were all turned in to children. Well on most of the videos they saw was he either holding on to his partner's shirt or leg or trying to hurt Itachi. Well that earned him a five minutes ago that the Uchiha wanted to barbecue him.

After some minutes they reached Riako's room and walked inside. In the room he made it himself comfortable on the little bunk in front of the window while she hold out her sketch book and some of her paintings. Sasori was really stunned then the pictures really pulsed with live if you looked at them.

"You can really draw well." Sasori said.

"Thank you, this was a hobby which I adapted when I was rather young." She said.

"Hmm…I see." The redhead said, but then he turned to here. "Since when exactly were you here."

"Excuse me?"

"Sorry I meant since when were you here in the hideout." the redhead said, correcting himself.

"From not to long, I come shortly after the sake accident." She said after putting her works away.

"I see so you don't know what other things I did with Itachi expect the shampoo and ball accident."

"Well the others told me, well mostly his younger brother was rather talkative also about the details, but I think beside those two things you tried to drown him in ice-cream, startled Deidara and he let the knife slip and it nearly castrated him, you chased after him with quiet a big arsenal of every sharp thing in the hideout, kicked him almost every night out of his own bed, kicked him in the shin. You also anted to do something with him while he was in the bath and also tried to attack him with the Sodaime Kazekage." She told him.

"And why did I stop those two attacks?" he asked deep in thoughts.

"Uhm…you wouldn't have stopped those attacks, but I was there to stop you." She said softly while looking at her lap. Hearing that, Sasori turned his gaze to her. "After having some backstage info from Kisame and watching you all I could easily notice that even if you don't show it often, but you really care about Deidara, but if you would have continued then it would have come a time when he would have needed to choose between you and Itachi, and I think he would choose the one his heart pulls him the most."

"Thank you." Sasori whispered. Even if he didn't remember what exactly happened in the time in which he was turned in to a child, but he had the strange feeling that he has some major things to thank the young woman beside him.

"Your welcome." She said smiling while looking at him.

Sasori looked for a while at her, she seemed to have a soft artistically spirit so it was a bit strange that she and Kisame who found mostly bloody fights great be so close to each other. Unknown to him he voiced his thoughts about this.

"How come that you and Kisame seem so lose even if your interests are so different?"

"You know for a long time I was rather alone because the others my age feared me because my strange eye color." She said smiling while resting her back against the cold window glass, head tilted up.

"I think you have pretty eyes." Sasori said, but suddenly his eyes widened as he realized just what he said. Riako also looked a bit startled at him, a little pink gracing her usually pale checks.

"Uhm…thanks." She said. "Well as said before I didn't have a friend that is until I met the two Hyuuga prodigies in Konoha and later Kisame. After that we were in the same genin team with Zabuza. My father was also the one who trained the seven swordsmen of the mist and he was the one who choose them so I spent rather often time with the seven and trained with them also because I have also learned how to fight with a sword." She explained.

"I see. Hmm…what do you think true art is, Deidara and I often get in a fight because of this." Sasori asked, it was strange, but he felt rather talkative near her.

"Hmm…I think true art has two faces. In one way is nothing eternal then it changes with every passing second, but on the other hand it stays also the same in if you look at it with your soul instead your eyes." She said while she put a hand on her heart.

Sasori only looked at her, a strange feeling rising in his chest.

To be continued…

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