Part One

Two years had passed since Maylo-Myotismon was beaten for good, and the Digital world was all restored to normal, and all the Digimon were living their cheerful little lives in peace with nothing out there to spoil the day.

Until now…

In the primary village, the in-training and newly born Digimon were all playing happily in the sunlight on this lovely day. Playing games, singing songs, some even helping to look after the new Digi-eggs that hadn't even hatched yet…

Some of the in-trainings were even playing in the mud and having a "MUDBALL FIGHT!!" mudballs went everywhere, it was actually cute to watch too.

Some of the Digimon hid in the tall grass. Some hid in the river, and some behind rocks on the hills.

One of these little creatures, who was all on his own, peeked his head up from behind a rock, took aim with his mud-ball, and… somebody snuck up from behind and GRABBED him.

The little Digimon struggled, and fussed about, but the man, who was wearing a soldier's uniform, with a big "R-R" symbol on his arm, stuffed the poor little creature into a burlap sack, and tranquilized him.

"Heh, heh, heh… that was far too easy." he sniggered evilly.

He carried the sack quietly away from the village and made his way over to where his colleagues and their tanks, that also had "R-R's" on them, were based. All the soldiers had reported that they each had been going around and kidnapping Digimon… as they were ordered.

"Such a dangerous weapon these Digimon are." One of the soldiers said as he threw the sack with the Digimon inside, into he tank. "The General will be please."


The Lunch-Bell rang at Obadia-High. TK Takashi bid goodbye to his basketball team from the last period and headed on to the cafeteria. He was joined by Kari and Davis who were coming back from her last class as well.

"Guess what." Kari said playfully. "We passed our history tests."


Davis and Kari showed them their results, and the both had perfect scores. "Man, it sure feels good to get an 'A' for once." he said cockily. "I knew Lady-Luck was bound to smile on me soon."

TK chuckled a little. "What do you mean luck, Davis? You studied hard for that 'A'."

Davis felt silly. "Heh, yeah… I guess I did."

Kari thought it was funny how Davis actually just found how much studying would really pay off. Everyone had changed a little the past couple of years.

Davis, Kari, Ken, TK, and Yolei were all in high-school now. Cody sadly still had another year of Junior-High to go before he could join them.

Still, they kept in touch by email, and they did see him on weekends, or times when they went to the Digital world.

Davis, Kari and TK walked into the cafeteria and they inhaled the intoxicating aromas. "Mm-mmm… if there's one thing I love best it's hot pizza in the cafeteria on a Friday before a three-day weekend."

They all paid for their foods and went to look for a table. They could see Ken and Yolei in the corner, and helped themselves to some seats. "Uh… hello?!" Yolei said irritatingly. "We were like having a lunch date here; just the two of us!"

Her boyfriend smiled. "Come on Yolei, be nice." he said.

As they sat there and ate their lunch, Kari received an email from Tai, who was away in college, studying to be a diplomat.

"Hi, Kari, and gang…"

"Things have really been quiet around here. So quiet you can even here the sound a caterpillar walking across Sora's Tennis shoes. Heh-Heh-Heh!"

"Everyone here really misses you all, and not a day goes by when we all wish we could spend a day together. So that's why we're arranging to spend all of Saturday in the Digital-World tomorrow. You know, have a good time, pig out for lunch, and even see our Digimon friends again."

"So what say guys, you want in?"

"Write back soon"


Kari wasted no time in responding back to Tai' message with "Yes, we'd love to come."

"Well, looks like we got a another good thing to look forward too this weekend." Davis said. "This is going to feel way sweet."

As the continued through lunch, Yolei asked TK how things were going with his new girlfriend, Mina Anio. (The Sailor Venus girl) from the cheerleading squad.

"Things couldn't be better." TK said. "I'm going to take her out for a soda after school and help carry her books home for her."

"Aww, that's so sweet TK." Kari said.

Davis felt like he was going to be sick. "Yeah, sweet enough to make me vomit." he muttered under his breath, but everyone heard him.

"What's got you so worked up?" TK asked all annoyed.

"None of your business."

Yolei had a feeling she knew why Davis was so upset. "He's probably just all grumpy because he still hasn't found a girlfriend yet." the others all shared a soft giggle.

"Ah!" Davis smacked his forehead with his hand.

"Davis, I thought you and that that girl, Cassie, from art Class were getting along great." Ken said.

Cassie was one of the prettiest girls in the whole school. Long, flowing dark blue hair, a perfect ample body, and she liked cute boys, and those who were heroic too, like Davis.

Ever since the defeat of Maylo-Myotismon, news of the Digi Destined and their Digimon went world wide, and that brought on great fame and popularity for most of them; Especially Davis who played once of the most important roles in the battle.

Saving everyone from the mind-control… as well as persuading people to follow their dreams.

"Are you kidding?" Davis moaned. "She's not for me." As beautiful and hot as she was to Davis, she was way too crazy, and whacked in the head.

Everyone was all confused, and then suddenly

"Hey, Davis?" called a voice, causing Davis to gasp. "Please.. tell me I didn't hear that?!" he asked all shakily, and then he saw her.

Davis wanted to hide under the table, but it was too late she already reached him. "Hey there, Boo."

Davis put on a fake smile. "Uh, Cassie… hey, how's it… going?"

Cassie gripped him tightly in her arms. "Ooh, I missed you sooo much." she cooed. "Every minute were apart is an eternity."

Davis wretched out of her grip. "Yeah… uhm… well uh… lunch is almost over, so I guess we'll have to head back soon." He said trying to get rid of her fast before she did something embarrassing.

"Oh, I just wanted to give you this." she said place a small box onto the table. "It's for you, I made it in art class, and got an 'A'."

Davis nervously opened the box, and nearly gagged at what he saw. "What the heck is this?" he asked as he held up a weird looking ceramic.

"It's a near-exact, life-sized, anatomically sculpture of my heart." Everyone's eyes nearly popped out from their heads. "I would've made a model of my soul to go with it, but its invisible to make it look realistic."

She peeked Davis on the cheek, "I'll see you, and dream about you too."

Davis smiled at her until she was gone and then his face went back to being sour, as he rubbed his eyes hard in disgust.

"Okay…" TK said. "Matt's told me about this before from his experience with Jun, I've never actually believed him before… but isn't that what he would call, a Level-Five Clinger."

Davis nodded; Cassie was indeed a psycho chick, and she was really making things embarrassing for him.

First: She got herself and Davis matching outfits.

Second: She kept phoning him on his cell like, every fifteen minutes. Like Davis couldn't even take a breath without her bothering him.

Davis gulped hard, "And then there's the weird stuff she says, and does…" he sighed.

She told Davis weird things like how she was dreaming about their wedding day, and what their kids would look like.

"Gaah!" Ken gagged.

"Whew… that's going a little too fast there." added TK. "Does she also use stupid pet names?"

Davis nodded. "If I have to hear her call me, Sweetie-Poo-Poo-kins, in a baby voice, one more time… GAAH!!"

"Really? I thought guys thought that was cute." Yolei said.

"No way." replied Davis. "You ever wonder why your brother dumped my sister, TK?"

TK held his throat in disgust. "I think I'm beginning to."

"Davis, come on." Kari said, "She's just trying to show you how much she cares about you. Give her a chance."

Davis sighed. "I don't know." he said. "Maybe I should dump her before anything else happens."

The others decided not to argue with him as he'd probably just act all stubborn and obnoxious again.

The lunch break ended, and everyone headed up the hallways together. "You seem awful quiet, Ken. What's shaking?" Davis asked.

Ken looked up. "Maybe it's nothing, but… I'm starting to have a strange feeling that something's out there." he said. "Something… pretty bad."

Everyone knew how Ken felt, he was still having a hard time getting over his evil past, and that the Dark Ocean still plagued him at times. "Ken, there's nothing to worry about." TK said. "Gennai, and Azulongmon are watching over the whole Digital world."

"Yeah… and since we took out Myotismon, everything's going to be A-Okay." Davis said. "We won, Ken… we can put the past behind us."

Yolei and Kari nodded in agreement, and Ken did feel a bit better, but he still had this feeling that somewhere, something was going to happen.

If only he knew how right he was…


Somewhere on an uncharted island in the Digital-World, Inside it was a small city composed of Castles, Palaces, and all types of buildings, each with a red flag with white R-R's on them.

Inside, many soldiers were marching along the streets, some in tanks, and others in jets.

There were also men and women scientists hard at work experimenting on many different kinds of Digimon. With the experiments they were doing, you'd thin they were trying to tear the poor creatures apart to see what was inside, and then put them back together the wrong way.

"This one's brain-waves… they're off the charts."

"Never mind that… check out this one's powers, it's perfect."

In other part of this strange base, three more of the scientists were presenting their latest report and breakthrough to a rather sinister, dark looking man.

This man was in his late fifties, and a little wrinkled. He wore a big patch over one of his eyes, and he was stroking his pet, Black-Gatomon.

"General, we have wonderful news for you sir." said the Professor.

"Then tell me it!" the other man growled in his string Japanese accent. "If there is one thing I, the great General. Conan Lockhart hates, its being kept waiting."

The Professor gulped hard, and then he and his colleges brought in the prototypes of their latest projects. "Sir, after many years of researching, and experimenting… we present to you, these."

In marched a small line of strong, ripped looking soldiers, and they saluted to the General.

"Sir… these Soldiers, are latest works in replica technology." replied the Professor. "Super-speed, Fearsome-fighting skills… and here… se for yourself."

The Professor motioned his colleagues to stack four huge grey bricks on top of one another. Then, by using a remote control he ordered one of the soldiers to give the bricks a karate chop, and the solider shattered all the bricks in only one punch.

Lockhart was impressed. "When will they be ready for operations?" he asked.

"Immediately." replied the Professor. "My team of experts are even as we speak producing these, which I call, Robo-Cops, at a rate of two per hour."

Lockhart sniggered wickedly. "Your stock is rising, Professor." he said, and the Professor saluted to him "That will be all for now." The professor, his men, and the Robo-cops left the office.

Lockhart turned in his big chair to gaze out the window at the sea. "Very soon, my pet." he said. "Very soon I shall get what I want."

Black-Gatomon looked up her master. "You've done such a fine job, Sir." she said. "But it is really worth all this trouble?"

Lockhart put her down on the floor, and got up to move closer to the window." of course it is." he said. "All my life, all I ever wanted was my own army of powerful weapons so no one would ever defy me again."

Black-Gatomon liked that idea, a full army of weapons that would make this army so powerful, that no one, human, or Digimon alike would be able to stop them. "Sir… have actually ever been in a battle before?" she asked.

Lockhart sighed, "Yes… I have seen real battles my pet… in fact, it cost me my left eye; but I lived, and I will keep on living." he said with evil pride. "You Digimon are just the perfect weapons I have been searching for all my life, you can provide me with what I need, and to fulfill my dreams of becoming the strongest there is."

"For I am General. Lockhart… commanding officer of the Red-Ribbon army, and soon to be this world, and the other world. Already, my preparations are nearing completion, and soon nothing will be able to stop me."

"NOTHING!!! Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ah, ah, ah, ah!!"

The Next day

The team had met up with Cody, and Tai's gang from college, and had all headed over to the Digital world for a well earned day of fun and relaxing.

The weather was warm, the sun was shining, and the air was clear. Perfect picnic conditions, and sporting moods.

Davis, and Tai couldn't wait to hit the fields with their soccer-balls. "Typical, those-two." Kari giggled, but to be honest, she was looking forward to seeing Gatomon again.

That was the main thing everyone was looking forward to; seeing their Digimon friends again.

They all arrived in a nice spot in the meadows where grass was lushing green, and the hills roamed as far as the eyes could see. "It's so breath taking." Mimi said. "You guys should've seen it in New-York… it was raining cats and dogs."

"Heh-heh… hope you didn't step in a poodle." Tai joked, everyone shared a small laugh.

The girls, along with Joe and Izzy, began setting things up for lunch and the other boys began having fun with the soccer ball. "Say… shouldn't the Digimon have been here by now?" Yolei asked. "What's taking them so long?"

"Take it easy, Yolei. We only just got here." said Sora, "I'm sure they're well on their way."

Izzy nodded. "If my calculations are correct…" he said as he checked his computer. "By calculating the hypotenuse of our current position, and bearing a Ninety-Degrees down by west, and following the wind drift… they're speed and distance is off balance."

The girls were confused. Was Izzy speaking any English at all. "Uh… I think he means… they're running a bit late." Joe answered.

"Was that so hard to say." Yolei said as she wiped her brow.


Six of the Digimon were making their way across the fields on foot, except for Patamon, and Hawkmon who were flying.

"Come along, everyone! We're late." said Hawkmon.

"It'sh not our fault we're not as fast as you and Patamon." Veemon complained.

"Yeah!" Gatomon panted. "If only we could Digivolve we'd be there faster."

"You think that's bad…" Wormon groaned. "You try running on eight legs."

Armadillamon didn't respond, and he couldn't hear them anyways as he was burrowing his way underground. The others wondered how he was able to move so fast, but regardless, they just kept right on going.

"By the way… where are all the othersh" asked Veemon; he was referring to the Digimon of Tai's gang.

"Don't you remember?" said Patamon "They're all off with Gennai, keeping watch over the Digital world. They're going to be even later than we are."

This was getting to be ironic, how everything seemed to be going behind schedule this day. They just hoped the others hadn't started on the food without them yet.

Suddenly… small explosions began to bombard them from out of nowhere, causing them all to fall down. Armadillamon popped his head through the ground. "What in the hillbillies was that?" he asked. "It's a mess down there."

The Digimon looked forward, and they saw what looked like, Battle tanks, and soldiers moving towards them. "Get those Digimon!" shouted one of the ring leaders. "We must capture them for our General's Master plan!"

"Hey, who are those guys?" asked Patamon.

More bombs, and gunfire began to head straight for them. "AAH!! I don't want to stay to find out!" cried Hawkmon. "RUN FOR IT!!"

They were able to run much faster now with this motivation of escape. "Hurry! Hurry!!"



"Come back and fight like the weapons you are!" the lead soldier called.


The others were ready to sit down to lunch, but nobody had touch a morsel. When Davis reached for a piece of pork-meat, Kari smacked his hand. "Davis!"

"Awe, come on… I'm starving here." Davis said.

"So are we Kari." added Tai.

"No!" Kari snapped. "We have to wait for the Digimon."

Suddenly, Kari realized she too was losing her patients, and she was famished too. So they decided to save some food for the Digimon when they arrived, and began to feast.

Suddenly… the ground began to rumble. "Hey! Wha-- what's happening?" Cody asked.

"Either this is an Earthquake, or something big and heavy's coming our way." said Davis.

The rumbling got more violent, and then the kids saw the six Digimon rushing over towards them. "Hey, guys!" TK called. "What's going--"

"EVEROBODY RUN!!" cried Patamon.

"THEY'RE COMING… THEY'RE COMING!!" screamed Gatomon.

"What? Who… who's coming!!" Tai yelled over to them, "AND WHERE ARE THE OTHER DIGIMON!!"

"Uh... Tai…" cried Sora. "I hate interrupt but… LOOK!!"

Everyone turned round and could see the army tanks, and soldiers heading straight for them. "Let's get out of here!"


Everyone tossed all their stuff out of their hands and began to dash away, no sooner had they gotten to a safe distance did the tanks and soldiers flatten everything. All the food, the dishes… even Tai's brand new ball.

"Hey! I saved up for that for weeks!"

They all kept on running, and then they finally caught up to the Digimon. "What's going on?" Cody asked. "Who are these guys?"

"Whoever they are, they just trashed our perfectly good picnic." said Yolei.

Suddenly, Both Davis and Veemon had had enough, and they stopped right in their tracks. "Davis, What are you doing?!" cried Ken.

Davis and Veemon nodded at each other. "Lets do this!" Davis said as he whipped out his D3.

"Yeah… let'sh!" Veemon added.

"VEEMON… Digivolve to; EX-VEEMON!!"

"Hop on, Davis!"

"Yeah… lets go!" he said with courage, and then the both of them began headed right towards the army men.

"No, Davis! Come back!" cried Kari.

"Ex-Veemon!!" snapped Gatomon. "ARE YOU CRAZY?!"

Ex-Veemon and Davis just kept going, and the army men began to open fire on them with their tanks. Ex-Veemon was successfully able to dodge them all. "Give it to them Ex-Veemon!" cried Davis.

"You got it! VEE-LASER!!" he fired his laser-beam at all the tanks, and blew-up their heavy guns; The Tanks stopped right where they were, and one-by-one the soldiers leapt out.

"You there!" called the ring leader. "How dare you open fire on us!"

"Yeah… well same goes to you, pal!" Davis said. "Who are you guys… and what do you think you're doing?"

The soldier's scowl hardened even more. "I should be asking you the same thing." He scoffed. "A child you should be playing with a weapon like that."

"Weapon? Me?" Ex-Veemon asked.

"Yes, you." Snapped the soldier. "We at the Red-Ribbon army are going to take away all these monstrously-shaped weapons, and use them for what they were made for. For Fighting!"

The others all heard this and dashed over. "What are you talking about?" TK snapped. "These are, Digimon, they're not weapons, and they're not made just for fighting."

"That's right!" Cody snapped. "You men should be ashamed of yourselves; attacking poor creatures like this."

"Enough!" growled the soldier. "I will say this once only… hand over those weapons, and stand down! If you do not, we will be forced to use extreme measurements."

Some of the others sweat dropped, but Davis acting all cocky as usual. "Uh, reality check here, dude." he said. "Didn't we just go ahead and blow up your stupid Tank-guns?"

The soldier chuckled sinisterly. "Perhaps… but we have more than one ways to get what we want." he snapped his fingers. "Send out the Robo-Cops!!"

His men nodded, and then, out popped more soldiers, and these guys looked ten-times as worse as the others. They were more ripped, and taller. They even had clubbing-rods in their hands, which they began to wave around as a warning.

"You have your orders… now get those creatures!" growled the other soldier, and the long line of men began to march towards the gang.

Izzy quickly did a scan on these new soldiers. "Huh? No-way!" he cried. "Guys… these soldiers… they're not even human. They're mechanical robots."

The others all gasped in shock, and confusion.

"Robots, eh?" Davis said. "No prob… that means we don't have to hold back."

Ex-Veemon nodded in agreement. "Here I go." he said. "VEE-LASER!!"

KAPOW!! Sparks and explosions flew everywhere, but when the smoke had cleared, none of the robots had even a scratch on them. "Huh?" Davis gasped.

"How's that possible?" asked Tai.

"Quick, Davis… try it again." called Kari. Davis nodded, and he told Ex-Veemon to fire again. The Vee-Laser was launched, but the results were the same… not even a dent.

"They, must have special surfaces!" cried Izzy. "Our Digimon attacks have no effect on them."

"Gee… tell us something we don't know!" snapped Matt.

The soldiers were still marching forward. "Get them! Get them!" growled the lead soldier.

Suddenly Cody had an idea. "Ready, Armadillamon?"

"You bet I am, Cody."

Cody whipped out his D3, and his D-terminal, and activated the Digiegg of Knowledge. "DIGI-ARMOR… ENERGIZE!!"

"ARMADILLAMON… Armor-Digivole to; DIGMON: The Drill of Knowledge/Power!"

Digmon poised himself straight in the direction of the robots. "ROCK CRACKING!!" BOOM!! The ground began to break up in a trail towards the robots, right under their feet, and they feel through a large pit. "So glad you boys could drop in." Digmon mocked.

"Yeah! Way to go, Digmon." Cody cheered, but then suddenly, the Robots all leapt up out of the pit and began marching towards the team again. Digmon sweat dropped. "Uh, yeah… when I said dropping by, I mean it as a joke."

"This isn't working!" cried Mimi.

"None of our attacks can do anything to them." added Joe.

"Let's get out of here!" cried Patamon.

Everyone began to dash for the TV, but before they could reach it. "FIRE!!" growled the leading solider, and one of the tanks fired its smaller gun right at the TV, blowing it into cinders and ash.

"Oh, no!" cried Ken. "We can't get back!"

There was no place to run, and no way out, as not all the Digimon who'd be able to fly would be able to carry all the kids to safety. The soldiers kept on marching forward, and with their attacks all useless, nobody knew what to do.

"This is your last chance!" growled the lead soldier form his tank. "Turn over those creatures, or you will we personally blast you all to bits! No one stands in the way of the Red-Ribbon Army… NOBODY!!" his wicked evil laughter seemed to each around for miles, and the others all quivered in fear.

What were they to do? What could they do?



The other Digimon all rush to the kid's rescue and whisk them away to safety, and that's when Gennai explains to everyone about the difficulties.

"General. Lockhart will stop at nothing to destroy all who question, or defy him, and it will be up to you all to stop him?"

However, since None of the Digimon can't even scratch the soldiers, Izzy has devised up a plan that can.

"Use these, and you guys will actually become Power Rangers, with all that you need."

"You guys ready?"

"Let's get them!"

Will this new power help our heroes. Will the Red-Ribbon succeed in destroying them all?