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Chapter 16: Karma

Butch paced in front of the secretary's desk while he waited to be called into Lyle's office. He didn't bother reading any of the magazines that were sorted alphabetically in the magazine rack or the landscape paintings on the walls. He was too focused on what he was going to say to Lyle when he went through that door to bother with anything else.

After a few more moments of pacing, the secretary spoke to Butch. When he didn't respond the third time she said he could go in, she stood up and tapped him on the shoulder. Butch jumped, causing the petite, dark-haired secretary to take a couple of steps back.

Butch gave the middle-aged women an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry; did you say I could go in?"

"Yes," she replied with a shake of her head as she returned to her desk.

Butch walked by the woman's desk, opened the door and went into Lyle's office. As he was closing the door, he heard the woman muttering and he knew that she was complaining about him or possibly men in general.

"Have a seat, Butch. Sorry to kept you waiting." Lyle waved his hand indicating the two leather chairs before his desk. Butch sat down.

"I'm sorry, Lyle, about everything," Butch said as he ran a hand through his hair.

Lyle nodded and leaned forward. "I don't blame you, Butch. Well, honestly, a little blame is towards you, but I blame myself and Peter Winters."

Butch shook his head, not willing to let his friend take him off the grill, just yet. "I'm not certain if Lily killed Colleen, it seemed at the time she did, but know I'm not so sure. There isn't any evidence to suggest she did, it was just my gut feeling."

"Yes, I heard from Walker about some new information about Peter is coming to light, something that wasn't available fifteen years ago. Definitely something that Peter would never have told me, anyway."

Butch's head perked up. "What's that?"

"Peter's family has a history of mental illness. It was kept all hush-hush to maintain their image. So it is possible that he killed Colleen but he doesn't realize it."

"So, justice may or may not have been served regarding Colleen's killer."

"Well, sometimes justice doesn't get served, which is very unfortunate, but there is one thing I know that will right this wrong."

"And what is that?"

"Karma. If Lily did kill Colleen McBride, I know that she will receive cosmic justice."

A small smile appeared on Butch's lips. "They didn't teach you about karma in law school, did they?"

Lyle chuckled. "No, no. I've learned about it in the school called life."

Butch arched an eyebrow at his friend's comment.

Lyle chuckled again. "I know that is a bit of a cliché, but it is the truth."

Butch nodded and looked around the office before he spoke. "Perhaps you should have been a life coach instead of a lawyer."

"Nah, this was my calling. I've always enjoyed arguing." Lyle grinned, recalling his first day in court.

"Yeah, Hunter seems to enjoy following in your footsteps, in his own way, of course. By the way, I'm glad that Hunter is awake."

Lyle nodded, beaming with pride about his nephew. "Yes, it seems that Kendra spoke to him and he woke up. Doesn't surprise me, he loves her."

"I know she feels the same for him." Butch smiled, knowing that those two kids were perfect for each other.

Butch stood up, deciding that he had bothered his friend enough for one day and that he had to make up for what he had done. "How about I buy you a couple of beers?"

"First, you own your own establishment therefore you would technically not be buying me beer, and second, I would prefer some good old-fashioned whiskey."

Butch laughed. "Sure, come to Uppercuts tonight. I have a feeling that Kendra is going to be there." Butch turned toward the door.

"She's been released from the hospital," Lyle said with a questioning tone.

Butch turned and shrugged. "I don't know, but knowing Kendra, I'm sure she is going to be released today." Butch turned and left Lyle sitting at his desk with an amused smile on his face.

Carlos stepped off of the elevator and saw Cassie standing at a vending machine getting a soft drink. He waited a moment, allowing himself to study the way her hair bounced as she rose up from bending to get the can. Carlos walked up to Cassie with what he was going to say running through his head.

"Hey, Cassie." Carlos greeted, holding his dashing smile so she could see it.

Cassie turned and smiled at Carlos, revealing a dimple that he had never seen before. His heart stopped for a moment when her hazel eyes looked into his own dark eyes.

"Hey, Carlos, are you here to find out if Doc is going to release Kendra?"

"Yeah, I had a feeling that she would try to get released as soon as possible. Of course, she would probably make Hunter stay here awhile to make sure that he wouldn't hurt himself or anything."

Cassie laughed. "Yeah, that sounds like our Kendra."

Her laughter sounded perfect to his ears, but he forced himself to remain focused on his mission. "Hey, Cassie, before we go see Hunter and Kendra, I would like to ask you something."

"Sure, Carlos, what is it?" Cassie asked as she opened the can and took a sip.

"I was wondering, if you're free, if you would like to go for a cup of coffee sometime," Carlos said quickly, hoping that he hadn't mumbled the question, since blood was pumping in his ears.

Cassie's eyebrow rose noting that Carlos had put his hands in his pockets and was trying to maintain eye contact with her. "Carlos, I think we are beyond the coffee stage. How about we go out for a dinner and a movie?"

Carlos grinned as he felt his entire body relax. "How about tonight?"

"I'm free, if you are."

"Yeah, I'll pick you up at seven."

"Great. Let's go and see if Kendra has gotten herself released from the hospital yet."

Carlos laughed as he walked beside Cassie heading to Hunter's new room. He was still grinning when they entered. Hunter and Kendra were the only one's there and they wondered why Carlos was grinning like an idiot.

Cassie left about five minutes before when Trent entered the room. "Hey, how are you two doing today?"

"Great. I should be able to get out of the hospital today," Kendra said with a devilish grin.

"Yeah, that is what you think. Hey, where is Cassie? I thought she was going to be here," Trent asked, noticing something cross Carlos' face. He wasn't sure, but he thought it looked as though Carlos might have a crush on Cassie.

"She was here, but she had to go. I'm sure she'll show up at Uppercuts and you guys will talk about Hunter and me," Kendra said as she shifted in her chair, since she had become a little stiff sitting by Hunter's bedside for the last couple of hours.

"Wow, you think all we do is talk about you two? Please, give us some credit. We usually talk about football when you're not around." Carlos smirked when Kendra shot him an angry look that he knew was playful.

Trent shook his head and turned his attention to Hunter who had been quiet. "How are you feeling, Hunter?"

"Pretty good. There was a really cute nurse…" Hunter paused, looked off to the side and whistled innocently when Kendra retracted her glare from Carlos to Hunter.

"Really? I have a way to take your mind off of that nurse." Kendra said as she stood up and leaned down to kiss Hunter gently on his lips. She pulled back and sat back in the chair, amused at the look on Hunter's face as well as Trent and Carlos' faces.

"So, Hunter, since you are kinda going to be hold up in the hospital for a while, do you mind if I borrow your car? You know, since mine was in an explosion." Carlos mimicked an explosion with his hands.

Hunter raised an eyebrow and studied Carlos for a moment. "Why don't you ask Kendra to borrow her car?

Carlos shook his head and laughed. "One, she won't allow anyone to drive her car and two, your car is way better."

Trent laughed and clapped his friend on the shoulder. "So, you want to be Viperman, again, huh Carlos."

Kendra gave Trent a confused look and he explained, "He was undercover once and he had a Dodge Viper and he really liked driving it."

"Hey, who wouldn't?" Carlos said with a grin as Kendra rolled her eyes.

Hunter cleared his throat. "Unfortunately, Carlos, I lent it to my brother while he is in town."

"Oh." Carlos' face hung in disappointment but then it became a grin. "So, Kendra, can I use your car?"

Kendra shot Carlos a dark look before a smile spread across her face. "I suppose."

Carlos' brows furrowed and his eyes narrowed. "Why would you let me drive your car?"

"So, now you don't want to drive my car? Is my car not good enough for you, Mr. Sandoval?" Kendra crossed her arms and stared him down.

Carlos held out his hands defensively. "No, I just find it rather suspicious that you are going to let me drive your car."

Kendra smiled coyly. "Well, you do need a car, since you are taking Cassie out on a date."

Carlos blushed and tried to hide his embarrassment by faking a cough and using his hands to cover his face.

Trent and Hunter looked at Carlos with raised eyebrows. "You have a date with Cassie?" Trent asked.

Carlos cleared his throat. "Yes, I do."

"Well, you can get my car keys from Kim. She has a spare since my other keys went in the fire."

"Right, thanks. I have to go now. Take care you two." Carlos headed to the door but stopped in the doorway and turned around when Kendra called his name.

"Behave yourself, Mr. Sandoval. I've got ears and eyes all around this town. Just because I haven't been here as long as you doesn't mean I don't have my own sources."

"Right. Uh, just one question, how did you know Cassie and I had a date? I was here the entire time she was and you guys didn't whisper to each other or anything."

"Why would I divulge my mysterious ways of getting information? It would take the fun out of seeing the surprised looks on your face if I told you." Kendra said as she tilted her head to the side. "Wear that navy blue shirt you have. It looks good on you."

Carlos nodded and stepped out of the room. Trent and Hunter looked at Kendra with surprised looks on their faces. "Don't think for a millisecond that I'm going to tell you two anything either. Besides, I have some good news. Dr. O'Connell is going to release me today."

"How do you know that? You've been here for the last couple of hours and…" Trent stopped when Dr. O'Connell popped into the room and interrupted him.

"Kendra, I'm going to be releasing you today, so whenever you want to, go to the nurse's desk and sign the forms." Dr. O'Connell looked at Hunter and Trent who had shock on their faces. "Are you two doing okay?"

Hunter and Trent nodded, forcing the shock on their faces to turn into smiles. Dr. O'Connell looked from the two men to a grinning Kendra and shook her head. She said goodbye and left, continuing to shake her head as she walked down the hall to check on her next patient. About two doors from her patient's room she started to laugh and had to wait several minutes before she could enter the room.

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