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Chapter 6

Sarah woke up with Toby in her arms. She had finally succeeded in finding him. But what are we going to do now? The life we had in our world is gone… Sarah slowly got up so she wouldn't wake him, and looked around to find that Rosemary was gone. Where is she? As if the thought of her summoned her presence, she opened the door.

"Come, its safe now," called Rosemary softly. Sarah nodded and gently woke her brother. "Hey, it's time to wake up." Toby yawned and smiled. "Okay," he said sleepily.

They walked out of the bunker to be met with mournful silence. "Sarah, his majesty will probably give you another room," whispered Rosemary.

"Why? There's nothing wrong with my room, is there?"

They stopped in front of her room. "Your room looks over the battle field. It won't be cleared for awhile," whispered Rosemary, "you can go change. I'll watch over Toby."

Sarah nodded and walked into her room and changed into some clean clothes. But she stopped by the balcony doors. She wondered how bad the battle was. She opened the doors and overwhelmed by the stench of rotting corpses. Quickly, she shut the doors. I'll already have bad dreams from running through the battle. I don't need to see the aftermath…With that thought she left the room.

"Do you think the Goblin King knows that Toby is here," asked Sarah as she closed the door.

Rosemary shrugged, "he might. We should probably report to him anyways."

As they walked into the throne room, they saw Jareth and Oriana standing around looking tense. Something is going on…

In a burst of glitter and petals, an old Fae appeared in elegant blue robes and a large golden crown. He had a floor length beard and pale blue eyes. Sarah was surprised to see Jareth bow to him and Oriana curtsy to him. As he turned his gaze upon them, they decided to pay him the same respect.

"Sarah, Rosemary, Toby, you may go," said Jareth commandingly. Rosemary nodded and led them out. He knew they would be listening in the passage way. He had wished that the High Fae King would overlook this battle with the shadows, but apparently the wish was not granted.

King Oberon sat in Jareth's throne and studied them. "Last night was quite a nasty battle wasn't it?"

"Your majesty, may I…" Jareth began but was silenced.

"The disappearance of humans from their world has not gone unnoticed here nor this little declaration of war. I am here to set things right. But to do that we need one more person here." With a snap of his fingers King Sable appeared in a burst of glitter and petals looking confused.

"Attention," King Oberon commanded, "This war is over! Today you will bury your dead and honor them for their sacrifice. When clock strikes thirteen tonight, the humans, the ones that were not unwanted shall return to the aboveground and their loved ones will have memories. Everything will be as it is suppose to be. Most will not remember the trip underground, but those who have been here before will have their memories. That is all." With a snap of Oberon's fingers King Sable disappeared. "Now, I will return to my kingdom and I expect my orders to be done."

"Of course, your majesty," said Jareth and Oriana in unison. Once they had paid their, respect King Oberon disappeared the same way he had entered. But the Goblin King and the Flower King were surprise to see a little seven year old boy with red hair left in his place.

"Who are you," asked Queen Oriana softly. A second later, Rosemary burst through the door with arms wide open and shouted, "Timmy!" Sarah smiled from the throne room doors as she watched grandmother and grandchild reunited once again.

The Kings and Queen supervised as the dead we sent to their respective kingdoms. King Oberon was orders were to be followed immediately. Sarah, Rosemary, Toby and Timmy sat in one of the guest rooms in the castle. Sarah thought about the battle. If King Oberon had not come and end this war, many more would have died. Would these battles actually force King Sable to let go of the people he took? Probably not; he probably would have taken more people… Things could have been much worse…

King Jareth had summoned his subjects to honor the dead. Sarah had listened to the sad eulogy, but was surprised to see them cheering. Rosemary leaned over and whispered, "The Goblins at most will give a moment of silent, and they have been silent all day. They will honor the fallen with a celebration."

"Oh," was all Sarah could say.

That night Sarah had read Toby a story and tucked him into bed. She left his room to go to the room Jareth had given her, but was surprised to see him watching from the doorway. "I see you really have grown to care for the lad," he said quietly as she closed the door.

"I have always cared for him… I want to thank you for helping me. I would have never found Toby without you," Sarah confessed.

"Of course you never would have found him with out me," he said with a smile, "but you did do most of the work. And I imagine you will have one more story to add to your collection with this little adventure."

"How did…" Sarah began but Jareth stopped her.

"I have listened in once or twice about your adventure here. But I bet Toby will have a tale to tell you too, and I doubt this will be his last visit underground… It is getting late. I am going to retire now. Safe journeys Sarah." And with that he left.

Sarah walked into her room and lay in her bed. Her eyes felt heavy and within a few moments, she was asleep.

With a groan, Sarah pulled herself out of bed. She looked around and saw she once again back in her room. Her door flew open and Toby ran in. "We're back! We're back and it's Saturday! Let's go to the park or the fair or something," shouted Toby happily as he bounced on her bed.

"Sarah, Toby, breakfast is ready," Karen called.

Everything was back normal… except for a few new stories that no one would ever believe real.

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