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Love is for Two

Harry walked briskly alongside one of his best friends in a busy street on a freezing December afternoon. She seemed to be on a mission, not stopping for anything; despite how much Harry was struggling to keep up beside her. It finally hit him just why she was so terrible at Quidditch: she had no energy to play it after days walking around like this!

"Hermione, can you slow down a bit please?" Harry said quickly, as if the words needed to be at the same pace as their legs.

"No!" Hermione snapped in a jolly sort of way. "There's an amazing place I have to show you! I can't believe you've never shopped in London, Harry!"

"I keep telling you, I have!" Harry protested, still jogging after her.

"Yes, but that's Wizard London! This is Muggle London!" Hermione laughed, not stopping.

"Well," Harry continued to argue, "Who have I ever needed to buy muggle presents for? I don't have any proper muggle family like you do!"

"Oh, only apart from your aunt, uncle and cousin!" Hermione joked, "And I'm sure Arthur would love any muggle artefact! Remember two years ago when I bought him that new radio and CD player with a packet of batteries? He was more interested in the batteries!"

Harry smiled distractedly but didn't really listen to her. He vaguely remembered that Christmas. It was the same year he and Draco had almost killed each other… In the bedroom. And then made up a month later when Draco came out of his coma… He shook his head quickly; he didn't like to remember the reason they were fighting that year.

Harry looked behind him as he and Hermione carried on walking and saw that Draco and Ron were no longer there.

"Hermione, Draco and Ron are never going to find us!" He said loudly, and suddenly Hermione stopped.

"Where have they gone?" She asked, looking around the crowded street.

"It's not where they've gone; it's where we've gone!" Harry snapped back.

Hermione let go of Harry's arm and tutted loudly to herself. She looked around wildly to see some sign of red hair in the distance, but Harry could tell she couldn't see any.

Harry sighed and led her to the side of a building so that they weren't completely in the way of the crowds.

"Men are supposed to be quicker than women!" Hermione said to herself more than Harry.

"Not when shopping…" Harry muttered quietly in response, but unfortunately Hermione heard him.

"That's not true!" She said loudly, "Do you remember that year that you hadn't gotten a Christmas present for Draco, and you dragged me around the whole of Diagon Ally?"

"Yeah, but that was different," Harry replied.

"Oh, how so?" Hermione asked sarcastically.

"Well, Draco was in a coma, if you can't remember," Harry snapped. "So I was going insane. Do you remember telling me that?"

Hermione's face flushed bright red and she looked away as she muttered, "Yes," in response.

Harry shuddered slightly as he remembered two years ago. That was a bad year. The first and only bad year he and Draco had had since they got 'officially' back together four years ago. After Lexi left. The first two years had been amazing, like an Eden world, where all the mistakes and lies of the past just disappeared, and literally were not mentioned for the whole time. But then Draco did the unthinkable. It was a shock for everyone that it was Draco who did it, and not Harry. And it was only a moment, but enough to make Harry get angrier than he had been in two years.

Draco had flirted with a woman. And not just any woman. A Muggle woman. They found out later that she was seeing Seamus Finnegan at the time, that's why she was in Diagon Ally, but it made no difference. Of course, Harry had no problem with muggles, but it was the fact that Draco would make such a big deal out of Harry seeing Lexi two years prior to this incident and then he does it himself. Harry remembered seeing him walk up to the bar in the Leaky Cauldron, order their drinks, and they run his eyes down the body of this girl and smile slightly. If you could call it a smile. Harry just hated to call it a smirk; the smirk was only on Draco's face for Harry…

Naturally, neither Harry nor Seamus took it very well when Draco began to talk to her. Harry knew that Seamus had seen the way Draco's eyes had glided smoothly down all the curves on her body as well, and then when he leant on the bar with one elbow, facing her… Seamus ran in and punched Draco full on in the mouth. Harry stayed where he sat, too bitter to go in and help him. And as Draco was pushed back, his eyes widened and he looked over at Harry, then back at the girl. Harry still didn't know that girls name, but he assumed Draco had asked her.

Then, for some unknown reason, Seamus shouted about the fact that his girlfriend was a muggle, and Draco had to keep well away.

Draco soon came back to Harry's side, but Harry stood up and left without him, telling him that he was going home. Draco arrived shortly after and found Harry in their bedroom blowing things up with his wand. The rest happened from there. The two had a duel that lasted longer than Harry had ever used his wand before, and it ended with Harry throwing Draco down the stairs into and unconscious heap on the floor below.

For the month that Draco was in St. Mungo's, Harry had indeed gone slightly insane. He pretended like everything was normal when he wasn't in the hospital next to Draco's bed, and since it was so near to Christmas Harry went out all the time and insisted on buying presents for Draco, even though the Healers said that each night Draco stayed alive was a miracle.

When Draco finally woke up, Harry never left him and begged for forgiveness. But it seemed that he didn't have to beg, for Draco had been apologising as well.

Strangely enough, for the two years after that, up until the present day, the words 'Lexi' and 'muggle' were not banned in their house. they both spoke of muggles quite often, with Hermione being a muggle-born and Arthur being so fascinated with them.

"Harry," Hermione suddenly made him jump out of his thoughts and he remembered he was still in the centre of Muggle London. "You know I never meant to hurt you when I said that?"

"I know," Harry replied, "It was years ago, leave it."

Suddenly, Harry caught a glimpse of white-blonde hair and a smirk appeared on his face as he knew instantly who it was. Surely enough, he then saw the fiery red-headed Ron trailing along behind Draco, and Hermione basically bounded over to them.

Once they got back through the crowds, Draco took Harry's hand as Ron jumped into speech.

"Mate, you'll never guess what we just saw!" He said exaggeratedly, bouncing slightly with excitement.

Harry raised an eyebrow as Draco shook his head.

"What?" He asked.

"A book shop wi…"

"Blimey! Never seen one of those before!" Harry interrupted. Draco burst into a fit of laughter next to him and Hermione bit her lips to stop herself from laughing.

"If you'll let me finish!" Ron said grumpily, crossing his arms. "A book shop WITH a poster in the window for a book about wizards!"

Harry cocked his head to the side. "A book about wizards?" He repeated.

Ron nodded his head vigorously, "Just around the corner."

"Ron," Hermione chipped in, "I've told you that muggles write about magical things."

"Yeah," Ron said, taking her hand and pulling her away around the corner he had just pointed to, "But I've never actually seen one!"

Harry and Draco followed as Harry answered, "Well I've seen one, so you don't need to show me! You forget I lived with muggles for ten years."

"No," Draco said under his breath, "He's just like his father, so he wants to see it again for himself!"

Harry smiled and prodded Draco in the ribs as they continued to walk.

As the four walked in silence, Draco began to mutter in Harry's ear.

"I decided what to get you for Christmas," He whispered, "You'll like it."

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"I can't tell you that!" Draco laughed.

Harry laughed as well, "We have that exact same conversation every year!"

Draco opened his mouth to reply, but the two of them bumped into the backs of Ron and Hermione as they stopped suddenly.

"See, there!" Ron said excitedly, pointing up at the poster of what was supposed to be a witch on a broomstick.

"It's about a witch, not a wizard," Harry said.

"No, that's a wizard!" Ron protested.

"With long hair?" Harry replied.

"Charlie has long hair!" Ron said, "And Dumbledore did, and his dad…"

Ron turned to point at Draco, but he was no longer standing next to Harry. Harry turned his head to look for him and saw him standing outside the next shop along, peering through the window with narrowed eyes.

"Draco, what is it?" He asked, walking up to him and also looking through the window.

"Nothing," Draco said quickly, trying to push Harry away, "I just thought I saw someone…"

Suddenly, Hermione gasped ran up to the door of the building.

"Is that…?" She started.

"Is that what? Who?" Harry asked. And finally, succeeding in pushing past Draco, he looked closely through the window to see a small restaurant. Most of the tables and chairs were taken up by people; all people he didn't know. "There's no one in there we know," He said.

He looked at Ron and saw that his eyes had also widened, and then Hermione started to push all three of them away quickly.

"Move, go! Let's leave!" She said hastily, but before any of them had actually started to move, the door to the restaurant opened and there stood a woman highly familiar to them all, but most of all, to Harry.

Her long blonde hair was slightly darker now, and tied up on the back of her head; her bluish grey eyes smiled up at him, tired and worn. But the most noticeable difference of all was the large round bump on her stomach.

"Can I help you?" Lexi asked politely to the four people staring at her.

Harry, Draco and Ron all gaped at her, but Hermione managed to say, "It's ok… We were just leaving…"

She turned to leave; Draco and Ron followed suit, but Harry was transfixed. He didn't want to say hello or ask how she was… he didn't even want to be seeing her. But there was something about her keeping his eyes locked on her. That bump.

Lexi had not seen that Harry was still staring, and called back at the other three, "We do amazing hot chocolates!"

Draco, Ron and Hermione did not turn around until Draco noticed that Harry was not beside him.

"Come on…" Draco said, tugging at Harry's arm.

And then Lexi looked at him. For five seconds she looked into his eyes.

"Harry, come on!" Draco whispered angrily this time.

Harry's eyes had just broken away and he began to move as Lexi spoke.

"Do I know you?"

Harry's heart pounded in his chest and he felt Draco's fingers tighten around his arm.

"You stayed for too long," He whispered quickly.

Harry ignored him, looking back at Lexi. "I don't think so, sorry…"

He turned to leave once again but this time Lexi almost reached out.

"I'm just sure that I've seen you somewhere before…" She pondered, "A long time ago, it must have been. That scar on your head is what does it."

Harry cursed in his mind. That stupid scar. But he had no time to respond as Lexi jumped in once more.

"I know! I had a picture of you! In my suitcase about four years ago!" She smiled, albeit with confusion, "I must have met you on holiday or something! What's your name?"

Draco looked at him but didn't say a word. He knew what he was thinking, for Harry thought it too. If Harry told her his real name, she might remember.

"Bilius," He said quickly.

Lexi's smile faded, and Harry's heart rate slowed down quite a bit.

"Oh… I've never met anyone with that name…" She sighed.

Draco's hand then slipped down Harry's arm to his hand and held it firmly as he turned to leave. But at that moment, a large man with black hair strode up behind Lexi and held her around the waist, hands resting on her rounded stomach.

"These boys giving you trouble babes?" He said in a deep tone.

"Oh no, if anything it was me giving them trouble!" Lexi laughed.

For some strange reason, Harry suddenly realised that there was a stupid smile on his face, which he quickly wiped off.

"I tried to convince them to stay for our hot chocolates! And then tried to convince this one that I knew him!" Lexi laughed, pointing at Harry.

"And do you?" The man, presumably Lexi's husband, asked.

"No, I don't think so. Just a look alike," She replied.

"Anyway," Draco said quickly, "We'd better go…"

But then something happened that turned the entire situation around. Lexi had looked at Draco as if she knew him, too, and then her eyes followed down Draco's arm and to their joined hands. She raised an eyebrow, as if she knew they were lying through their teeth.

"Yeah," Harry said quickly, "It was good to meet you. Bye…"

And with that they walked away at a leisurely pace, but not that slowly, in the direction that Hermione had run off with Ron. Harry could feel Draco's grip becoming tighter, as if he was ready to run, but there was no need, for when Harry looked back at the little restaurant, he saw that Lexi and her husband had gone back inside.

Harry opened his mouth to speak as they slowed down, but was cut short by Draco.

"I love you," He said.

"What?" Harry asked, perplexed by the random comment.

"Well, you had a chance to… Well, to do anything then, but you didn't," Draco replied happily.

"Of course I didn't!" Harry said, rather offended, "What did you think I'd do? Tell her all about what happened four years ago? I didn't want her then and I definitely don't want her now!"

"Yes, I know, I'm sorry…" Draco replied.

"But saying that, I have to say that I'm really glad she's happy," Harry mused, "Well, she looks happy anyway."

Draco nodded, "It's worked out well for everyone really, hasn't it?"

Harry laughed, "Draco, I know we've had a little bump along the way… but I'd say me getting rid of her has worked out a little better than 'well'!"

"Yes, ok then," Draco corrected himself, "It's all worked out brilliantly, hasn't it?"

Harry smiled and nodded. It was strange, that seeing Lexi after four years had made him feel so good. At first, he thought he was going to faint from surprise, and shock of seeing her pregnant. For a few seconds, it was like he was back to four years ago, and she hadn't gotten rid of the baby after all. But that was a ridiculous thought. Also the thought that Draco might get so angry that he may burst or curse someone was at the back of Harry's mind. But he didn't. And Harry should have known he wouldn't. Because they were still in love after four years. No, after six years. Six years of undying love doesn't go unnoticed.


Harry's head jolted upwards. He realised that Draco had been talking to him as they walked but he hadn't listened to a word. Somehow, Harry had come to be inside what looked like a little café, and he saw Ron and Hermione sitting on a sofa in the far corner.

"Did you listen to anything I said?" Draco asked as they walked to join Ron and Hermione.

"No, sorry… Was it important?" Harry asked.

"No," Draco replied, sitting down as the other two were deep in conversation. "What were you thinking about?"

"How in love we are," Harry answered simply.

Draco stopped fidgeting on his chair and looked at Harry. He smiled widely before leaning over to kiss him, not caring what the strangers surrounding them thought of it.

"I do love you," Draco smiled.

Harry returned the smile with one of his own and looked across to Ron and Hermione, who hadn't paid any attention to them so far since they sat down.

"How long do you think we're going to be here?" He whispered to Draco, trying to hide the smirk appearing on his face.

Draco openly smirked back, seeming to know exactly where Harry's thoughts were going. "Not long I hope, why do you ask?"

Harry shrugged playfully, "I just can't wait to get you home," He said, adding on the end for effect, "I might give you an early Christmas present."

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