They walked up to the entrance of the cave; it was still blocked by the boulders the fire nation soldiers had pulled down all those years ago. They told Appa to meet them in Omashu, so he flew away. Aang earthbent the rocks out of the way and they saw the beautiful decorative pillers that had always stood at the opening. They didn't have a torch this time; they could get through the cave of two lovers without them.

They started to walk in the cave. Soon the light dimmed and they only knew the other was there because of their firm grasp on each other's hands.

"Aang, I can't see a thing." Katara said, not in a scared tone, but more seductive. She felt herself being pulled closer to him and before she knew it, they were kissing. The cave filled up with a glowing blue light and they looked into each other's eyes.


Yeah... i know it took a while and it is still really short, but i was working on another (well really, two other) stories.

Thanks for waiting:)