Situational Hazard

Chapter One

Disclaimer: No I don't own Naruto. Because if I did, the episodes and mangas wouldn't take so long to come out. And the Shippuuden Movie would SO be out in the U.S!

Summary. Naruto's been evicted from his home. What's a teenaged fox-boy to do?

It wouldn't be the first time he had not been able to pay the rent. Only this time, the Old man Hokage wasn't there to barter with the nasty landlord that lived upstairs. Being that said landlord wasn't too fond of Godaime, he didn't bother giving the blonde boy time to run to the Hokage for help, and put his things out on the street for Naruto to discover the evening he came home.

"Aw, damnit! What am I gonna do now?!" Naruto threw his hands in the air in frustration, kicking at the small bag of things that the landlord didn't even have the decency to put on the curb.

He grumbled loudly and glared up at the window to find the sneering landlord peering down at him from his bedroom window, before disappearing momentarily to end up at the front door with his hand out.

"Give me my key, you little runt. I don't want to see you back here unless you have my money. And I'm talking about with interest!"

Naruto glared harder at the fat, balding, sneering bag of crap and threw the key at him, growling angrily when the bastard simply caught it and grinned even nastier.

"Hn, just for that, money or not, I better not ever see your ass around here again, or not even Godaime can save you. I hope you rot in the streets like you deserved from the day you were born. Good riddance, you little fucker!" And with that he turned and took his great big ass back into the shacky little apartment he was so proud of.

Naruto was angry, so angry his teeth bled from being grinded together so hard, but tears were filling his eyes as the realization of what happened slammed into him as the landlord slammed the door. He stood there shaking with rage, tears sliding down his face without his permission, hands clenched to his sides as he tried to think of what he should do.

As his disgustingly unfair luck would have it, Iruka had gone on a mission that he was expected to return from in two weeks time. Where was he going to go for two weeks? He had no friends to speak of and the only person considerate enough to let him hang around their place was Iruka. Unfortunately, he wasn't a child anymore and so pawning him off to the care of some unwilling ninja wasn't going to fare well for him this time around.

Sighing, he picked up what little he owned and trudged off down the street, not knowing or caring where he was going. Not like he was rich with options. He tried to stick as close to the shadows as possible and away from the evening sun setting, so nobody would see him and make his night that much more difficult to deal with. Right now, he really didn't need to hear what the villagers thought of him; it was just as well that they didn't know that they had something else to taunt him about.

He found himself in the forest. Ironically enough, it was the only place where the villagers' accusing eyes couldn't find him.

He dumped his things on the ground and slid down against a tree, sighing for what seemed to be the umpteenth time today. He knew he really should have saw it coming, but like with all things, Naruto never really concerned himself with anything that didn't have to do with being a ninja. As it was, he only spent a few hours sleeping at the run down dump he called home, and in the morning he was up and away on some mission until the next time he would go back for nourishment and rest.

He didn't make enough money as a Genin and having to make sure that he could afford the overpriced food, clothes and weaponry left nothing for him to pay his way-too-high rent with. He hadn't been worried about it then. But now he wished he had thought about it more. Granted, the outcome would be the same, but at the very least he could have avoided having his belongings tossed out into the streets like trash and the few houseplants he had from disappearing, probably destroyed.

He could stay in the woods until Iruka came back, or he could attempt to sneak back into his apartment and hope that the landlord wouldn't find him.

After a moment of thought, he decided that the latter would only result in his being thrown in jail and that was the last place he wanted to go.

The woods would have been nearly perfect, except for one major discrepancy. In the daytime, teams of Genin came to train for hours beginning at sunrise and if Naruto was going to live there, he would have to make himself scarce for hours and that meant finding another place to be altogether. Sure he had missions of his own, but his sensei had been known to have his lazy days and had given them breaks from training and missions enough times for Naruto to know that this plan in particular had a excellent chance of not working.

And to make matters worse, a loud rumbling from above told him that his already crappy evening was about to get even worse. Naruto refused to let out the depressed sob that threatened to burst out from the back of his throat. As if life wasn't horrible enough, something like this was about as bad as things could get for him. He had to spend a whole two weeks in the woods and he didn't have a single dollar to his name.

His weapons had cost him damn near a fortune as the village weapons vendor was feeling particularly vengeful today, and he had to swindle Pervy-Sage out of a few bowls of ramen before the toad Sage took off for some other country. And, it didn't help that he didn't have any missions the next day being that his Jounin sensei was feeling lazy and decided to give them a break.

'At the worse possible time.' Naruto thought bitterly.

The first drop hit him in the back of the neck, cold and surprising. As he tilted his head up, the sky began its downpour on his already tear-streaked face. His head hurt, and he was tired from all the crying he hadn't realized he was doing until he found it difficult to breathe though his nose.

Whimpering softly, he slid down until he was spread out on the grass, his head lolling to the side, and without making a plan for what he would do in the morning, he closed his eyes. Before he knew it he was asleep.