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Fuji loves to watch Tezuka sleep.

During these few hours of darkness are the only times Fuji has ever seen Tezuka look completely unguarded. His features aren't hard and serious, the way the nearly always are when he's awake. He is relaxed, peaceful; his hair is mussed and moonlight shines on his face, and it so ethereally beautiful that Fuji cannot bring himself to look away.

Tezuka has always been handsome, of course, but the lack of emotion holds back what is underneath the surface--it keeps him from crossing over that line that divides good-looking from beautiful. Even when they make love, Tezuka doesn't completely let his guard down--a cognizant Tezuka would never let his guard down--though Fuji is sure Tezuka opens up to him more than to anyone else.

Now, with every small noise Tezuka makes and every furrow of his brow, Fuji finds himself becoming more and more captivated. He props himself on his elbow for a better view and trails his fingers over Tezuka's cheek.

The next morning Tezuka asks Fuji why he looks so tired, and did he sleep all right? Fuji just laughs softly and reassures Tezuka that he's fine. Fuji doesn't know if Tezuka would let it go on, the watching, and he's not sure he could do without it. So for now, it remains his little secret.


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