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Chapter 1: Where's Kakashi?

The Hokage was having a migraine. He sighed as he rubbed the sides of his head in a pathetic attempt to get rid of the headache plaguing him. Sitting at his desk in the Hokage tower, Sarutobi picked up his pipe and looked gravely at the letter in front of him. The letter had been sent (by owl no less) from a friend of his he had met as a young man. He hadn't spoken to this friend in a long time, but he was still a good friend, one who had saved his life all those years ago.

This friend, a certain 'wizard' by the name of Albus Dumbledore, was now asking for a favor in return. Albus's school was hosting a triwizard tournament for the first time in many years, but he was worried about the dark wizard named Voldemort. This Voldemort had been defeated 14 years ago, but not killed, and Albus suspected he was planning his ressurection.

Dumbledore requested that he send a jounin, preferably a teaching jounin, and send him undercover as a professor of a practical defense class (but enhanced by magic/chakra). Albus encouraged him to send one that had students, he believed having ninja Harry's age would make it easier to keep an eye on him, but Sarutobi would have to let him know how many so that he could extend a proper invintation to their "Eastern friends" as soon as possible. Not to mention, Albus thought it would be amusing to see how a Konoha shinobi would be able to do in a wizarding tournament. Yes, this was defintely migraine inducing. How could he possibly say no?

Sarutobi sighed as he picked up his pen to confirm Dumbledore's plans. He wrote down who he was considering plus the name of their student. He was sure they would accept, but just to make sure he sent out one of the chunin to go get them. Some time later Minato Namikaze flashed into the room and gave him a small salute.

"You asked for me, Lord Hokage?"

"Yes, I sent for Kakashi as well. I'd like to wait until he comes to explain everything."

Minato face soon dropped in dismay, and he gave a nervous chuckle. He scratched at the side of his face, and avoided looking the Hokage directly.

"Uh...well, the thing is...you'd probably better tell me now since I don't really think Kakashi will be coming for a while."

Sarutobi raised an eyebrow.

"Why not?"

"Just a hunch."

The Hokage began to rub at that damn migraine again.

"Nevermind. Pretend I never asked. When should we be expecting him?"

"Ohhh...probably not for another... uh, hour or so."

"Is that right? Well, I'll give you the basics while we wait for Kakashi to get here. You can explain the rest to him later."

"That would probably be for the best, Lord Hokage."

"Right. I'll be sending you and Kakashi on a mission to help out a friend of mine. He requested a jounin to teach at his school so that this jounin can investigate the activities of a Dark Lord that may be gaining power again. The wizarding community in his part of the world has only just recovered from his last reign of terror."

"Excuse me, Lord Hokage, but did you say 'wizarding'?"


"But I thought wizards weren't real," Minato said this with confusion marring his features. Surely, wizards didn't really exist?

"Well, it seems you were mistaken. They are in fact very real and remarkably similar to us. The difference is simply that they call chakra 'magic' and instead of using hand seals, they use wands. Also they use their 'magic' more for academic or every day purposes, rather than fighting. As a consequence they don't have to train their bodies as extensively as we do."

"So basically they're peaceful, lazy ninjas?"

Sarutobi almost choked on his pipe when he heard this strange interpretation.

"You...could interpret it that way. Anyway, you'll have to station yourself there and see to the safety of the students, especially while their 'triwizard' tournament is taking place. This is a tournament where wizards from two other wizarding communities will be competeing at the school in to test them on their abilities."

"Tournament? I thought they were supposed to be non-combative. You did say peaceful, right?"

"They still have certain dangers in their own world, and I never said they were all peaceful. You assumed."

Minato chuckled lightly at his oversight.

"Yeah, you're right. Sorry."

"My friend Albus Dumbledore also mentioned that if the jounin I was sending had students, I could send them as a contestant for this tournament by representing our villiage. However, Kakashi will have to arrive later than you."

"Well, all right. It sounds interesting. How long will we be gone?"

"About a year."

"What! A year?" Minato repeated in disbelief. He hoped this mission payed well. He didn't know how else he'd be able to justify such a long absence to his long time girlfriend, Kushina.

Kakashi chose this exact moment to enter the scene in a dramatic explosion of smoke.