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Chapter 1: Death

Fuck was all 16 year-old Naruto could think as he dodged another swipe of Sasuke's sword. He and Sasuke are finally having their fight after Sasuke lost to Itachi again then Sasuke realized that he needed the power of the Mongekyo Sharingan to beat Itachi and knew he could only get it by killing Naruto so Sasuke and his group "hebi" started targeting Naruto. Naruto had gotten a lead on Sasuke's whereabouts and immediately got together his group and team Kurenai and set out to find him. Not knowing Naruto was walking into a trap he went to were they heard Sasuke was only to be ambushed. Hinata and Sakura took on Karin, Shino, Kiba, and Sai were fighting Suigetsu, Kakashi and Yamato fought Juugo, leaving Naruto to deal with Sasuke.

Naruto was reaching his limit as Sasuke kept swinging at him with his katana

Dammit I'm reaching my limit Naruto thought to himself hey Kyuubi you think you could help me out here

Sure kit I'll give you all the chakra you need Kyuubi responded as she began to give her chakra to Naruto (AN yes the Kyuubi's a girl don't like fuck you)

As Naruto began to feel that familiar power flow through him he immediately felt a sharp pain in his chest, he looked down to see an electrified forearm sticking out of his chest, he followed the forearm to be you guessed it Uchiha Sasuke's arm when he looked at Sasuke's face he saw a sick smirk growing

"You didn't think I'd let you use it's chakra did you" Sasuke said with the same smile on his face

Naruto was speechless maybe it was because of shock, or he was thinking of a backup plan or maybe it was because he had a gaping hole through his chest dangerously close to his heart, you decide. Either way all Naruto could do was stare and watch as Sasuke ripped his hand out of his chest causing Naruto to fall to his knees still staring, Sasuke then drew his sword again and raised if you asked Naruto what happened next he would say that all he remembered was Sasuke swing his sword down and then everything going black.

Naruto awoke with his head throbbing… wait I have my head didn't Sasuke cut it off Naruto thought to himself as he looked to see Sasuke standing over him with tears in his eyes. Naruto immediately jumped and got into defensive stance but Sasuke didn't move what's going on I thought Sasuke wanted to kill me Naruto thought again.

Sasuke turned his head just enough that Naruto could see his eyes they contained the Mongekyo Sharingan, Naruto looked at his eyes in disbelief then diverted his attention to what Sasuke was previously looking at. What he saw was something he'd hoped he'd never see, he saw his own decapitated body sitting there in a pool of his own blood. As soon as Naruto saw that his face paled and he let out a large frustrated scream unknowing that he was releasing a large amount of a strange energy.

Somewhere in Seretei

A short, white haired kid that looked 15 year-old boy and was dressed in a black hakama (is that right) and a white haori with the kanji for "ten" was walking down the squad 10 barracks when he felt an immense amount of reiatsu. To say this reiatsu was big would be insulting, IT WAS ENORMOUS it was so big that even he himself was having trouble breathing he could even see a lower ranked member faint from this enormous power, but there was something different this reiatsu contained three different types of energy one was pure yet intimidating, it could make you feel like your in heaven but if it were used against you it would make you feel like God himself was ready to kick your ass. The second was just normal reatsu, and the last felt tainted, evil, demonic (hint hint) something that you would have to be retarded to want to go against… unless if you were Kenpachi who was currently licking his lips in excitement at the feel of this unknown power. Then just as soon as I came it disappeared.

Histugaya soon received a hell butterfly telling him to meet the other captains in the meeting room when he got there everyone else was already there waiting for him, he took his place and let the leader of this meeting speak. The man in the front of the room looked very old he was completely bald with a scar shaped like an X on his forehead, he also had a white beard and moustache that reached the floor. He wore the regular Shinigami attire with a white haori with the kanji for "one" on the back

"Alright everyone settle down" the old man began "let's call off our names and squads before we begin this meeting Yamamoto of Squad 1 present"

Then a woman with purple hair and dark skin spoke next "Yuroichi Shijion of Squad 2, present"

Next a man that looked a little older than Histugaya with bright orange hair spoke next "Kurosaki Ichigo of Squad 3 present'

Next a woman with long black hair tied up in two braids then meet at her chest spoke "Unohana of Squad 4 present"

Next a man with black spiky hair and a 5 o'clock shadow spoke "Kurosaki Isshin of Squad 5 present"

Next a man with long black hair with hairpieces in it and an emotionless face spoke "Kuchki Byakuya of Squad 6 present"

Next a tall figure with a helmet covering his face spoke "Komamura Sajin of Squad 7 present"

Next a man with long brown hair tied into a ponytail and a gay looking pink cape over him spoke "Kyoraku Shunsui of Squad 8 present"

Next a tall man with spiky bright yellow hair and ocean blue eyes spoke "Namikaze Minato of Squad 9 present"

Next the white haired boy spoke "Hitsugaya Toushiro of Squad 10 present"

Next a man with an eye patch over his left eye and tall spiky brown hair with bells attached to his hair spoke "Zaraki Kenpachi of Squad 11 here"

Next a man with dirty blond hair and a cane in his hands spoke "Uhahara Kisuke of Squad 12 is here"

Finally a man with long silver hair that reached his mid back region spoke "Ukitake of Squad 13 present"

"Good" Yamamoto began "now that were all here you pretty muck know what we need to discuss"

"I'm sorry I was sleeping could you tell why I'm here ojii-san" Shunsui said as lazily as ever

"WE ARE HERE TO DISCUSS ABOUT THAT WAVE OF REIATSU THAT WE FELT NOT TOO LONG AGO" Yamamoto shouted releasing some of his reiatsu making it very hard to breathe in the room

"Oh so that's what woke me up huh damn, must have been powerful" Shunsui said pretending not to be bothered by the release of reiatsu and failing

"Alright now I'm guessing you all felt that burst of reiatsu as well?" Yamamoto asked getting a nod from everyone in response "Good, now the trackers have told me that the source of the reiatsu came from the elemental villages-"

"Hey Minato isn't that where your from" Youroichi interrupted

"Yes it is" Minato responded

"Can we finish this conversation later" Yamamoto began again "Now you all must have noticed that there were three different types of energy in that blast don't you?" Again earning a nod from everyone in the room as Kenpachi started licking his lips remembering the feel of that power. "Good now even though they will be kunsoing a few souls I want to send a captain to the real world and take care of this"

"Excuse me Yamamoto-jii-san" Ichigo began "why do you want to send a captain?"

"Because no doubt that burst of reiatsu will attract hollows everywhere, and what if the one who contains that reiatsu becomes, a hollow I don't think even a captain could handle that"

Minato wasn't paying much attention to the meeting he was thinking the situation over ok this reiatsu felt unnervingly familiar, and one of those energies was completely evil, demonic even, wait oh God no it can't be, but that's the only logical way to explain it, Naruto what's happened to you

"Alright now who would like to volunteer to go to the real world" Yamamoto asked scanning the crowd searching for anyone to step up until Minato shunpoed and was in front of the old shinigami kneeling

"Please Yamamoto-sama let me go and take care of this" Minato pleaded

"Ah Minato I'm glad you volunteered, but why would you want to go, to see your homeland again?" Yamamoto questioned eyeing Minato

"No sir" Minato responded

At this Yamamoto raised an eyebrow, he knew Minato loved the village he came from and was actually trying to get there for years for unknown reasons. "Really" Yamamoto began "then why else would you want to go on this mission back to your home"

"Because" Minato then paused for a minute then let out a deep sigh and continued "because… I think the owner of that reiatsu might be my son"

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