Silver Acropolis

The night was beautiful; the moon high up in the sky, the only guiding light in the world of snow and shadow. Michelangelo leaned forward from the back seat the top of the convertible was lost to the road long ago. His breath was white only a few shades duller than the pale color that was bathing the driver's metal suit. His hands were tied behind his back, and despite the fact that it looked like he was being kidnapped by his hero the Nightwatcher he felt little fear. He wouldn't have been in this car speeding down an empty highway away from New York City if it wasn't for the one behind the wheel. The cuts on his legs and arms would have been the least of his problems if the Nightwatcher had not started up his game of cops and robbers once more.

"Um, c-could we stop for a s-second?" the cold of the winter night causing his jaw to rattle and his lungs to freeze with the air creating a stammer in words.

The driver didn't say anything, only looked behind to see if they were still being pursued. No lights besides the crystalline glimmer of the horizon where the large city laid nestled in a sea of black sky. He slowed the stolen vehicle, pulling over to the side. The Nightwatcher let the engine run, as he twisted around to look at the passenger that was shivering from the cold.

"Th-these zip ties are really hurting, could you, um... get them off?"

A silent nod.

The hunting knife strapped to his leg was quickly pulled out; the light on the blade making the turtle wince from memories of what he had to endure for the past two days. As if knowing what it was doing to him, the Nightwatcher lowered it so that it was hidden in the shadows. He pointed his finger down and twirled it giving a signal to turn around. Michelangelo nodded and did so, presenting his bound hands.

Skin was swollen and torn around the area where he once had protective wrist guards, the zip ties providing just enough circulation so that the ninja did not have the opportunity of loosing his hands. He bit his lip when the sharp knife was carefully placed between plastic and flesh. There was a sharp pain to the sensitive area when the zip ties were cut away. Sea-green shoulders quivered at the sudden memory of a man standing in front of him, butterfly knife in hand. His body silhouetted but he could tell the sadistic human wore a grin on his face.

A hand on his shoulder brought his mind back to the present. He looked over to his companion who had already put away the knife, he was pushed a little as the hand left him to motion to the seat next to the driver. Carefully, in a timid nature, he crawled over the seat. Normally he would be bouncing off of the walls by the idea that the Nightwatcher had reemerged after his disappearance two years go and saved him from the Purple Dragons, but as it was he had little energy. It happened after having been held captive with out food or water for two days and bled out whenever some knife happy scum bag came around.

Once he was seated, the Nightwatcher revved the engine and continued back on the road. The fight that he had gotten into was more than difficult -there were more than anticipated. The enemy had been more organized, and a bit more tactical than previous battles. The suit was heavy, and even though it helped with some of the bullets it did not help with all of them. His arm was peppered with shot gun pellets, his side was hit but the dark fabric helped conceal the shallow wound.

He had ended up grabbing the hostage that the gang had and took off -hot wiring one of the cars that was previously stolen by the thugs with fire power. After all of the ruckus he knew they had to lay low, just for a while. A few days minimum, a few weeks max. The difficult thing would be how to make sure Mikey didn't know who he really was. The Nightwatcher had a few enemies of his own that would do pretty much anything in order to get an upper hand, that included killing family and friends. It was a lucky thing that Casey never got hurt and knew how to keep his mouth shut. Mikey on the other hand, he liked to brag and boast, not a good thing.

"So... where are we going?" Orange bandana tails flapped in the air as Michelangelo held his hands over the small heater vents.


"Okay… uh, thanks for saving me. I was really getting sick of getting stabbed."

No reaction.

"Can you even talk?"

A nod.

Finally they were getting some where. "Then why don't you say anything?"

It wasn't that he didn't want to; in fact Raphael wanted to ask his brother if he was okay and get ever detail of what those bastards had done to him so he could go back there and return the favor. But Mikey knew his voice well, even if he tried to disguise it. He had a feeling this was going to be the longest days of his life.

"It's a good thing the moon's out right? I mean, with the headlights busted out and all."

Another nod.

"It's still kind of hard to see though."

The breaks were suddenly slammed on, jerking the turtle forward as the crisp air was filled with the stench of burnt rubber. He screamed as the tires spun and swerved over the patch of black ice. There was a loud popping sounds from one blowing out when it hit a patch of gravel and barbed wire fencing. Finally the car stopped. The ninja had wide eyes -white knuckled grip on the dash board.

The stirring wheel was hit hard in frustration before the Nightwatcher opened his door and got out. Reaching over he grabbed a hold of Mikey's elbow, careful of the cuts that littered his arm. Pulling him out, he was set to start walking when he noticed how the turtle hugged himself, the sound of his teeth chattering louder than the clicking sound of the now dead engine. Turning around, he pulled out his knife -slitting the upholstery off of the front, bench-style, seat. He cut out two more, pieces and two thin strips. Dusting off the padding that came with the material, he turned to the one that was worse-for-wear. He wrapped the largest piece around Michelangelo's shoulders, then knelt down. The two smaller bits he slipped under green feet and wrapped around the ankles using the thin strips to tie down the make shift shoes. Once he was done he motioned for Mikey to follow him.

To Be Continued...