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Perfect Happiness

The first in a set of scenes depicting where I think my beloved Pokémon characters will be… an ill defined number of years later. Your ideas may well be different.

As always, for my beloved, especially for reminding me that I'd somehow forgotten Togepi. Oops.  I now have the Maid Marian and her Merry Men song about the Egg Fairy running through my head…

The First Scene of Happiness

Doctor Misty Waterflower closed her word processor, and gave her pampered Togetic a casual pet. The egg fairy pokémon fluttered joyously above her head, reflecting its owner's good mood. Misty had finally finished the definitive paper on social interactions between water and electric type pokémon, and she was very pleased with the result. 

Of course, she couldn't have written the paper without the special help of her true love.  Misty only hoped her work wasn't too controversial for the major pokémon scientific journals.  Some of Misty's experience on the subject would have strained the casual observer's credulity.

The redhead sighed with gentle nostalgia for her past adventuring days. Still… sleeping on the ground, constant danger, frequent arguments with Ash, being harassed daily by Team Rocket… And being in the grip of a crush that never quite let up, despite her desperate attempts to pretend everything was platonic.  Misty still couldn't quite believe that her hidden love had been returned.  She was truly happier now than she had ever been in her life. She hardly even had to pull out her mallet nowadays.

Still, she missed her old friends. She was going to have lunch with at least one today.  Tracey, happily "partnered" with Samuel Oak in a relationship that everyone pretended to think was strictly professional.  It was almost sad… Tracey was getting far too old and plump to be anyone's idea of an apprentice.

Of course, Misty's own beloved had put on a little weight, too, but that came with settling down instead of traversing the countryside in search of pokémon battles.  Misty alone had kept her boyish – er, girlish -  figure.

She turned as the love of her life stirred from sleep.


"Hmm?" Misty smiled affectionately, and dropped a kiss on the upturned face.

"The waters of life flow smoothly to a friend's shore, but it is still advisable to make the journey in a suitable vessel," her lover reproved gently, sitting up and staring accusingly at her.

Prima's startling curves had matured to heavy voluptuousness, Anna Nicole style, but she was still a beautiful woman. Still beautiful, and still almost incomprehensible.

Misty, fortunately, had lots of practice, enough to make a valiant guess at her wife's meaning.  "My overalls are just fine for visiting Tracey and Sam, darling."

"Togi!" her pet chirped in agreement.

Prima put on her glasses, and pouted prettily. "Only the wind should know what lies beneath the ocean's surface."

Misty glared back at her, mentally translating. "Are you trying to say I dress like a dyke?" she demanded, reaching for her mallet.

They were both perfectly happy.