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III. Storm of emotions

On the next morning Sasori nearly let out a scream of surprise and almost crashed out of the bed after opening his eyes and staring at a still sleeping Riako. After checking the clothes he sat up and begun to draw his right hand through his messy red hair.

"Ugh…what the heck happened oh right, my 'dear' partner and his lover with the extreme mode swings, not that I didn't have something to do with that, couldn't hold they hands and other body parts away from the other…" Sasori said to himself.

Then his gaze went over to the still sleeping woman beside him. A little smile made his way to his lips as he carefully brushed a strain of soft raven black hair from her face. It was in a way a strange, but still pleasant feeling to wake up beside an other person. After standing up he carefully placed the covers on her and sneaked for the door, he was not all to fond of the idea what the others would think if they found him in here.

He was closing the door as suddenly…

"What do you think you were doing in there…" hissed a dangerously dark and icy voice from behind him and he really thought that it was Itachi, but turning around he was greeted by the sight of Kisame who glared darkly at him.

"I…" but then he was suddenly grabbed by the neck and pushed roughly against the wall.

"Leave her alone…"Kisame hissed dangerously and let him fall to the ground as he walked to the door and knocked on it. "Ria-chan breakfast will be ready soon." He said suddenly in a cheerful voice.

"Ok, thanks Kisame, but are the eggs ready?"

"Oh shit…" Kisame said paling as he run down the stairs while screaming 'eggs', but not before he sent Sasori one other death glare.

Standing carefully up and using the wall as a help made Sasori his way back to his room. Stepping inside he closed the door and walked up to his mirror to see the damage caused by Kisame's iron grip. He needed to fix that part before going downstairs. He still couldn't believe that Kisame attacked him, who was he anyway? Sasori had a right to be near Riako if he wanted…at this thought his eyes suddenly widened. He couldn't suddenly begin to fall for someone; it was too late for that…

Meanwhile was a rather pale Hidan peaking inside the living room when his partner walked up to him from behind.

"Hidan, what the heck are you doing?" Kakuzu's deep voice asked and Hidan jumped in shock.

"Pssss you unholy money whore heathen…." The zealot hissed at his partner who suppressed the urge to rip his partner's head of because of two things. I. he would soil the poor expensive carpet and II. he and Hidan HAD already enough physical contact while turned in to children. It still let him feel funny to remember the sight of him actually HUGGING the annoying idiot.

"I will ask you again what the heck are you doihmp…." Hidan was suddenly leaning dangerously close to him while one of his hands was on the part of Kakuzu's mask which hid said person's mouth.

"Don't be so loud…ugh…I think we should send someone inside to clean up…" Hidan said and let go of his now fully confused partner. "In there…" he said and moved aside for Kakuzu to look in.

In the room on the couch sat Itachi with Deidara sitting in his lap in a rather suggestive pose.

"I love you so much." Deidara said while blushing a bit like always after saying this.

"I love you to my blond angel." Itachi responded while nuzzling the others nose with his.

"Will you go with me tomorrow to the festival they will hold in Konoha?" the blond asked suddenly.

"How come you know about the festival?" Itachi asked confused.

"Anko invited us all to come."

"Then yes I would feel honored to go there with you." His said while kissing the moths on both of Deidara's hands.

"Ugh…the expensive living room…" Kakuzu said.

"You tell me? Those two will start fucking each other any minute…" Hidan complained.


Later by the breakfast were two important accountments made, the first by the Leader who after talking with Konan decided that he wants Riako to join Akatsuki on the purpose that she was an excellent fighter and that, that they need a medic-nin to help by the cases where Kakuzu's sewing and Zetsu's healing plants couldn't help.

The second one come from Itachi who told them about the first Konoha-Suna festival to which they all were invited to attend and would stand under the Hokage's personal protection so they wouldn't get ambushed if the arrive in the village. Both plans were taken gratefully by the members and after finishing they meal which was bit burnt on and overcooked everyone had free.

"Riako, come we will go for a walk." Said a rather happy looking Konan, as she pulled the other woman with her out of the hideout, leaving the guys to do the dishes before they could go.

Outside begun both women to walk with the arms attached to each other, like old friends would do.

"So, we were rather hard to control while children again." Konan said.

"Well only Sasori was a bit of a hard case with his anti-Itachi-actions." She said sighing.

"Hmm…but you need to agree with me that he looks good now that he is an adult again." Konan said smiling.


"Don't be like that, you need to admit that Sasori looks good and you spent rather much time with him to hold him away from Itachi." She said and Riako looked to the ground.

"Well he looks good, but I don't know I never liked someone, the only ones I cared about were my family and my best friends from who the most of are death." She said.

"That is sad, but now you have Akatsuki as your family and you can always talk to me about anything."

"I know and I'm grateful about this." She said.

"Well then you can start with thanking by telling me what you like in a guy?"

"Why do I have the strange feeling that you are trying to hook me up?" Riako asked while rising a brow.

"How can you think such a thing about me?" Konan asked in fake innocence.

To be continued…

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