***"Perfect Happiness Part Three: Brock"****

"Daddy! Daddy! Pick me up!"

Brock bent down and scooped up one of the little girls that crowded the playroom. She smiled and snuggled into his arms, her mahogany eyes sparkling.

"Dadddddy," wailed another of Brock's daughters, a few years older than the one cradled in his arms. "Don't pick Jenny up, we need to interrogate her."

"Don't put me down, Daddy," Jenny pouted. "Jenny plays too rough."

One of her sisters pouted, tugging on a candy-pink pigtail. "When are you going to have the battle between Team Rocket and the policewomen? I wanna practice my bandaging."

"Me too!"

"Jenny, Jenny…. Jenny doesn't have to play if she doesn't want to. You have to remember she's littler than you are. Now, Joys, why don't you play Team Rocket member for a moment, and you can bandage later? Joy, you help her," Brock suggested.

He sat down, Jenny cuddled on his lap, and watched Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Joy, and Joy play their favourite game, cops and Rockets. In a cradle in the corner slept his youngest daughter Joy, her tiny face creased in slumber. Brock never had any difficulty telling them apart… or their mothers.

He had never been much good as a Pokemon breeder, after all. For years he had thought he wanted to escape the burden of care for his younger brothers and sisters, but even then he had taken on the role of protecting Ash and Misty in the same way. Eventually he had realised that what he was travelling to escape had been what he wanted all along… Family and children. Pokémon had just been a poor substitute for real breeding.

Brock was a born househusband, although husband was probably the wrong word.

He was interrupted by a couple of young women who entered the room with their arms around each other's waists. One wore her hair in girlish loops, the other had spiky locks of a startling blueberry colour and a most unsuitable miniskirt for law enforcement.

"Hi Joy, hi Jenny!" he said brightly, as his daughters rushed the new arrivals, hugging their legs. His social skills had come a long way in the last few years, and he was no longer reduced to helpless stammering every time he encountered a policewoman or nurse.

"Hi Brock!" Jenny said, or, rather, shouted hoarsely, being Officer Jenny. "We have a favour to ask you."

"We think it's time for another daughter, dear," Nurse Joy said more gently, in her high sweet voice. "After all, we have the Pokémon Centres and police stations of the future to think of."

Brock looked around at his adorable daughters, minature replicas of their mothers. He beamed with happiness, running a hand over his spiky back hair. "Always at your service, ladies."

"Thank you so much, Brock!" Jenny shouted, hugging him. "I'll mind the babies, while Joy… helps you."

Joy led Brock out of the room, and then offered him something with a trusting smile. He reached climax quickly, his body only too swift to eject the source of his new daughter's life.

He knocked on the door, and Joy reached in to take the specimen bottle.

"Thanks Brock!" she said happily, kissing him on the cheek. "That was quick. But then, you always are."

Brock beamed at her, although he was not quite sure it was a compliment. He watched somewhat wistfully as Jenny caught Joy up in her arms, and they celebrated the obtaining of the precious bottle with a long deep kiss. He had always imagined spending the rest of his life with Jenny and/or Joy as the mother(s) of his children, but somehow he hadn't counted on them getting tips from Professor Ivy on how best to make use of a Breeder.

A piping voice cut into his reverie. "I wanna cuddle!"

Brock knelt by little Joy and wound his arms around her, kissing her rosy cheeks, as around them her sisters played noisily. His precious baby daughters… Jenny and Joy looked up from their clinch, and smiled fondly at the sight.

"I love you, Daddy," Joy sighed, snuggling closer.

They were all perfectly happy.