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The Prisoner

Ch. 1: Saving an Old Teammate

Vengeance...Some say it's a poison that infiltrates the soul and strips it bare. that it's path only destroys the one who treads it. But to others, it's mother's milk. It nourishes their life and they thrive off of it. It gives them a reason to survive when they have nothing more to hold them to this world.

Sasuke thought about this and decided that he was one of the latter. He thrived off of it. Without it he probably wouldn't have a reason to survive. At least that was what he told himself. A part of him knew that if he admitted otherwise he wouldn't have been able to stay on the path. It wasn't an easy one to follow.

It has been 3 years since he left Konoha. Sometimes when he was feeling tired he missed it. The feeling of homesickness would sneak up on him and he would long to go back but it was in the past. He would never be able to return there. Most of the time that didn't bother him. The only time it did was when something made him remember the times he had with team 7.

The dark haired man sat up and looked around. Someone was missing from their camp. Then he heard fighting in the distance. Curiosity got the better of him and he went to see what was going on.


Sakura had gotten separated from the rest of the group. She didn't know how it happened. She just knew that she had. They were battling some of Orochimaru's men. It wasn't enough that the Akatsuki were after the demon inside Naruto but now Orochimaru was too. At some point the man she had been fighting had gotten her away from the group.

Suddenly she felt something hit her. She gasped in pain. Then the anger came. How dare he? The nerve of him. He had just stabbed her. The temper she was known for reached a boiling point and her strength seemed to grow immensely. She pounded him. When she was finished he was unconscious.

The pink haired girl stumbled backward. She gasped for air. A moment later she had fallen to her knees. What was wrong with her?

"Poison," she whispered as she began to loose consciousness.

The last thing she saw was a man walking towards her. He had black hair and was wearing a white shirt with black pants. The image was blurry so she couldn't tell who it was. Still she whispered his name as she collapsed.



Sasuke had watched the entire fight. He had almost stepped in when he saw her get stabbed but then he had seen the rage in her eyes. He decided it would be best to stay hidden. She might decide to punish him for leaving and Sakura was scary when she was angry. Though he would never tell anyone else that he thought that. She surprised him with her strength. Konoha's cherry blossom had grown up and learned some new tricks.

When she collapsed he came out of hiding. He heard her whisper the word poison and knew what was wrong. Then his eyes widened when she said his name. She lost consciousness after that. He looked at her for a moment then knelt down and picked her up. He decided against taking her back to camp until she was better. The rest of his team wouldn't understand and he didn't want them to kill her while she was defenseless. He took her to the Hidden Sound Village. The younger Uchiha set her down on his bed and covered her up. He set her bag down nearby and began treating her wounds. After he had finished he sat down on a window seat and began to wait for her to wake up.


Green eyes opened slowly and looked around. The owner of the eye was momentarily confused. She didn't know where she was. Then it came back to her. She had been fighting and had been poisoned. She vaguely remembered seeing someone before she had passed out. But this wasn't the clearing where she had been fighting so where was she? She suddenly sat up and then grabbed her stomach in pain. The sudden movement had jarred her wound.

"You shouldn't move too quickly yet," said a cold voice nearby.

Her emerald eyes widened. She knew that voice. It had haunted her for the last three years. She looked towards the source of the voice and saw him, Sasuke Uchiha. He was regarding her with those onyx eyes that she loved as if considering something.

"Sasuke, what are you doing here and where am I?" she said in one breath.

"In a the Sound Village and would you be happier if I'd left you there," he responded.

She looked at him. Yup, he was still the same Sasuke. The kunoichi didn't understand why he had saved her. It didn't make any sense. He didn't even like her and yet he was here. Sasuke was the only one near by so he was the only one that could have tended her wounds.

"I'm happy that you helped me I just don't understand why? You never even liked me."

He regarded her for a moment before he stood up. The younger Uchiha began to leave the room. She started to get up. Big mistake. The pink haired girl doubled over in pain. She felt someone pull her back and rest her head against the pillow. The bandages around her stomach began to shift. She dimly realized that someone was treating her wounds again before she once again lost consciousness.

Sasuke had heard her cry out and had immediately gone to her side. He began to tend to her before he even thought about what he was doing. This girl had always had a weird affect on him. He shrugged. No point being concerned with it. It wasn't important right now anyway and it probably never would be.

Sakura woke up again and looked around. She didn't see Sasuke anywhere. The medical nin decided that she had either dreamed it or he had left. Her vote was on the first choice. It had to have been a dream. She had been dreaming about Sasuke for years so why should this be any different. She leaned against the pillow with a sigh. She sat back up when she sensed someone coming. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw Sasuke walk in and he was carrying food.

He looked at her and smirked at the shocked look on her face. She had obviously thought he had left for good. He walked over to her and offered her the plate of food. She took the plate and ate without complaint. He watched her for a moment to make sure that she wouldn't have any problems and then ate his food.


A little over a week later Sakura was able to move around again. She wondered what Sasuke would do with her now. He hadn't left her alone except to go get food for them both. Again she wondered why. Why did he care? He never seemed to before and yet here he was. Maybe it was just lingering loyalty to team 7. Kakashi had made that a big deal after all. Sasuke had valued Kakashi's opinion. He hadn't spoken much during the time she had been healing. She had asked him a few questions but his answers were either lacking in detail or he didn't answer at all. The pink haired girl let out a sigh.

"How are you feeling?" his voice came from behind her.

She turned and smiled at him. This seemed to surprise him. She briefly wondered why before she saw that he had a change of clothes. That wouldn't be so surprising except they were girl's clothes. She tilted her head to the side.

"Umm, Sasuke, what are those for?"

He smirked at her confused look. The shinobi handed her the clothes and then turned and began to walk away. When she didn't follow he looked back at her and crossed his arms impatience. She realized what he wanted and followed. He could hear her grumbling behind him about his impatience and how if he had just told her what he wanted he wouldn't have had to wait. He continued to smirk.

Sakura wondered where they were going. This was the first time she had left the room. Come to think of it she could have left early and couldn't think of why she didn't. She was so intent on her thoughts that she didn't realize it when Sasuke stopped and crashed right into his back. Sasuke glanced back at her and she could have sworn he looked amused but then that emotionless look was back. He moved out of the way and she smiled. He had led her to a hot springs. She cheered and looked back to find Sasuke leaving. He paused when she tapped his arm.

"Thank you, Sasuke-kun. I don't know if I told you that yet so thank you for helping me."

He nodded and walked away. When he was gone she took her bath. When she finished she got dressed in clothes just like her usual ones. She wondered where he got them but decided not to worry about it. When she returned to the room he handed her a back and a plate of food. She looked at the bag and saw that it was the one she lost while fighting the ninja a few days ago. Well, that answered the question about where he got her clothes.

"What now?" she asked him after they had finished eating.

He looked at her. Now that she was here he didn't want her to leave. 'What the hell. Why not?' he wondered to himself before he again shoved those feelings far away.

"Is the poison still in your system?"

She closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them, "No."

He regarded her for a moment then said, "I can't let you leave."

Her green eyes widened in shock, "Why not?"

"You'll know the location of this village. I can't let you tell the others about it."

"So what? You're going to keep me hostage here?" she demanded.

"Only if you wish to see it that way. You just can't leave here."

"I can't stay here. Naruto and Kakashi will be worried about me."

"You don't have a choice."

He stood up left. She watched him with mixed feelings. She wanted to throw something at him for forcing her to stay but a part of her knew that he had saved her life. The price for that was she couldn't leave here. It wasn't his fault that she had been poisoned and to save her he had to bring her here. She sighed. Forget it. It didn't matter what he did, she could excuse it. She was still in love with him.

"Well, I guess I'm stuck," she said out loud. "I hope Naruto and Kakashi don't worry too much."

Outside the door Sasuke leaned against it. At least she wasn't blaming him though he didn't know why he cared if she did or not. Oh well, he had business to take care of. He had to kill Orochimaru without getting his body taken over by that snake. He walked down the hallway considering what to do. Then it crossed his mind that Orochimaru might not be happy that Sasuke had saved Sakura. The boy considered this for a moment then decided it didn't matter. Orochimaru wouldn't punish him simply because he didn't want to risk Sasuke leaving. He smirked. Not that he wasn't going to leave anyway but the snake didn't know that. He continued down the hall after deciding that and continued to decide on the best way to break free of Orochimaru.

---Meanwhile with Kakashi and Naruto---

Kakashi and Naruto had searched everywhere but they couldn't find Sakura. They did find a pool of her blood along with an unconscious sound ninja but they couldn't find the medical nin. Naruto was getting worried. He even tapped into his fox demon's chakra to try to smell for her but he couldn't. He did however smell her blood and someone else. However, he couldn't tell who it was or where they were going. Kakashi used his sharingan eye but it didn't do any good. She just seemed to have vanished without a trace. Neither of them could tell why.

The returned to Konoha and gave their report to Tsunade. She sent a team of ninja's to find Sakura but they came back a few days later just as empty handed as Kakashi. After that she sent word to the Kazekage in Suna. Gaara sent a reply that they would keep a look out for any information regarding Sakura. Every so often a new team of Konoha ninjas was sent out to find the missing girl but they couldn't find a trace of her.

Her friends worried. Ino went with every team that searched for her and even dragged Shikamaru to help. He didn't put up much of a fight. His girlfriend was upset and he would help if it would calm her. Tenten also went with every team search and dragged her boyfriend, Neji, with her. What worried everyone was that not even Neji's Byakugan could find a trace of her. If Neji's eyes couldn't find her then there was nothing to find. Someone was hiding their medical nin from them. Whoever it was would pay dearly for it.

Hinata helped not only because Sakura was her friend but also because Naruto was worried. She was in love with the loud mouthed blonde even if he didn't know it. The shy kunoichi didn't want him to worry. So she did everything she could to help.

Nothing worked. They tried and tried but nothing worked. They couldn't find their friend and they began to fear what could have happened to her. They could just hope that their friend was ok.