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"I believe I should be the first one to officially meet the boy" an emotionless voice stated

Naruto turned around and looked at the man and saw he dark hair that reached to the bottom of his neck, three hairpieces, and he had a very cold look on his face

"How come you think you think you should be the first one to meet Naruto nii-sama?" a petite girl with equally dark hair asked

"Well since I just happen to be the boy's grandfather Rukia, I think that I should be the first to officially meet him" the man replied as the girl known as Rukia along with everyone else in the room excluding Unohana and Yamamoto gasped in shock

Chapter 4: Meet the Captains, the Truth Comes Out

As for Naruto however, he just stared at the man who looked like he was easily in his late 20's early 30's and said the only thing that could come to his mind

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!" Naruto screamed shaking the whole room "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE MY GRANDFATHER!"

"I mean exactly what I say I'm Kuchki Byakuya your grandfather, do not make me repeat myself again" the man said as Naruto's jaw looked like it was about to hit the floor

"Well technically Naruto, he's your great grandfather, he's my grandfather" Minato said as he walked up from behind Byakuya

"Ok so you're telling me, I'm a descendent of three clans?" Naruto questioned

"Yep, you're a descendent of the Namikaze, Uzumaki, and Kuchki clan" came Minato's reply

"But nii-sama how are you his grandfather you and my sister never had any kids" Rukia stated

"That's what you would think Rukia" Byakuya replied "but in truth your sister Hisana and I actually had a child, a girl to be specific" after that statement everyone's eyebrows raised

"It's true" Yamamoto said wanting to add in his two cents

"But nii-sama why didn't you tell us you and my sister had a child" Rukia asked completely in shock

"Well you see Rukia when I hid our daughter because the elders of our clan was already against me marrying Hisana, due to the fact she was a commoner with very little reiatsu, so if they figured out we had a child they would've probably turned her into a servant, or worse they might have executed her" Byakuya responded "the only ones who knew of her being was Yamamoto, Unohana since she delivered her, and myself"

"Ok I get that but how did she become my grandmother?" Naruto asked

"Well you see Naruto" Byakuya began "about 40 years ago when my daughter, Hana, was 20 years old wanted me to stop hiding her existence and let roam about Soul Society freely, I refused and she went how you say…berserk, (sigh) late that night she escaped into the real world, since I taught her how to be a shinigami myself, and disappeared into the elemental countries, and I'm pretty sure I know where she got the gigai" Byakuya said as he shot Kisuke a fierce glare making said man sweat uncontrollably before he continued "I looked for her endlessly for weeks before I was forced to give up. It was another two years since I heard from her, and when I found her she was already married to a man named Namikaze Arashi (couldn't come up with a good name, get over it) and was already pregnant with your father Minato" Byakuya said finishing his explanation

"What did you do next?" Naruto asked with him and everyone else hanging on every word

"I did the only thing I could do…I let her stay in the world of the living, when she had Minato I was actually happy to see her living free instead of in hiding like when she was living here. Unfortunately ten years later both Hana and Arashi were killed by Iwa shinobi, and since both of them gave their lives to protect Minato here, their souls were sent directly to Heaven. After that I looked over Minato from the shadows until he became a full-fledged shinobi of Konoha, but after that the council of 46 decreed that no shinigami could go to the elemental countries except for kunsoing souls, and the only way shinigami could walk around in a gigai was with special permission by the council on which Minato fought for many years to get." Byakuya responded

"That is until we figured out that the council of 46 were all dead" Minato added in

"What do you mean?" Hinata asked after being quiet for so long

"You'll learn while in the academy" Byakuya answered

"Ok so how about we meet the captains and vice-captains" Kushina said

"Hai" Naruto and Hinata responded

"Well you already know me" Yamamoto began "but I would like to introduce you to my vice-captain Saru-"

"Ojii-san!" Naruto yelled as he enveloped Sarutobi Sasuke (that's what a lot of people are calling him so that's what I'm going to call him)

Naruto's action earned a chuckle from the old man as he hugged him back "it's good to see again Naruto-kun, though I wish it could be under different conditions" Sarutobi replied

"I-It's good to s-see you again S-Sandaime-sama" Hinata greeted timidly

"It's nice to see you to Hinata-chan" Sarutobi replied softly

Next Naruto and Hinata saw a dark skinned woman with purple hair and yellow eyes standing next to another shorter woman with short hair muck like Hinata's and a calm expression on her face. Both of the women studied Naruto for a bit, and after they were done the fist woman looked at Naruto with a sly smile on her face while the second stood perfectly still but was fighting back a blush and failing horribly

"Naruto, Hinata" Minato began "I would like both of you to meet the captain of Squad 2 Shihouin Yuroichi (someone corrected me on my spelling whoever you are THANK YOU! ;P) and her vice-captain Soi Fong"

The first one to react was Yuroichi who instead of shaking his hand like everyone expected, enveloped him into a hug causing everyone's eyebrows to rise "it's good to finally meet you Naruto-kun!" Yuroichi said rather loudly still having her arms snaked around his neck, until she leaned her mouth closer to his ear and said in a whisper "You look good in that robe" Yuroichi said in a sensual whisper

Now Naruto wasn't exactly a ladies man, but he did know how to flirt, mostly because so many women hit on him during his training trip with the perverted hermit. He got pretty far with some women, and he actually got to the point where the woman actually wanted to…uhm…"de-flower" him if you will, but he never lost his virginity, for he wanted to lose it to Sakura oh he how he regretted that, but anyway mix all the experience he had along with a few tips from Jaraiya, which he constantly tried to ignore, he knew exactly what to say in this kind of situation, but he knew this wasn't the time nor place to do this sort of thing

"Ehh…thanks" Naruto responded as he let go of Yuroichi who "accidentally" brushed her hand across Naruto's bare chest causing everyone in the room to be surprised again. Everyone who was there had different opinions toward the little action Minato was applauding inside his head, for Naruto scoring big time, Kushina was upset that her son was already so grown up, and Hinata was pissed that this woman who just met Naruto was already flirting with him. However, they knew that now was the wrong time to voice their opinions

After that little fiasco Naruto was introduced to Soi Fong who only gave him a small nod trying to act indifferent, but Naruto was able to notice that her face was getting redder by the second and that there was a trail of drool coming down the corner of her lip

Next Naruto and Hinata were brought infront of a man with orange hair and the woman known as Rukia. Minato was the first to speak

"Naruto, Hinata-san this is the captain of Squad 3 Kurosaki Ichigo and his and fiancé and vice-captain Kuchki Rukia" Minato said

Ichigo looked at the two of them and huffed at them "your Naruto eh?" Ichigo asked pointing at Naruto earning a nod from the blonde idiot causing Ichigo to smirk "oh please you don't look so tough fishcake" Ichigo said slyly causing Naruto to fume with anger

"HEY IT'S SPELLED LIKE MALESTROM and besides you don't look that tough either strawberry" Naruto shot back causing Ichigo to get pissed

"Why you little" Ichigo said gritting his teeth "I should kick your ass right now"

"Bring it on berry-chan" Naruto responded as Ichigo brought his face close to his and electricity shot out from each other's eyes

"Naru-chan knock it off!" Kushina screamed as she attempted to rip Naruto away from Ichigo

"Ichigo stop it!" Rukia screamed at the same time as Kushina trying to pry Ichigo away from Naruto which both were not budging still glaring daggers at each other while electricity was still coming out of each other eyes and flames had grown behind them, Kushina and Rukia knew this wasn't working so they used their back up plan


Naruto and Ichigo were both holding their heads mumbling something about 'friggin mom/Rukia' Rukia finally pulled Ichigo behind her and told him to stay quiet, Ichigo opened his mouth to object but a sharp glare from Rukia stopped Ichigo from speaking.

"Sorry about that Ichigo is not very friendly to new people, but anyway I'm Kuchki Rukia" Rukia said extending her hand

"So…your Grandpa Byakuya's sister right?" Naruto asked earning a nod from Rukia

"Well technically by blood I'm your great grandma Hisana's sister but I was adopted into the Kuchki clan making me nii-sama's sister" Rukia responded

"So that makes you like my great-great aunt or something?" Naruto asked again

"Well, yes, but please just call me aunt Rukia or just Rukia the 'great-great' part makes me feel really old, can you do that for me Naruto-kun" Rukia said while putting her hand on Naruto's shoulder making him smile, of course being who he is decided to ruin the moment

"Well I don't know…how about I call Rukia-baa-chan instead" Naruto snapped causing a vein to appear on Rukia's head, which led to her hitting Naruto over the head

"NO! Just call me one of the two names I gave you, and one more thing…DO NOT EVER CALL ME BAA-CHAN AGAIN!" Rukia yelled at Naruto who got the point. Strangely enough this dark-haired midget was more intimidating than Tsunade and that was really saying something. After more small talk Naruto and Hinata were introduced to the Captain and vice-captain of the 4th division (yes I'm calling them divisions now because some people wont get off me about it) the woman they saw first was a woman with black hair braided down the middle and very dark eyes, yet her eyes were warm and welcoming and she radiated an aura of calmness, she immediately looked at the two and gave off a comforting smile

"It is a pleasure to meet you both Naruto-kun, Hinata-chan, I'm Unohana Retsu captain of the 4th division, behind me is my vice-captain Isane" Unohana said in soft voice while pointing to a woman behind her who had the regular shinigami uniform with a sash on her left arm with the kanji for 'four' on it. She had short, white hair and dark eyes as well; when she noticed the two of them she only gave a small nod in acknowledgement, which the other two returned. That is when Unohana decided to speak again

"Well it was nice meeting you all, oh and Hinata-chan feel free to come to the 4th division's headquarters anytime you want, I see a lot of potential in you, you could be a great medic-shinigami one day."

"H-Hai, arigatou Unohana-taicho" Hinata responded bowing her head causing the division 4 captain to smile

Then the duo met the captain of the 5th division. At first when Naruto saw the guy, he thought he was a drunk. The man had black spiky hair, 5-oclock-shadow, and his gi was open exposing his chest. When he noticed the two he smiled at them which led the two to think that he was just another normal well behaved shinigami captain…boy were they wrong. In less then 5 seconds the strange man grabbed Naruto in a headlock while giving his a noogie and laughing, Hinata let out a small 'eep' at the speed this man had and how powerless Naruto was against him

"Ha Ha Ha! So you're Minato's son of whom I've heard so much about, well let me introduce myself I'm Kurosaki Isshin Captain of the 5th division, I also happen to be Ichigo's father" Isshin said while still giving Naruto a noogie while Ichigo was mumbling something about crazy dads and stupid ways of introducing themselves after about another minute of Isshin's antics he finally released Naruto which made him gasp for air

"Dude! Why is everyone stuffing my face in their armpit!?" Naruto yelled/asked

"What! Is it so wrong to be excited to meet the son of my best friend and rival" Isshin responded with a mock hurt voice

"Well still that doesn't mean-wait what do you mean rival?" Naruto asked with curiosity

"I mean your father and I are rivals" Isshin said while wrapping his arms around Minato's shoulders


"Unfortunately" Minato said while slumping his shoulders "I just wanted to be friends but nooooooo Isshin here had to start with this whole rival crap"

"Aw come on Minato you sound like being rivals is a bad thing" Isshin defended

"It is when you are always challenging me to a spar whenever I JUST SAY FUCKING HELLO TO YOU!" Minato responded

"Yeah, good times huh?" Isshin asked

"We're going to have to finish this later, but right now Naruto and Hinata-chan need to meet everyone else" Minato answered

"Oh yes well you already know me how about you meet my vice-captain Hinamori Momo" Isshin said gesturing to a woman next to him with short black hair tied up in a small bun in the back, with dark brown eyes and the traditional shinigami uniform with the badge on her left bicep with the kanji for 'five' on it. When she first saw Hinata she gave her a kind smile and then turned her attention to Naruto and blushed a deep crimson before bowing her head

"I-It's nice to meet both you my name is Hinamori Momo vice-captain of the 5th division" Momo blurted out keeping her head down to hide her blush

"I'm Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto nice to meet ya"

"Hyuuga Hinata it is very nice to meet you as well Hinamori-san"

Meanwhile behind them Minato and Isshin were conversing on Naruto's situation

"Wow Minato your son bagged a hottie, Hinata-san's beauty is even comparable with Kushina-chan's" Isshin said looking at his friend/rival

"I agree even though Naruto says Hinata-chan isn't his girlfriend I think it's a bunch of bullshit" Minato replied not taking his eyes of Naruto

"You have noticed the others right?" Isshin asked


"I mean the others who are checking Naruto out you have noticed right?" Isshin asked again

"Well I have noticed that Yuroichi was really friendly with him but that's about it" Minato replied

"God your so dense" Isshin mumbled before continuing "Yes Yuroichi is attracted to Naruto but there are also a three more Soi Fong was trying not to faint when she saw Naruto and Momo over here wont stop staring at him"

"Wow I was never aware my son was doing so well and-wait that was only two who's the third?" Minato replied

"Well I can't help but notice that Matsumoto Rangiku over there is staring at him and fidgeting" Isshin said with a mischievous grin

"WHAT! You mean to tell me that my son has actually captured the hearts of the three most beautiful women in Soul Society" Minato replied in shock

"Well I'm not sure about that but they are all definitely attracted to him you must be so proud"

"You have no idea"

After all those introductions Hinata and Naruto went to meet the Abarai Renji vice-captain of the 6th division he was alright though the tattoos all over his head weirded Naruto out at first then he thought they were pretty cool and asked Kushina if he could get tattoos which earned a whack in the head and Kushina's reply 'the day you get tattoos like that is the day your father stop eating ramen forever' needless to say Naruto wasn't going to get any tattoos anytime soon

Then came the 7th division Naruto and Hinata really liked captain Komamura Sajin and wished to get to know him better and find out what was under that damned helmet of his. His vice-captain Iba Tetsuzaemon was just odd but in the end very friendly

Naruto and Hinata thought that the captain of the 8th division Kyoraku Shunsui was a cross of Shikamaru and Jiraiya and Naruto at first thought the captain was gay with his pink cape but that thought was crushed when he started to flirt with Hinata, which earned a smack over the head from his vice-captain Ise Nanao who was very kind but way too serious in Naruto's opinion.

The group skipped the 9th division seeing as Minato and Kushina were the captain and vice-captain of that division, and moved right on to the 10th.

The captain of the 10th division Hitsugaya Toushiro was very fond of Naruto and told him and Hinata to come visit him in his division whenever the two wanted. Naruto also liked the vice-captain Matsumoto Rangiku since she was really friendly with him, even though she was really trying to grope him when he wasn't looking

The 11th division's captain Zaraki Kenpachi scared the crap out of Naruto and Hinata; the eye-patched, scarred man was absolutely obsessed with fighting Naruto since he figured out that enormous power belonged to him. Their opinion of the division didn't get any better after meeting the vice-captain of the division, Kusajishi Yachiru, the little pink-haired harpy reminded Naruto of a less-violent chibi Sakura…with a weird habit of calling others embarrassing names. Everyone in the room laughed at Naruto's expense when Yachiru first called him 'foxy-chan' and also at Hinata when she was called 'blushy-chan' due to the fact she blushed at Naruto's name.

The 12th division's captain, Uahara Kisuke, was a bit of an oddball in the duo's opinion. The man was very excited about meeting the duo and told them to visit whenever they wanted, his division was also the only one without a vice-captain, his only explanation was that he didn't find one worthy of the title. Though Kisuke was a very laidback man in most cases, he took his job as a Shinigami and a captain very seriously.

The 13th division's captain Ukitake Joshiro was a very kind man to Naruto and Hinata. He told Hinata how good of a Shinigami her mother was and said he expected much from her. Hinata said she would do her best not to disappoint her, and Ukitake responded saying that was all he could ever ask of her. Meanwhile Hinoiri was talking to Naruto

"So you are the young man that is dating my daughter" Hinoiri said playfully

"Why does everyone think I'm Hinata-chan's boyfriend" Naruto whinned

"Oh come now I'm only joking with you, or maybe I'm not" Hinoiri said mumbling the last part

"So Naruto-kun how do you like Soul Society?" Hinoiri asked trying to start some small talk with the boy

"It's alright, the people treat me better than they did in Konoha" Naruto replied nonchalantly

"I see, Naruto-kun I have a favor to ask you" Hinoiri said in a serious tone

"Sure, what is it" Naruto responded

Hinoiri let out a long sigh before beginning "As you know my little Hina-chan is a bit shy and didn't have much confidence in herself, though she is still a little reclusive, her confidence has shot through the roof, probably thanks to you" Hinoiri paused so she could let this bit of info sink in after a second Naruto nodded for her to continue "this is what brings me to my question would you look after my daughter while in the academy?"

"Huh?" was all Naruto could respond

"Please, I know my daughter and she will quit if things get too hard for her, I know she's gotten better at it but I don't want her to feel discouraged if she doesn't get anything the first time please, I beg you, I need you to be there and encourage her when I can't, please"

As soon as Hinoiri finished her plea Naruto let out a chuckle Hinoiri asked why he was chuckling as Naruto started speaking

"I don't think you have anything to worry about Hinoiri-san, Hinata-chan, while a bit shy like you said, isn't one to give up so easily." Hinoiri raised an eyebrow at this and Naruto continued "she used to be quitter, but that all changed a long time ago. She was a very strong and dependable kunoichi and I'm sure she'll be an even better shinigami, but don't worry I'll still look after her and cheer her on every step of the war through the academy"

To say that Hinoiri was shocked was an understatement; she couldn't believe what this boy…no man had just told her. Had her little Hinata changed that much, she smiled at that thought and knew she could blame the one infront of her for that.

"Thank you Naruto-kun, I really needed to hear that." Hinoiri responded with a smile on her face

After all of the introductions (finally) the duo stood in front of Yamamoto once more

"Well now that that's taken care of, I would like to know a few things Naruto-kun" Yamamoto said

"Okay what?" Naruto asked

"I would like to know about your life in Konoha" he noticed Naruto visibly flinched at that "at first I thought your life in Konoha would be a glamorous one due to the fact you were a hero of the village, but as Minato-kun just told me that is not how it was cracked up to be, my vice-captain has also confirmed this" Yamamoto finished

"Well…" Naruto began "you're right about one thing my life wasn't glamorous, quite the opposite infact…I…don't know how to explain it…I-I just wish I could show it to you-"

"I can do that!" Kisuke yelled excitedly as he shunpoed out of the room leaving everyone extremely confused, after about 5 minutes Kisuke shunpoed back into the room with a helmet with a projector on the top. He then walked up to Naruto and started strapping the helmet on Naruto's head

"What is that?" Yamamoto asked

"This Yamamoto-sama is my new invention, I just finished it so it doesn't even have a name yet but what it does is it plays the wearers memories out of this projector, so we will get to see all of Naruto-kun's life kind of like a movie" Kisuke explained

"All of them?" Naruto asked in a worried voice

"Yep, from the moment you were born to right now we will see them all" Kisuke answered

"I see" Naruto responded "but I must warn you all" Naruto said as he faced everyone in the room. Everyone in the room was shocked at the emotions in the boy's eyes they were filled with sadness, pain, and fear his piercing gaze showed a man who was way beyond his age he waited a second before continuing "the events that occurred to me in my life are some that I wish you nor anyone else must experience, so if there is anyone here who has a weak mind or heart I ask that you leave" many people were shocked he couldn't have had that bad could he? Maybe he was just overreacting

"Naru-chan…" was all Kushina could say

As soon as Naruto saw that no one was going to leave he said

"All right but don't say I didn't warn you" after he gave Kisuke the ok to start. Kisuke then pushed a few buttons before going back to his spot, as the machine started beeping and soon a light shot out of the projector, soon enough everyone could see a chibi Kisuke holding up a sign that said 'The Life of Uzumaki Naruto' while giving the peace sign, everyone chuckled at that.

The movie first started when Naruto came out of Kushina's womb, the first thing they saw was an extremely gentle, tired and pale face of Kushina trying to calm the crying boy. The next part was when Minato came in saying he needed Naruto for the sealing, of course Kushina tried to object but was too weak to do anything and soon past. Next, all they could see was Minato with a sad smile on his face as he did the sealing on Naruto. The movie then proceeded to the council room with Sarutobi holding Naruto while everyone on the council save for Nara Shikaku, Inuzuka Tsume, Yamanaka Inoichi, Aburame Shibi, and Akamichi Chouza. The sadistic war obsessed bastard Danzo wanted to turn Naruto into a mindless weapon, but was quickly shot down. To say everyone in the room was disgusted was complete bullshit…everyone in that room looked ready to kill the entire council for wanting to kill a harmless baby for what it contained.

The movie then went through Naruto's life in the orphanage; Kushina had tears in the corners of her eyes when she saw the treatment of her son. Being starved, ignored, and bullied, the caretakers actually encouraged the other kids in the orphanage to pick on Naruto. After watching all of the first 4 years of Naruto's life they had thought they had seen it all…

…oh how wrong they were, the worst part was on Naruto's 5th birthday, he went outside to join the Kyuubi festival when all of a sudden Naruto bumped into a man making him fall flat on his butt

"G-Gomen" Naruto said as he picked himself up

"Oh well that's quite alri-what are you doing here you little demon" the drunken man said with venom in his voice

"W-Well I was j-just-" but Naruto was cut off by a punch to the gut sending him to the ground

"I'll tell what you were doin' YOU WERE COMING HERE TO MOCK THE SACRIFICE THE YONDAIME MADE WERENT YOU!" the man screamed as he picked Naruto up by his collar

"P-Please I d-didn't do a-anything I j-just wanted to see the f-festival" Naruto pleaded

"Didn't do anything DIDN'T DO ANYTHING YOU DESTROYED OUR HOMES, HUNDREDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE LOST THEIR LIVES BECAUSE OF YOU, I LOST MY WIFE AND SON BECAUSE YOU, YOU LITTLE DEMON AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO LOOK ME IN THE FACE AND SAY YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING" after the man was done screaming he punched Naruto across the face making his tears run freely down his cheeks, by this time others had come and surrounded Naruto all while shouting names at him. After about a minute of the barrage of insults the man who started all of the commotion stepped forward and delivered a kick to the poor boys stomach causing him to gag, he would've thrown up of course if there were anything in his stomach. Soon the mob started shouting

'Kill the demon'

'Let's finish what the Yondaime started'

'He insults us just by living'

Soon all of the citizens were holding out knives, pitchforks, some were even holding broken bottles. All of the shinobi in the group were holding kunais and one was even holding a katana infront of himself, slowly the circle around Naruto started closing in on him, all the boy could do was look up in fear as the mob got closer and closer with murderous intent in their eyes. Finally, when there was nowhere to go an unarmed citizen brought his fist down on the harmless boy infront of them and thus Naruto's first beating of his life commenced…

The screen showed only focused images for a split second before moving again, to random civilians and shinobi alike. Flashes of fists, knives, kunais, and angry faces were the only things visible on the screen. But the sound, the sound was the worst part, there were sounds of curses, yelling, the sound of bone cracking, flesh ripping and worst of all, the sound of a helpless child's cries.

There were many emotions going through the meeting room right now, anger, sadness, and guilt. Yamamoto's staff actually had cracks on the top from him squeezing it too hard, the So-taicho (spelling?) had a half a mind to go down to that village, unleash his fucking BANKAI AND BURNING THAT VILLAGE TO THE GROUND!! There were also those that were angered by this little stunt, the normally calm and happy faces of Isshin, Kisuke, and Shunsui (8th division captain incase you forgot) were now full of seriousness and anger. Kenpachi was also pissed beyond belief, sure he loved battle and killing even more, but to attack a helpless child is something that pissed him off, to him it was an act of cowardess and weakness, two of the things the 11th division captain did not view kindly. However, none of this could compare to the anger felt by Minato they dare say that his own son was a disgrace to his memory, HIS son curses the village with his existence, HIS son should've died the day he was born NO! It was THEM who were a disgrace to his memory, THEY curse the village with their existence, THEY were all nothing but mindless fools who needed a scapegoat to vent their anger out on. Minato was starting to think it was a mistake to seal the Kyuubi away at all.

All of the women in the room had tears in their eyes watching the scene infront of them. How could they do that to a poor, innocent child, who hasn't even begun to experience life yet. All of them wanted to cry their eyes and hearts out for the poor boy but all of them held it in…accept one. Kushina, watched as her son, herson received the worst beating she had ever witnessed, while watching this she knew, there was no one to help him, there was no one to care for him, there was no one to hold him while he cried, there was no one to protect him, and worst of all, there was no one to love him. SHE should've been there to help him, SHE should've been there to care for him, SHE should've been there to hold him while he cried, SHE should've been there to protect him, but most importantly, SHE should've been there to love him. He was HER son goddamnit and she wasn't there for him, realizing this she immediately jumped to the conclusion that she failed Naruto as a mother and let herself go. She immediately sank to the floor, tears streaming down her face, she knew that crying was an act of weakness among shinobi and shinigami, but she didn't give a flying fuck about that anymore, all that mattered to her was that she failed Naruto and he paid the price for it. Everyone else saw her crying her heart out and felt for her, Minato tried to console her, only to be pushed off by Kushina as she ran towards Naruto and enveloped him in a tight hug, crying, and repeating 'I'm sorry' over and over again.

"Don't cry for me kaa-san, it's all in the past now, it's ok" Naruto said trying to comfort her

"NO IT'S NOT! You are MY son and I left you to suffer at the hands of those villagers" Kushina responded while spitting out villagers with as much venom as possible

"I've failed you as a mother due to my own weakness" Kushina added while still crying

"You didn't fail me kaa-san, you died due to my premature birth, it couldn't be helped" Naruto answered

"Yes it could've, I could've been stronger, I could've tried harder to survive, I could've…I could've-"

"It doesn't matter now it's all in the past, it can't be changed the only thing we can change is the future" Naruto responded as Kushina stopped crying

"You okay now kaa-san?" Naruto asked with concern

"Yes, thank you Naru-chan, I needed to hear that" Kushina responded as she went back to where she was originally standing, she couldn't believe how strong spirited her son was, for if it were her or anyone else for that matter they would've gone clinically insane.

The only person there who felt guilt was Sarutobi, he didn't know about that beating Naruto received no one had ever told him about it he wondered how something like that was kept from him, he quickly felt some killer intent towards him and soon found his eyes locked with Minato's he soon found him staring down those icy blue orbs that were full of pain and anger. Sarutobi averted his eyes from Minato he couldn't look at him, Kushina, and especially not Naruto for a while.

After the beating stopped and Naruto was healed everyone breathed in a sigh of relief, until Naruto told them to not get comfortable since there were more beatings to come, at which everyone raised their eyebrows.

And so they went on watching the movie with Naruto's life, and truth be told, they were not impressed. Everywhere he went there were glares, insults, and also the occasional beatings. Even though the rest of the beatings weren't as bad as the first, they were still painful to watch.

They watched as Naruto went through the academy and saw that many if not all of the teachers completely ignored. The only one who even bothered to help Naruto was Iruka, and that wasn't until his last year. They watched as Naruto pulled pranks on people and the village, which gave everyone a desperately needed laugh. They watched as Naruto failed the graduation exam the third time, and how he was tricked by Mizuki. They watched as the traitor told Naruto about the Kyuubi, and tried to kill him. They smiled when Naruto used his newest technique the kage bunshin (shadow clone) to kick the temes ass and graduate. Minato smiled once he saw the Kakashi was named as Naruto's sensei, thinking he would teach him some pretty useful jutsus. Boy was he wrong Minato's smile soon dropped as soon as he saw Kakashi blow off Naruto to train Sasuke for the chunin exams, after watching the wave mission, which left everyone in the room surprised on how he could grow in a short amount of time.

They watched how Naruto met Jaraiya and taught him the kuchiyose no jutsu (summoning technique) and defeated the Hyuuga prodigy, and Subaku no Gaara while fully releasing the Shukaku. They couldn't believe that Naruto could actually take two ninjas that powerful with just mediocre training, if he had some real training the possibilities were limitless for this child.

They then watched how Naruto brought Tsunade back to the village. Of course this surprised no one, since Naruto could be the only one to bring someone like Tsunade back. Minato was quite surprised that Naruto mastered the rasengan in less than a month, even though a kage bunshin had to help him. Next they watched the mission with Idate (sp?) and how he was able to beatRokusho Aoi using the Nidaime's sword with the rasengan when everyone's precious Uchiha couldn't.

They then watched when Sasuke left the village to join Orochimaru, and the battle that took place between Sasuke and Naruto. The boy just couldn't stop surprising them when he almost won, of course he would've if Naruto actually tried to kill him like Sasuke did to him. Minato was happy when he saw Jaraiya, his old sensei, take Naruto on a training trip, thinking he would give the same, if not better training then he gave him. However, just like with Kakashi, he was pissed when he saw how Jaraiya trained Naruto. It showed Jaraiya leaving Naruto with a few scrolls, then going off and doing his perverted 'research' while Naruto had to figure it out himself. It showed Naruto training himself into the ground, pushing himself beyond his limits, and going beyond the point of exhaustion. Minato snorted when they watched Naruto's return and him telling Iruka at Ichiraku's that Jaraiya was actually a 'slave driver.'

Slave driver my ass Minato thought as he continued to watch

They then watched Naruto's and Team Gai rescue Gaara from Akatsuki, meeting with Sai, defeating Hidan and Kakuzu (I don't care how you spell it this is the only time I'm mentioning him in this story) using the rasen shuriken, which Minato made a note to have Naruto teach him that later. They then watched as Naruto went after Sasuke and how he was ambushed all the way to Naruto's death.

Really I'm not surprised, Orochimaru actually focused on Sasuke, while Naruto got his cheese left out in the wind by my son of a bitch sensei, in fact, Naruto should be considered a fucking genius for making it that far with the training he's had Minato thought sourly after the light had dimmed down

When the helmet had turned off he turned to look at everyone in the room and saw looks of shock, anger, and sadness in their eyes.

"Well, as you can see my life has been far from glamorous" Naruto said sheepishly

"So we noticed" Ichigo retorted

After Yamamoto had gotten over the shock of watching that living hellhole of a life he cleared his throat to get his attention.

"Ahem, well now that we know that what I've heard is true, and we have now gotten familiar with both of you, I will now call this meeting to a close, Hinata-chan you will stay with your mother in the 13th division barracks, is that all right with you Ukitake-taicho?" Yamamoto asked

"Of course Yamamoto-sama, I would be happy to have Hinata-san stay with us" Ukitake replied

"And Naruto-kun, you will stay with your parents in the 9th division barracks" Yamamoto said earning a nod from Naruto

"Good, you are all dismissed, I will now finalize both of yours transfer into the Shinigami Academy" Yamamoto explained as everyone left the room, still none of their moods of the Naruto's life has changed

(10th division barracks that night)

Hitsugaya was patiently battling the bane of every captain's existence…paperwork. He was seriously thinking about unleashing Hyourinmaru on the damndable stacks of paper, he was just about to reach for another paper when he heard someone knock at his door

After silently thanking God for giving him reason for letting him get away from the dreaded stack of papers he went to answer to find it was Ichigo and Rukia holding 4 bottles of sake each. Hitsugaya smiled at them and welcomed them in. It was Saturday night, every week during this time Hitsugaya, Rangiku, Ichigo, and Rukia would just sit around drinking and talk about life…or death…yeah.

Ever since the final battle between the Shinigamis of Soul Society and Aizen Sousuke followed by his army of arrancars took place, Ichigo and Hitsugaya had gotten close. The battle ended with the entire arrancar army being destroyed, along with the re-deaths of Aizen's 2nd and 3rd in command, Ichimaru Gin and Tousen Kaname, unfortunately the sneaky bastard Aizen disappeared before Ichigo could finish him off. Every shinigami Yamamoto could muster searched for the sneak for almost 4 months before giving up, it's as if he disappeared off the face of the earth. Unfortunately there were some casualties to the shinigami's side as well. It resulted in the deaths of Ichigo, and the re-deaths of Isshin, Youroichi, Rukia, and Kisuke, many other nameless shinigami also lost their afterlives as well. After everything was fixed and Soul Society fully recovered, Ichigo and Isshin were made captains of the 3rd and 5th division, Kisuke was made captain of the 12th division after the banishment order was revoked, the previous captain, Kurotsuchi Mayuri, tried to resist losing his position as captain, but that ended up in his soul chain and sleet being cut, effectively destroying his shinigami powers, and was dumped in the 80th district of the Rekongai (sp? I know I don't know how to spell a lot of these words get off me) no one has seen him since. His 'daughter' Kurotsuchi Nemu, thought she was going to receive the same punishment, but everyone viewed her as a kind, caring individual and sent her to the Academy to gain real Shinigami powers, infact she would be starting with Naruto and Hinata.

Yourichi was given her title as the 2nd divisions captain after Soi Fong, happily agreed to step down and take the vice-captain position again. This of course angered the current vice-captain Omaeda Marechiyo, but everyone ignored the fat tub of lard. Even though he was from one of the four noble clans of Soul Society, he sucked as a shinigami. Minato was given the captain position of the 9th division after Madarame Ikkaku and Abarai Renji rejected the position. Another thing that influenced their decision was that Minato discovered his bankai during the war, which impressed everyone there, not only that but Minato was also able to gain pretty good control over it in short amount of time to actually use it in the war, no one accept Renji and Ichigo were able to do that.

That's far from the point, after the war ended and the search for Aizen abandoned, Ichigo and Hitsugaya became best friends and even brothers in each other's eyes. They first started this routine about a year ago (in Soul Society time) and have been continuing ever since. Everybody knew what the subject that was on their minds was, Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto. Ichigo took a seat next to Histugaya; sitting across from the table was Rukia and Rangiku. Soon Ichigo poured everyone a drink and the conversation began

"Wow, that Uzumaki kids a real piece of work huh?" Histugaya asked taking a sip of his sake

Everyone nodded their heads at the question and took a sip

In more ways then one Rangiku thought with a slight blush on her face

"Yeah, I can't believe I thought that kid was a pushover when I first met him, to live a life like that and not go insane" Ichigo responded

"I know he just seem so happy and carefree when we first met him" Rukia added

"But you know that Hinata he was with was pretty cute as well" Ichigo said trying to light the mood

"What did you just say" Ichigo turned to find Rukia glaring at him

"Nothing nothing!" Ichigo responded quickly, waving his hands infront of him defensively

As soon as Rukia went back to talking to Rangiku, Ichigo leaned closer to Hitugaya so he could whisper in his ear

"You see, this is what sucks about being engaged, you make one comment about another girl and the gloves come off" Ichigo whispered using his hand to block his mouth from the girl's view

"Just wait 'till you're married" Histugaya whispered back

"Oh please don't, you're going to give me nightmares" Ichigo retorted causing Hitsugaya to chuckle

Their private conversation was interrupted by Rukia coughing into her hand,

"W-What what did you say?" Ichigo asked innocently

"We were just talking about how strong Naruto-kun will be as a shinigami" Rukia answered

"Well if he'll be anything like he was as a shinobi" Ichigo started "with some decent training I have no doubt he will be a prodigy, even better that shorty here" Ichigo finished while putting his hand on top of Hitsugaya's head emitting a low growl from him

"Well I have no doubt his massive reiatsu will grow, but I don't think it's possible for him to get any muscular" Rangiku said

"I KNOW! Isn't he ripped" Rukia added

"YEAH! And with the tanned skin and bright yellow hair, he looks like a regular beach boy (not the band you idiots)" Rangiku added with a squeal

"And doesn't he look soooooo cute with those whisker marks" Rukia responded with a squeal of her own

"Don't they just make you want to touch them" Rangiku responded

Ichigo and Hitsugaya watched as Rukia and Rangiku continued their gossip about the blond new-bee

"Oh sure, I can't say anything about other girls, but Rukia can gossip about anyone she wants" Ichigo said facing Hitsugaya

As soon as Rukia heard Ichigo's last remark she turned her head to face him "Hey he's my nephew I can gossip about him all I want" Rukia said giving Ichigo a playful smirk and faced Rangiku to continue their gossip

Ichigo soon poured some more sake in his and Hitsugaya's saucers and with a quick cling of their saucers they downed the entire thing. They knew, they were going to have to be pretty shit-faced to survive the night

(9th division barracks)

"Kushina-chan?" Minato asked looking for his wife

After about a minute of looking he found her sitting in a completely dark room stroking a sleeping Naruto's hair. Minato smiled and watched them for a minute before kneeling behind Kushina, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"You know you're taking on this mother role awfully quick" Minato said before he kissed her on the cheek

"Well I have to catch up on all the time I lost being his mother" Kushina replied before she leaned into his chest

Minato smiled at her before saying "come on we better let him sleep"

Kushina gave a longing at Naruto "I don't want to leave him"

"He's not going anywhere" Minato responded

"Can't we just sleep in here, with him?" Kushina asked hopefully

Minato looked into Kushina's eyes and saw that she truly did not want to leave her son. Minato only smiled at her before pecking her on the lips.

"Alright" Minato answered

Kushina let out a silent, happy squeal before getting under the covers and wrapping her arms around her protectively.

"I promise you Naru-chan, I will never leave you again, you will never have to be alone ever again" Kushina whispered into Naruto's hair. As a response Naruto just snuggled up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Minato climbed in on the other side of Naruto's futon and wrapped his arms around Naruto and Kushina. Finally the family that was torn apart, was finally together, reunited and nothing was ever going to change that.

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