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The size didn't bother me much. Neither did the isolation, but the never- ending gray that loomed across the sky did. I would never get used to the constant downpour that seemed to last everyday in Forks. It fit my mood though, like the rain I couldn't leave my old life behind.

I had adapted well, though. In two weeks I got to know practically everyone my age; in town and in La Push. And even though I had many friends, only one person knew the real reason behind why I fled to Forks.

I forced myself to think of the present, which was school at the time. I was dangerously close going down memory lane. A year and a half ago was in fact where my mind tended to want to wander but I refused to let it. I shook my as if to clear away memories. I moved through the somewhat crowded halls, trying to get to my first class without mishaps.

"Hey Jenna, over here!" I looked toward whoever was calling me and saw Laura Newton waving to me by our English Four class. I smiled, hurried over to her and took my seat next to her.

"Hey Laura, how was your weekend?" I asked.

"Awful. I had to help mom and dad with the funeral. Remember, I told you."

Quickly I thought back to previous conversations. "The old cop, right? Was he family? I didn't think so."

"Oh no. He had a wife but they divorced and they had a daughter but she died mysteriously." Her voice dropped into a soft whisper, but she didn't get to go any farther because the warning bell rang and people started filing in.

I greeted each one in turn: the Cheney twins, Ashley and Stacie, George Crowley, and, another new comer like me, Ken Stellier. George didn't really fit in the friend category but I tried to be nice anyway.

The final bell rang and I was required to listen to grammar structure. I didn't mind English but I had already learned this so I started a note to Laura.

What was the guy's name again?

I passed it to her and watched her read it. She was the town gossip and she couldn't let a story go untold.

Chief Charlie Swan. Why?

I could feel a story burning behind the innocent question. I just needed to ask the right question to get her started. I thought and answered back.

What happened to the daughter and why isn't the ex-wife doing it?

The ex-wife is coming but she can't afford it. The daughter's story is so fascinating. Apparently she got married right out of high school but no one ever heard of her again. She was supposedly going to some college in Alaska, but that was it. My mom say that's the reason the Chief died because he had no more reason to live. Sad really.

Is it possible she just lost contact? What was the girls name anyway?

Nah. Her name was Bella Swan. My mom knew her personally, so did my dad. Most people knew her because she was popular. Ask Stacie and Ashley. I bet their parents said the same thing.


Apparently she thought the conversation was over and started a new subject. She got bored with that gossip and told more recent news.

Yep! Hey did you see that new kid in the corner? He's unbelievably gorgeous!

Huh, no why?

I looked back to see who she was talking about and suddenly the classroom spun. I felt my face grow pale and i started to hyperventilate. I quickly turned to the teacher and raised my hand. He was agitated that I interrupted his lecture but still answered me.

"What is it, Miss McCloren?"

"I need to go to the nurse, sir. I feel sick."

He waved as a dismissal and I quickly fled. I came to Forks to escape but apparently my life back in L.A. followed me here. I knew I was being stubborn, there was no way it could be him it was probably my mind getting out of hand. I practically ran to the nurse to get away from that familiar face.