Itus—God of Protection

In Athens, there was once a kid named Itus. When Itus was seventeen years of age, he was unmatched on Earth with his two swords. No mortal man could beat him. But he did not boast about his skills, like most mortal men do, for he respected the gods, especially Apollo. Itus admired Apollo and all Itus did was for Apollo's glory. The boy strived to be like him. He never lied, he was a great musician, though not as good as the god he idolized, and he held a great passion for the archery. Itus was the most humble mortal alive.

During this same time, Apollo was facing trouble. The other gods were growing jealous of Apollo. They all wanted Itus to revere them just as he revered Apollo. Apollo was in fear for his safety. So Apollo decided to find himself a protector so that he could be safe. Apollo knew who his protector would be. He went to his oracle and commanded her to send Itus to him when he came, as was custom will all worshippers of Apollo when they turned eighteen. His oracle agreed, and Apollo went on his way.

Itus turned eighteen a few weeks later, and trekked towards Delphi to seek out Apollo's oracle. When he arrived, the oracle decreed that Itus should go to Apollo, for Apollo had chosen him as his guardian. Itus was shocked that he was chosen as Apollo's personal guardian, and rushed to meet his god; he knew that the gods did not like waiting very much.

Apollo was waiting for Itus, and when Itus arrived, Apollo gave Itus two new swords, Xenios and Kurios, for him to use. These swords were made by Hephaestus himself as a favor for Apollo. Itus treasured these swords and vowed on his life to protect Apollo until the day he died.

And protect him he did. Itus would not allow any harm to come to Apollo. He even beat Ares at a sword fight, a mortal beat a god. Nothing like that was ever heard of in the history of the gods. But Itus didn't boast. Zeus was embarrassed, but not as embarrassed as Ares was.

As Itus grew in age and wisdom, Apollo decided to make Itus a god. He didn't want to see his protector die when he grew old. So in Itus' thirty fifth year, Apollo went to Zeus to ask if Itus could be made into a god. Zeus agreed immediately. He didn't want to see a mortal beat a god again. At first Itus refused, he didn't feel himself worthy of godhood. But Apollo wouldn't take no for an answer. He persuaded Itus to eat the food that would make him immortal. Itus ate the ambrosia and became a god. Apollo released Itus from guardianship, and Itus now spends his days protecting the innocent from those that would do them harm.