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In Love and Music

Chapter One: Defiance


"I shall seize Fate by the throat; it shall certainly not bend and crush me completely."—Ludwig van Beethoven

August 21, 1890

His nimble fingers caressed the keys of the fine instrument, eliciting a sound full of ardency and fervor. A lover's song. His expression remained composed, but his eyebrows creased as he concentrated on the musical piece before him. Deep eyes of green hardened into sharp emerald jewels, cut to mirror his intentions. At last, his visage relaxed as the final keys faded into the echoing room.

A roar of applause filtered the room as the man ceased his playing. Murmurs of awe and marvel escaped the mouths of many, causing him to smirk with conceit. He knew that he had won the crowd—there was no sense in continuing the recital. No one could match the beauty of his playing.

He took a quick bow and walked off of the stage, winking at his many fans. The girls back stage squealed with excitement as he flashed them a dazzling smile. He then turned to his right, grinning. "So, how did I do?"

"Must we add fuel to the fire?" Jasper asked, dryly. "You know you did excellent, cousin."

Edward smiled arrogantly. "And that is why I am Pierce Academy's most accomplished pianist."

"Well, you may have some competition," Emmett whispered to his friend, nudging Edward in the ribs. "There is a new girl."

"What?" Edward asked, his expression suddenly going blank.

Jasper raised an eyebrow. "Have you not heard? We have a late arrival. She is Rosalie and Alice's new roommate.

Their attention was diverted to the stage as an instructor began to speak. Next to him stood a girl of seventeen, her reddish-brown hair put into an elegant bun, and a look of relaxation on her face. The instructor motioned for her to sit, and he then began to speak, "May I present, Miss Isabella Swan."

She sat in front of the pianoforte, sighing briefly before beginning her piece. Her fingers moved in a fluid motion, drawing out a profound, harmonious tune. She moved lithely, her face soft with concentration as she focused solely on the music. Her devotion caught everyone's attention, even Edward's.

He listened as her piece began to tell a story, slowly tickling his ears. The girl's playing was charming, though not as fine as his own. No one was as gifted as he was. His mother was a grand pianist after all. Edward simply was the best. But, he could not help but be in raptures as she continued the melody, listening as the keys chimed in unison.

The minutes passed, and she finally finished her performance. She stood quickly, curtsying to her listeners with a meek expression. Pools of blood stained her cheeks, blushing as the audience cried out words of appraisal and gratitude. She walked off stage, giving a coy smile to all of her admirers.

Edward stared at her, catching her eyes, and arched an eyebrow. His look was intimidating, challenging her to try and best him. Instead of receiving the expected look of hesitance, Edward saw something shocking.

Her dark eyes burned with defiance.


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