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What Next?


That day, when I returned to Carlisle, he didn't question my need to move immediately. In fact, it wasn't until two months later that I finally told him everything that had happened. He returned to La Push, and struck a deal with the werewolves there, and that was the only reason we were here now. Because Carlisle had signed a treaty stating that as long as we stayed out of La Push and didn't kill any humans, we could go wherever we may want to go. I never asked, or tried to pry into his mind, but I assume that he didn't mention my name when signing the treaty.

I wasn't quite sure what happened to Jacob Black; I never went back to check. Hopefully, my plan to save him from himself worked. But that was why it pained me so much to picture almost having killed the new girl.

Isabella. Her name was like music, and I couldn't deny that there was something different about her other than her ability to block me. True, her blood was like the finest wine, or so I imagined. My two brief encounters had left me picturing wildflowers. Aside from her obvious differences, though, there was something...profound about her, it seemed.

No doubt she was beautiful; she resembled Marie almost perfectly. But there were the obvious differences that my mind reminded me of. If you asked, I couldn't be specific, however. I just know. I know in the pit of my stomach that this other girl, Bella, is different from Marie. Unfortunately, I would never get close enough to her again to find out how. If I let myself harm her in any way, I couldn't live with myself.

Besides, we've already established she brings back too many old memories. It would be best for everyone–my family included–if I were to just stay away from her. With that thought clear in my mind, I finally stepped out of my room for the first time in hours. If my plan was to work, I had to inform the rest of my family. And that meant telling them what I thought I'd never have to.


That night, I dreamed of Edward and his eyes that changed colors. In the middle of the night, I found myself awake, restless due to the ever present rain here in Forks; I was actually missing Phoenix. While awake, I analyzed the dream I'd had. I had been in the office again with Edward, only this time his sister hadn't come in. I'd been giving him a ride home when suddenly he attacked me. My truck swerved, but Edward didn't move an inch. His teeth were attached to my neck, and I felt myself slowly draining of energy. Blackness overwhelmed my sight and then I woke up.

Since I was young, I'd been told you couldn't die in your dreams. But if I wasn't mistaken, I just had. Edward Cullen had killed me in my own dream. What did that mean? It was obvious the intensity of his cold eyes in the office after his sister had come in had frightened me somewhat, but I hadn't done anything to him. Certainly nothing that would make him want to kill me.

It was just a dream, I told myself. Next time I would make sure not to drink so much caffeine before trying to sleep.

To try and calm myself before attempting sleep again, I sifted through my bag until I found by old battered copy of Wuthering Heights. As I immersed myself in the complexities of the book, however, I found myself even more restless than before. For some reason, the only thing I could think of was Edward Cullen and how I would see him in just a few hours.

A spark flew through my body and I jumped, startled at the sudden surge of emotion. What today would bring was as big a mystery as any.

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