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I sighed and pulled my red hair with black and light purple streaks through it out of my eyes. I looked around for my brother, Ken Anderson. You probably know him as Mr. Kennedy. Yep, I'm the cocky, arrogant, loud talker from the WWE's little sister. Only he's not like that in real life. He is the sweetest person you will ever meet.

"Ivy," I turned hearing my name being called. Ken was walking out of the airport terminal, carrying his bags. I smiled and ran to him. He dropped his bags and gave me a hug. "Are you starting to be like Jeff Hardy with that look?" Ken asked, pulling away from me to get a better look at me.

You see I have natural wavy red hair, which I decided to color because I am an artist and want to be different. So in a way, I guess I'm like Jeff. I shook my head at Ken and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled, picked up his bags and followed me to our car. We bought it and our apartment together. I take care of the apartment and drive our car to my job as a waitress at the restaurant Pinckey's.

"Hey, Ivy, I was wondering if you wanted to come along with the Raw tour for a while. I really want you to come. You'll get to meet everyone. Including Jeff Hardy." Ken said nudging my side as I opened the trunk for him to but in his bags. He knew about my crush on the Hardys and Shannon Moore. I have always liked them. They are so hot and funny. It's hard not to like them.

I hit Ken on the back of the head, making him forget about the question, because I didn't know how to answer it yet, and got in the car, smiling when I heard him go 'OW!' He got in the car, frowning and flicked me off. I flicked him off with two hands and then put the keys in the car and left the parking lot. Ken changed the radio station, sat back and told me about his trip. I smiled and nodded when I thought I had to and navigated my way to our apartment.

We reached it not soon after and I parked in our parking space. We got out of the car and I helped him take his bags into the apartment. We had a nice two story apartment. On the first floor we had a kitchen, living room, and a bathroom. On the second floor we had three bedrooms and two bathrooms. My room had light purple walls with gold trim and ceiling, and a black fuzzy carpet. I had a black and gold bed with fuzzy dark purple pillows. I had a desk with a laptop and a CD rack, filled with CD's.

Ken went to his room and I followed him. I sat on his bed, which was blue with red pillows. His walls were blue and he had a black carpet. His walls were filled with posters of his favorite bands and movies and all of his WWE magazine covers and pictures. He also had pictures of himself with all the titles he has ever won.

I smiled as I looked at everything he has done in wrestling. I've wanted to and I've been trained by Ken to do it, but I've never got a chance. Ken looked at me and stopped unpacking. He smiled at me and sat next to me, putting his arm around me.

"Please come on this tour with me. I need you to. You need to do something better than going to that boring old restaurant, going to the library, going home, going to sleep, and repeating the same thing every day." Ken shook my shoulders and I smiled.

"I wish I could, Ken, but I have to get out of work and my boss doesn't let anyone off for at least a week. At the most you could have off are three or four days." I shrugged and Ken frowned.

"Forget your job. You could get a new one. You could get one anywhere. You are smart, athletic, beautiful, and the kindest person ever." He smiled and kneeled in front of me. "Please come with me!" He spread out his arm and looked at me expectantly.

I thought about it and sighed. "Fine, I'll come with you." He yelled out, gleefully and was about to hug me when I put my hand up to stop him. "I'll only come with you if you try to help me find a new job, okay?" He nodded and I let him hug me. I smile and hugged him back, wondering how everything was going to plan out.