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Chapter 2: Welcome to Soul Society

"Really" Yamamoto began "then why else would you want to go on this mission back to your home"

"Because" Minato then paused for a minute then let out a deep sigh and continued "because… I think the owner of that reiatsu might be my son"

This caused everyone in the room to look at Minato in shock.

"Did he just say son" Ichigo whispered to Youroichi

"Yeah, he did, to think that he had a kid all along, no wonder he wanted permission to patrol his homeland so badly" Youoichi responded

"Please Yamamoto-sama let me do this I have to know for sure" Minato pleaded still kneeling

Yamamoto let out a long sigh before he spoke "Minato" he began "because you are new at the position of captain, I normally would never grant you this request" Minato's head just started to sink to the ground before Yamamoto continued "but, seeing as how important this is to you I'm going to allow it" Minato's head automatically sprang up with tears brimming in his eyes

"Thank you Yamamoto-sama" Minato said

"Well get going you leave immediately" Yamamoto snapped

"Hai!" Minato practically yelled before shunpoing out of the room

"You think it was a good idea to let him go?" Hitsugaya asked

"He can handle it besides, Kushina would kill me if that really was their son and I didn't send him to bring him here" Yamamoto responded as him along with everyone else shuddered at the thought of an angry Kushina, it was not pretty.

Back in the real world

Naruto had finally stopped screaming an even though he didn't know the energy he released subconsciously died down. Sasuke still hadn't moved, as if he didn't even hear Naruto and truth be told he couldn't.

Well teme you got your power, now what Naruto thought as he was now watching Sasuke as he now turned off his new sharingan, until a noise came from the bushes, both looked to see who it was and saw a certain pink haired bitch…er kunoichi (sorry, not really) emerge from the bushes, yes it was the famous Sakura Haruno. When Sasuke's team attacked she had noticed where Naruto and Sasuke took off to fight, she would have went with Naruto but she and Hinata got cornered by Karin and was forced to fight her, even though Karin was tough she and Hinata were handling her quite nicely. After Sakura thought Karin was weak enough she took off in the direction Naruto and Sasuke were, without even saying a word leaving Hinata to handle Karin by herself.

When Sakura got there she saw Sasuke next to Naruto's beheaded body, sheathing his now bloody sword, staring at her.

"Sasuke-kun" Sakura managed to whisper

"Sakura" Sasuke responded

"Sasuke-kun, I know you you've already said no but please, return to the village" Sakura pleaded

Now Naruto was confused doesn't she know that Sasuke-teme just killed me Naruto thought to himself you think she would've noticed I mean it's pretty obvious

Sasuke just huffed at the question and turned around facing away from Sakura "Sakura" Sasuke began "like I said before I will kill Itachi before I do anything, and why aren't you attacking" Sasuke said turning his head so he could see her from the corners of his eyes

"What do you mean Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked clearly confused

"Can't you see I have killed your teammate we're enemies so instead of talking you should be trying to kill me, besides the Hokage would never let me back in the village now" Sasuke responded

"Sasuke-kun, I don't care!" Sakura screamed tears threatening to come out of her eyes

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at this "what" Sasuke responded

"I don't care that you killed Naruto!" Sakura screamed again "I don't care he's dead I just want you to return to the village with me!" Sakura continued as she stepped towards her beloved Sasuke "I can talk with Tsunade-sensei I can convince her to forgive you! I can make it so it never happened! Just please come back with us, with me" Sakura said as tears began to fall freely down her cheeks

Saying Naruto was surprised is complete bullshit he was blown away by Sakura's speech, she doesn't care Naruto thought to himself after all this time, I thought she was warming up to me, she was just using me to get Sasuke back, all this time I spent training so I could keep a promise I made to HER! Now like Sakura, Naruto wanted to get Sasuke back for his own reasons but it was mostly so he could keep the promise he made to her almost 3 years ago, and ever since Naruto came back from his training trip with Jaraiya he noticed that Sakura had started becoming more affectionate towards him. This even got to the point when Naruto thought she was flirting with him, but now he realized it was only encouragement to make him want to get Sasuke back even more, she just used him.

After hearing Sakura's little love speech Sasuke turned his body around so that he was completely facing her, he then closed his eyes and put his head down "Hn, you know you really are a fool, Sakura" Sasuke mumbled so that Sakura couldn't hear her

"W-What did you say Sasuke-kun" Sakura said

Sasuke only smiled at this and lifted his head up "Mongekyo Sharingan" Sasuke said as his eyes snapped open revealing his new sharingan. A second later Sakura fell to the ground clutching her head and finally passed out. (sorry I don't feel like coming up with a torture)

A second after Sakura fell to the ground unconscious Sasuke's group came out of the bushes to see their leader with his new power.

So he finally got it eh Suigetsu thought

Wow Sasuke-kun looks even cuter with his new sharingan Karin thought as she started to go into fangirl mode

Juugo wasn't thinking anything he was just staring at Sakura's unconscious body "she's not dead" Juugo said as his curse mark started activating "I WANT TO KILL HER!" Juugo screamed as he started charging Sakura

Naruto screamed for him to stop but Juugo stopped only by Sasuke's stare "Juugo calm down" Sasuke said menacingly with the Mongekyo Sharingan activated. Immediately Juugo's curse mark receded and Juugo fell to the ground unconscious.

"Suigetsu, get Juugo were leaving" Sasuke said as he turned around. Suigetsu put Juugo over his shoulder and faced Sasuke's back

"What about the others?" Suigetsu asked

"I have no need for them I got what I came for" Sasuke responded then him and his group jumped into the trees and fled the scene.

Kakashi and Yamato were chasing Juugo after he fled their battle, only to meet up with Kiba, Shino, and Sai. They told Kakashi that Suigetsu had fled their battle as well and left together to go find them, what they found next shocked all of them, a raven haired kunoichi lying face down on the ground with a kunai sticking out of the back of her neck (if you don't know go kill yourself) Kiba slowly walked up to her and touched her skin it was ice cold, there was no pulse. Kiba started tearing up as he picked up the body bridal style, and went after the group that went to find Suigetsu, Juugo, and now Karin. The group arrived at the clearing where Naruto and Sasuke were fighting, only to see an unconscious Sakura and a beheaded Naruto.

Naruto watched Sasuke and his team leave, and stood there for a few moments until 5 more figures came from the opposite direction, whom he quickly recognized Kakashi and the rest of his team. Naruto smiled and opened his mouth to call to him but he then remembered he's dead, they couldn't hear him.

"Looks like they got away" Yamato said as he looked at Kakashi

Kakashi however didn't respond he was only looking at Naruto's body dammit Kakashi thought to himself this makes two casualties on this mission I can't bring these two bodies back if word got out Naruto's dead Akatsuki would destroy Konoha

The rest of the group were shocked at what they saw, Naruto's dead body on his head a few feet away from it Kiba was trying to hold his lunch in while Shino and Sai looked indifferent but were really not fairing much better that Kiba. They stood there in complete silence until Yamato went over to Naruto's body and started picking it up

"Well I guess we should get back to the village and tell Hokage-sama that the mission was a failure" Yamato said

Kakashi was having a war inside himself, he knew he would pay for this later but he didn't know what else to do so he acted on impulse

"No" Kakashi stated

Yamato turned and faced Kakashi with a questioning look "what are you talking about?" Yamato inquired

"Kiba" Kakashi said causing a sobbing Kiba's head to turn up "give me her body"

"W-What" Kiba asked

"I said give me her body" Kakashi responded

"Why" Kiba asked "what are you going to do to-" but he never got to finish as Kakashi knocked him on the back of his head taking the dead body out of his arms as he fell to the ground. Kakashi took the body and placed it next to Naruto's.

"Kakashi what are planning?" Yamato questioned

"Listen we cannot go back to the village with these two dead, if anyone knew that these two were dead, then this would start an all out war especially with the Akatsuki if they found out Naruto was dead" Kakashi stated

"Well what do we do then" Shino asked picking a time to actually open his mouth

"We go back to the village and tell them that Sasuke and his group retreated and that Naruto followed by Hinata chased after them and we could not catch up in time" Kakashi responded

"I'm not going to be able to talk you out of this one am I" Yamato said in a dark voice

"I'm afraid not" Kakashi said as he started doing some hand signs

Naruto still watching listened to the whole conversation watched as Kakashi performed those hand signs and recognized them immediately. No Naruto thought to himself

"KAKASHI-SENSEI DON'T DO IT!" Naruto yelled at the top of his lungs

However Naruto of course being dead Kakashi didn't hear him as he put his fingers made into a circle to his mouth "katon hidama no jutsu" (fire release: fireball technique)

Kakashi said as he blew a fireball from his mouth cosuming the two bodies before him. They stood like that for a few seconds before Yamato spoke

"Guess we should head back now" he said, Kakashi only nodded in response as he picked Sakura up and slung her over his shoulder as Shino did for Kiba and jumped away before Kakashi took one last look at his student Naruto forgive me he thought before he jumped away

Naruto was too shocked to speak he was just running what just happened over the last few minutes in his head. First, his "brother" kills him, then Sakura completely betrays him by saying she didn't care he was dead, then his teacher burns his body and leaves, when you've experienced this and watch it happen before your eyes you've had a full day. Naruto however was not happy at all as he ran everything through his head he only felt emptier, hollow even, and all these emotions started flowing through him anger, hate, bloodlust, sorrow, and pain. Naruto was doing his best to keep these emotions inside but after awhile he couldn't take it anymore he slowly fell to his knees, touched his forehead to the ground, and cried as silently as he could.

Hinata finally opened her eyes to awake to an empty clearing. She was clearly confused and her head was pounding, and her body was having trouble responding. Where am I Hinata thought to herself oh yeah now I remember


Hinata and Sakura were fighting Karin and actually doing fairly well against her, after Sakura gave her a punch to the ribs Karin was holding her side panting. Hinata waited for Sakura to deliver the final blow but it didn't happen so she looked to where Sakura was supposed to be standing but she wasn't there she looked around for a second until a she heard a chuckle come from Karin

"Looks like your teammate abandoned you" Karin said darkly as she disappeared and reappeared right behind Hinata and stabbed her in the back of the neck

"That's too bad, with friends like her who needs enemies right, oh well I better go check on Sasuke-kun and see if I can help, not that he needs it of course" Karin said as she let go of the kunai

Hinata couldn't tell what was happening, so she did the only thing she could do, she just fell into the darkness that wished to claim her.

Flashback OVER!

That's right, Sakura-san abandoned me Hinata thought as she got to her feet and looked around to see if anyone was there until she realized wait I got stabbed (oh no you think) Hinata the put a hand to the back of her neck to fell for the kunai, the weird thing was her neck was completely fine the kunai wasn't there not even a stab wound well that's weird oh well better go see if anyone's around and- wait what's this chain doing on my chest Hinata thought as she eyed the chain, the chain went from her chest al the way down to the ground she saw where the chain connected to her body and gave it a slight tug which caused Hinata to let out a gasp of pain. Well this isn't coming off anytime soon oh well now let's see if I can find anybody Hinata thought as she walked out of the clearing. No body know how long Hinata wandered in that forest, some say it was months, others say it was years, but a random hawk flying over that forest will tell you that it was right around 2 minutes before Hinata heard a soft whimpering coming up from ahead.

When she found the source of the whimpering she saw none other than the orange clad boy she fell in love with since they were at the academy, crying next to a blazing fire

"N-Naruto-kun" Hinata mumbled, causing Naruto's head to spring up and look at her, even though she didn't intend on it he had heard her

"H-Hinata" Naruto said just above a whisper

"Naruto-kun why are you crying" Hinata asked concerned

"Why do you care" Naruto snapped back

Hinata was taken back for a second but she quickly recovered, she felt unusually determined, she would find out why the love of her life was upset. Hinata then walked up to Naruto, knelt beside him, put her hand on his shoulder and said "N-Naruto-kun I'm your friend y-you can t-tell me"

Naruto didn't know what came over him her voice was full of love and concern, Naruto actually felt guilty that he snapped at her before, and without even realizing it he flung himself at her and buried his head into her shoulder. Hinata was shocked at Naruto's actions but eased into it and hugged back, while trying to calm him down. In that moment Naruto told her everything that happened to when Sasuke killed him to when Sakura betrayed his feelings for her. Now a mix of emotions were running through Hinata at this point, she was happy she was holding Naruto and that he was opening up to her, she was angry at Sakura for breaking Naruto's heart (really are you surprised), and she was confused if Naruto was dead how was he holding him right now, she was going to ask Naruto this but he beat her to the punch

"So how'd it happen" Naruto said after he let go of Hinata

"W-What do you mean N-Naruto-kun" Hinata responded clearly confused

All Naruto could do was smile and look at the fire "how'd you die?" Naruto said

"W-What are you s-saying I-I'm dead t-to N-Naruto-kun" Hinata asked

"Look at the fire, tell me what's burning inside it" Naruto responded without even facing her

Even though Hinata had no idea where Naruto was going with this she did as she was told. At first she didn't know what Naruto wanted her to see but when she finally saw it, she saw her's and Naruto's bodies being devoured by the fire well that explains a lot Hinata thought to herself. Before she could ask Naruto anything else a noise that sounded like a needle being put on a record came from behind them. (I don't know what it sounds like to you but that is what it sounds like to me)

A black hole appeared in the sky and an animal..like..thing came out of it. This thing looked like a rhino except it had a hole in its chest and a white skull-like mask on.


Naruto and Hinata looked at the animal…thing yeah, so anyway Naruto and Hinata looked at it and were really confused

Ok what is this thing? How can it see us? Did I leave the water running? And WTF is reiatsu? Naruto questioned himself in his head if the kyuubi was there she would have gone temporarily insane from all the questions

"Listen I don't know who you are, but if you don't leave I'll kick your ass!" Naruto yelled at the creature


"Alright you asked for it" Naruto responded as he put his hands in the ram seal "kage bunshin-" what I can't access my chakra, oh wait I'm dead I don't have any chakra, damn, oh well I don't need chakra to beat this guy Naruto thought as leaned closer to Hinata "Hinata, listen we can't use chakra you know that right" Naruto whispered to her

Hinata nodded her head in response "w-what d-do we do n-now N-Naruto-kun" Hinata asked completely worried

"It's ok we don't need chakra to beat this thing we can take him on our own" Naruto whispered back before they heard that sound again and 4 more creatures like the one before them came out of the newly made dark portal one resembled a tiger, another a snake, and the last a spider

"And now we can't, RUN!" Naruto yelled to Hinata as they took off in the forest

"AFTER THEM!" the rhino like one yelled, and they took off after them as more creatures come out of more newly made dark portals

Hinata and Naruto were running as fast as their dead legs could carry them until they stopped for a rest only to instantly be surrounded by a countless number of those strange creatures in an instant, Naruto was just figuring they were screwed when the rhino like creature stepped forward "WELL, THAT WAS ONE HELL OF A CHASE, YOU REALLY MADE ME WORK UP AN APPETITE NOW I WILL ENJOY MY MEAL" the creature said as he started to charge Hinata

Hinata was frozen in fear, but Naruto was able to cover body or soul (who cares) with his and closed his eyes and braced himself for pain until he heard someone say

"Kill you enemies in an instant ixero-senkou (yellow flash)" and in a flash for more of a better word all of the creatures were on the ground with a slash mark through their mask and were dissolving into the air

Naruto, let go of Hinata and they both looked and saw a man with unruly blonde hair and had a white haori with the kanji for "nine" on it, in his right hand he had a sword that had yellow electricity surrounding the blade. After the man sheathed his blade he turned around so Naruto and Hinata could see his face, he had a relaxed face but what really caught their attention was his deep ocean blue eyes.

Minato turned around and looked at the two his eyes first drifted to Hinata a Hyuuga huh, why does she look so familiar Minato thought to himself as he studied her then his fell upon Naruto so it really was him, damn, Kushina is not going to be happy about this

"Well…" Minato began "I guess I should tell you who I am, I'm-"

"I already now who you are" Naruto interrupted

"You do" Minato responded

"Yes, even though I've never seen a real picture before, but I've seen the Hokage monument enough to know your face" Naruto said confusing Hinata "You're the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha"

Hinata was surprised is he really the Yondaime Hokage Hinata thought to herself

"So, you know eh" Minato said scratching the back of his head

"I know more then that" Naruto said with fists clenched "I know that…IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" Naruto yelled as he charged Minato

"Huh" Minato said as dodged a punch aimed for his face "What are you talking about!" Minato yelled

"IT'S YOU FAULT I WAS HATED BY THE ENTIRE VILLAGE, IT'S YOUR FAULT I WAS BEATEN, STARVED, AND IGNORED MY WHOLE LIFE!" Naruto shouted as he attacked Minato relentlessly tears falling freely from his cheeks

Naruto-kun Hinata thought as she started to cry as well, she had known Naruto had a hard life but she couldn't help herself Naruto's voice was filled with so much pain it broke her

Naruto aimed another punch for Minato's head but Minato grabbed Naruto's wrist only to have Naruto aim another punch for his head, Minato grabbed Naruto's other wrist, and Minato held Naruto there as he started struggling only to pull him into a tight embrace.

"What are you doing" Naruto said as he started to calm down due to the hug

"I'm so sorry, I would've never done that to you if I'd known how the village would react, my son" Minato said crying as well

Minato was pissed seeing his son like this I told the old man that Naruto should be treated like a hero I'm going to have to talk with him when I get back

At that last statement Naruto looked up to see Minato's face "you mean you're.."

"Yep I'm your father" Minato responded as he stopped crying

"I see" was all Naruto could say as he let his dad go

"Listen" Minato began "I understand if you hate me but-"

"I can't freakin believe my dad is the Yondaime Hokage this is so cool!" Naruto said as he started jumping around like child causing Hinata to giggle

"Uh, yeah..so is there anything you need to do in this world" Minato said trying to change the subject

"Well I would like to see the village one last time how 'bout you Hinata-chan" Naruto said as he turned to face Hinata

"T-That would be n-nice" Hinata responded trying to hide her blush I can't believe it HE called ME Hinata-CHAN HA! take that Sakura

"Why would you want to see the village again Naruto…I mean if everything you said was true" Minato asked

"Well I wasn't lying when I said what that village had done to me, but there are some people who mean a lot to me in that village, people who didn't see me as a demon, but as me Uzumaki Naruto" Naruto said as he looked at the ground 'I just want to see them one last time"

"Alright well then let's go" Minato said as they started heading for the village

As the three arrived at the village it seemed unusually happy, there were parties going on in every block, and people were celebrating

"Why are these people celebrating" Naruto asked as he inwardly he hoped they weren't partying for the reason he thought they were

Just as Naruto said that they overheard a random man and woman talking, they were obviously drunk

"The village is so much happier now that the demon is gone" the man said

"Yeah, to bad he only went missing, I was hoping he died" the woman responded

"Well don't worry, maybe if were lucky he won't come back at all" the man said as he swayed and put an arm over the woman's shoulder causing the woman to giggle

"Yeah that would be nice, or maybe he'll get killed by another village's shinobi, either way it's a win-win situation for us" woman responded as she leaned into the man

At hearing this Naruto's head sunk down again, Hinata went over to Naruto to try and comfort them, and Minato just stared at the couple, fists clenched those BASTARDS Minato thought to himself after all I've done for this FUCKING VILLAGE they don't even respect my final wish I'm going to have to fix that

Minato's eyes then drifted to his left where Hinata was holding Naruto trying to soothe him as he cried into her shoulder again, Minato smiled at this she seems to take liking to Naruto she could make a good wife for him

"Come on" Naruto said as he wiped the remainder of his tears away causing Minato to snap back into reality "I know where they'll be"

The three then arrived at the memorial stone where they saw the rookie nine plus team Gai minus Naruto, Hinata, and Sakura. Naruto and Hinata for obvious reasons, while Sakura was in the hospital, also at the memorial were the Konahamaru corps, Jaraiya, Tsunade, and Hanabi and Hiashi Hyuuga. They had been told the truth to Naruto and Hinata's disappearance but had sworn not to open their mouths, since they couldn't have held a proper funeral; they carved Naruto and Hinata's names in the memorial stone. Most of them were trying to hold back their tears while the only one crying openly were Tsunade, Konahamaru, Moegi, Udon, and Hanabi.

"Well, looks like my old sensei has gotten quite attached to you eh?" Minato asked as he looked at Naruto

"Huh? Oh you mean ero-sennin yeah he taught me some things but he mostly ditched me to do his pervy research" Naruto responded

"Well I can't say I'm surprised" Minato said as he put his hand behind his head before he continued, "well…shall we go?" Minato asked getting a nod from the two

"Good" Minato said as he unsheathed his sword

"Um tou-san" Naruto said getting Minato's attention

"Yeah" Minato said looking at Naruto

"What's going to happen to me and Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked curiously

"Well, you two are going to become shinigamis" Minato responded

"Become WHAT!" Naruto yelled clearly shocked, Hinata was shocked as well but didn't show it

"Your going to become shingamis, whether you want to or not Naruto" Minato responded

"Really, how do you know we can become shinigamis?" Naruto asked clearly anxious

"Well Naruto I can sense yours and Hinata's reiatsu, yours is clearly at a captain's level, while Hinata's is at a 3rd or 4th seat" Minato responded

"What's reiatsu?" Naruto asked again

"Well reiatsu is like chakra, you see chakra is the essence of life while reiatsu is the essence of death" Minato explained "alright now can we go to Soul Society now"

"W-What's Soul Society, is it l-like Heaven?" Hinata asked deciding to make her presence known

"Oh for the love of- you kids and you damn questions, no Soul Society is kinda like purgatory where souls who have died live another life until they die there once that happens they either become reincarnated or they go to Heaven, if you become a shinigami however, you don't die unless you are killed in battle in which his or her soul goes directly to Heaven, some souls don't even go to soul society, the only way this happens if in life they live their life doing nothing but good deeds and helping others then their souls go directly to Heaven" Minato explained again (I don't know if that's how it really works but that's how it works here don't like don't read) "have I explained enough to you two?" Minato asked getting a nod from both Naruto and Hinata while they digested the new information "oh thank God, now let's go" Minato said as he stabbed his sword into the air causing an old Japanese style door to appear and slide open.

"Well let's go shall we" Minato said as he walked into the door soon followed by Hinata and Naruto. The three were then engulfed by a bright light, causing Naruto and Hinata to shield their eyes, after the light died down Naruto and Hinata looked at their surroundings. One they were in a what looked like a regular town and two they were wearing plain white robes.

"So this is-" Naruto began before he was interrupted by Minato

"Yep, Naruto, Hinata let me be the first to say welcome to Soul Society"

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