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August of 1918. Almost everyone close to me was sick with the Spanish Influenza and people were dying all over. It was inevitable that I, too, would get it, and so when I did I wasn't surprised at all. My best friend, however, was.

Jacob Black. He was a year younger than me, but none of that mattered. He was taller than me, and by far much darker. He and his father, Billy, had been passing through on their way back to a place called Forks, Washington, when they'd stopped here in Chicago about a year ago. They lived on an Indian reservation called La Push. Jake and I hit it off right away, disregarding the way people looked at us. He with his dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair, and me with my pale skin, green eyes, and bronze hair. Neither of us had ever really had many friends before, so we kept in touch when he had to return home.

When he got the news that I was ill and possibly dying, he found a way to get here to Chicago. He spent two weeks with me. While in bed, I listened to him tell me stories of his adventures at home, and how taken he was with a girl, Marie, who he'd met here when he first arrived. He would tell me of their conversations, and claimed he was already so in love with her that he intended to propose as soon as he could. I knew the girl well, and I myself had become smitten with her ever since I'd first seen her. She was by far the most beautiful girl in school, as well as the smartest. But I was happy for Jacob, because from what I'd heard she was quite taken with him as well. Besides, Jacob assured me that all this talk of marriage wouldn't be rushed; they'd have a long courtship, and get to know absolutely everything there was to know about one another. But then he would propose for sure. He even said I could be the best man at their wedding.

But we both knew that would never happen. I couldn't even sit up anymore, and both my parents were soon gone. It was the night when I felt the sickness finally bringing me to an end that Jacob became uneasy and excused himself.

Since he's arrived in Chicago, I'd noticed some differences about him. For one, he was much taller than I remembered him being and he had gotten his hair cut short. He looked older than me by years, and was much more intimidating. The one time he had helped a nurse wet my forehead with a wet cloth, his hand had brushed against my head and I felt the overwhelming heat of his skin. I very nearly thought he was catching the sickness as well, but he assured me he was fine. Still, I knew something wasn't quite right.

When he returned he said he had to phone his father and said he would be back later. I let him go, but I knew for a fact that I would not be here for a 'later.' I could no longer feel the strain of the flu, and I felt myself getting weaker and weaker.

At one point, I blacked out, and when I awoke I was on fire. I didn't recognize anything around me except for the face of my physician, Dr. Cullen. I couldn't focus on anything else, as the fire was coursing through my veins at lightening speed, making me cry out. My limbs burned and I begged for death to soon come, once and for all. I thought the pain would lessen the closer I came to death, but it didn't. It just intensified.

I could feel my bones breaking and resetting themselves over and over, causing the pain to become unbearable. On top of that, it felt as if a million tiny needles were being inserted into my skin over and over. More than once I begged for the doctor to kill me rather than let the sickness kill me itself. I couldn't open my eyes even, for if I did then I would surely feel even more pain. Soon—or not, as I could not tell how long I'd been enduring this torturous agony—screaming became impossible. It felt like my jaw had been broken beyond repair, and my throat was intolerably dry. This was not at all how I'd imagined death.

What felt like hours and hours after pain was nothing compared to what I felt like at the end of it all. I was finally dying, I was sure of it. The anguish that ran through me was so great that even though my throat was no longer dry, screaming possible, I couldn't. My fingers dug into whatever was below me and I could feel the surface breaking. It was almost done, and I begged God to just let it all be over now. Then I could be with my mother and father without anymore pain.

But when the pain stopped and I opened my eyes, it wasn't Heaven that I saw, but instead Dr. Cullen. Everything in the unfamiliar room was sharper, and I was sure I was hearing things because somehow I'd just heard a tree branch snap from inside, over the loud noise of the crackling of the fire logs in the corner of the room. I tried to stand and was caught off guard by my speed and the sudden hyper-awareness I now had of my movements.

"What-what happened?" Even my own voice was unfamiliar. Smoother.

"I think you might want to sit back down, Edward. There are some things that I need to explain to you."

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