BY:Silver bunny

"Hi Andrew, how are you? I heard that the new sailor V game is hear
, where is it?, I want to try it.." said Serena while rushing into the arcade
in one long breath ."oh, hi Serena...I thought that you had detention today,
what happened ?" replayed Andrew with a worm smile on his face, he always
enjoyed seeing Serena and talking to her, he always thought of her as his little
sister whom he loves very much. "oh nothing unusual, Ms. H remembered that
she had a date so she let me go, how did you know about my detention anyway?"
" the girls came in earlier and told me about it"
"WHAT..."shouted Serena "that means that they tried the new game before me,
oh no , I can't believe this is happening to me, I wanted to be the first to try it...
WAAAAAAAAAAA" "calm down Serena.... Don't worry ..they didn't play the game, I swear, actually... no one did..." said Andrew calming her down.
"Yes, really"
"Why not??" asked Serena with curiosity
"Because I wanted you to be the first who plays this game, being sailor V's No.1fan.. You deserve it." Answered Andrew with a big grin on his face.

I just love to see Serena happy, when she is, the whole place shines, and I feel as a kid again. Some times, I do things just to see her cheerful, it doesn't take much to make her happy, food and games always seem to do the trick. I know that she used to have a crush on me, but not any more, in fact she became a very good friend of Rita, my girl friend. Now, she thinks of me as her older and wiser brother, and I must say that I am very proud of that....
"So Serena, wanna play?" I asked already knowing the answer to my question...
"Of course I do, that's what I'm hear for" said Serena excitedly
"Ouch ...that hurts.." I said acting hurt
"oh Andrew, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way... I only meant that....."
I saw guilt in her beautiful sky blue eyes and I couldn't bare to see her like that, so I interrupted her saying " I know that you didn't mean that, I was just acting hurt, just joking Serena.." I smiled at her and patted her head [something which I enjoys doing very much] "tell you what, I'll let you play for free today, how about that??" as soon as I finished my sentence I felt like I was hit by a speeding car and then a worm feeling washed over me, I realized that Serena is hugging me..
"Thank you Andrew, thank you" she said happily

"Thank you Andrew, thank you" I thanked Andrew while I was hugging him, I felt sooo happy, I felt like flying but then...
" Ehm...."somebody cleared his throat behind me, I didn't see his face but I knew who he was. I only feel burning up when a certain black haired guy is near, oh god why is he here ? ...please god don't let him be the one how sees me hugging Andrew... he'll just get the wrong idea... I know he will...but why do I care? I don't know ... I just do...I turned around slowly, wishing to see anybody - including my own father- BUT him....but when I turned around I knew that my prayers weren't answered because I saw
"Hi meatball head, you finally got to Andrew, congratulations... on the other hand, it maybe just another klutz attack, knowing Andrew, he's wise enough to realize that he shouldn't fall for you"
"I...,I should be going now... see you tomorrow Andrew...bye" I said that and ran out of the arcade as fast as I could....why didn't I insult him like he did??? I don't know... I just couldn't confront him...I couldn't even look into his eyes...I just wanted to leave as fast as I could ...I felt sooo guilty.... I don't know why...I just did...and I felt hurt too...why are my eyes watery all of a sudden??
When I entered the arcade and saw Andrew and Serena hugging, I didn't know what to do...I felt so angry and betrayed.. I actually wanted to kill my best friend ...I felt like I was stabbed in my heart... when she turned around and said my name, I didn't know what to say...I was so hurt, I just said the first thing that came into my mind, and I admit that it wasn't a nice thing to say.. it was way rude. When Serena stormed out of the arcade, Andrew gave me a huge lecture about being nice to her, and how an apology would be appreciated. He kept talking and talking ,but I didn't really hear him. I was occupied by my own could he? How could he hug Serena...? how could he hug my little Serena ..Wow wait a second -MY LITTLE SERENA?? Where did that come from?? When did I start thinking that she was mine??...Hmm ..come to think of it, I always thought of her that way...since the day we first met...........