I have some ideas that are coming along, sorta, not really, kinda. So any ideas will be highly appreciated. So review with those bad puppies!

Anyway, I have started the sequel, but I have lots to do, so don't expect an update everyday (I did update every day in the beginning). School is starting to get a little more challenging, which means more homework, which in turn means less time on the computer.

Since I am total geek, and I am constantly trying to make time for me to go on the computer, I will never leave you guys hanging for a long period of time without explanation.

I will post it soon, but how soon depends on how many reviews I get. I have a lot of holiday stuff that I "have to get done, or else no one will ever want to give me presents again". (wow, my mom is deranged)

Anyway, more reviews equals the more motivated I am & more time I will make for the sequel.

So any ideas will rock my soxx, even though I am kinda wearing flip-flops in the middle of winter ;)


P.S As of now, the sequel is titled "The Happiest Place on Earth". That is totally subject to change, but thats it for now. Any guesses to what's going to happen? ;)