Three's a Crowd in Love

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This is the sequel to 'Love is a TwoMan Game', please go and read that first, otherwise you probably won't understand a thing! I've been told its good… hehe!! Thanks!

Summary: Harry has been away for two years since that fateful day he disapparated from Grimmauld Place with Ron and Hermione. What has changed, if anything? Can a love that has been burnt out rekindle? Harry's life gets put on hold when he returns to what used to be normality, can he cope with so much change all over again?

Rating: M for later chapters (hehe)

Warning: Lots of angst and slash; if male/male relations insult you, I'm sorry, just don't read it.

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Potty Potter Day

"Draco, calm down, he'll be here soon," Hermione whispered in his ear as she picked up her one year old daughter.

"Calm down?" Draco replied fiercely, "I haven't seen him for this long, and you're telling me to calm down? And now he's late! He probably decided not to come because he doesn't want to see me!"

"Shut up, Draco!"

Draco's mouth snapped shut at the look on Ron's face.

As he and Hermione started to swoon over their baby again and talk to other people on that table, Draco's eyes soon glazed over and he stared at the fountain at the centre of the table.

If he said now that he didn't know why he was so nervous; he'd be lying. And it couldn't have been helping to see that small statue fountain in the middle of the table looking up at him with those beautiful green eyes. Those eyes that he hadn't seen in person for two years exactly. And since that day, what had happened? Harry would write to Ron and Hermione and ask to see them but when Draco asked Hermione why he couldn't go, her reply would be 'Harry didn't mention you… I'm sorry'.

Why hadn't Harry mentioned him? Did he ever, once, in all his visits to Ron and Hermione's house, even say Draco's name? Of course, Ron and Hermione being the stupid noble Gryffindor's they were, they didn't say a word about what Harry had asked them not to tell him, or just not said at all.

But today was Draco's day for answers – no matter how ridiculously nervous he was about seeing Harry again, he would speak to him and demand to find out why he was never allowed to see the love of his life.

Quickly, the Great Hall of Hogwarts was hushed down and Draco turned in his chair to see Fred or George – he still couldn't tell them apart – standing, ready to talk.

Whichever twin it was cleared his throat. "Good evening everyone," He said loudly, "Firstly, I'd…"

"We'd," Called the other twin, walking onto the raised platform. "We would like to thank you all for coming this evening. Isn't that right George?"

George nodded his head and went on, "And we also want to say how amazed we are at how many of you are here! It was almost two years ago that Fred and I came up with the idea of making this day a national remembrance day for the wizarding world..."

"And we had no idea that it would turn into something this big!" Fred finished.

Draco rolled his eyes at this. This remembrance day was 'only' the day that Harry had saved basically the entire world, muggles and wizards alike, so of course, why would it not be something big?

"So yes," George continued, "We just wanted to say that and tell you that Harry… Mr Potter… will be here in…"

There was a loud noise behind everyone's back, and Fred and George's faces spread into wide smiles. Draco's heart beat sped up instantaneously and he spun his head around.

The huge door to the Great Hall had been opened, and there stood a man with messy black hair, circular glasses, and, although Draco couldn't make it out from all the way at the back of the hall, he was sure there was a lightening bolt shaped scar beneath the hair.

Everyone sat in awed silence as Harry started around the room. He looked almost surprised at the amount of people there were. Draco smiled; he had no idea why, since he was angry at Harry…

But now, coming to think of it, Draco didn't care in the least about shouting at Harry, demanding answers or anything like that. All he wanted to do was run up to him and touch him, speak to him, just to breathe the same air as him. Air that he hadn't shared with him for two years.

People started to mumble just as Harry turned his head away from the room. For a moment Draco thought he was going to walk away, and had a right mind to stand up and call out. But seconds later, something far worse happened.

A woman appeared from the Entrance Hall with long, blonde, silky hair. Everyone went silent again as Harry began to walk into the room, with her right next to him. And then, the worse occurred…

Harry held the woman's hand.

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