Softly. Slowly. Sweetly.

They moved in tandem. Giving. Taking. Loving. He kissed along her angular jaw tenderly. Relishing in her soft, inaudible moans. She lay there panting, moaning, groaning. Her forehead was glistened in a light sheen of sweat. Her eyes were closed in passion. But the greatest of these was the soft smile painted on her lips.

He moved in and out of her slowly, groaning in bliss at the feel of her surrounding him so tightly and intimately. They were giving and taking each other in the heat of the moment. In his deliberate strokes he gave her his heart. His courage. His love. In his kisses he gave her his words, his thoughts, his mind. In his fingertips grazing her skin he gave her life. Gave her him. His body. The rock of her hips was his anchor. Pulling him in. Keeping him safe. Guarding his heart.

And most surprisingly she gave him her vulnerability. Allowed herself to be weak. To be needed. To need. To want. To love. And, oh god, how she loved it. Her soft caresses gave him strength. Her pleas gave him motive. Her passion gave him hope.

Her passionate cries grew louder. Thrusts became harder, faster, deeper, frenzied. In and out. In and out. Inandout. InOut. Inoutinoutinout.

With a strangled cry she came. And in that moment she felt love. Felt the bounding of souls. The connection. She was no longer Elphaba. No. She gave herself to him. Made her his and him hers. They belonged together. Together they created a whole, complete being.

Three more frenzied thrusts and he grunted his release. Eyes closed. Back arched. Head thrown back. She couldn't help but watch in amazement as he came undone. She's don't this to him. Gave him this pleasure. She closed her eyes and sighed at the warmth that spread throughout her sated body.

They lay in the aftermath of their lovemaking for a long while. Content to just bask in the heavenly glow. Ignoring their lives, their responsibilities, their duties. Ignoring anything but themselves.

Slowly, they came back down from their high and he left and readjusted himself on the bed so he would not crush her. She looked up at him with lazy, hopeful eyes.

"Stay with me." She asked him with such sadness and vulnerability in her voice that he had to pull her tighter to him. To assure her of his presence.

"Always." And it was with that that they held onto each other long after the sun set and the moon rose. Long after they had to be gone. They held on for at least one more night together. One memorable night before life interfered and pulled them apart.

"I'll love you for as long as you're mine."