Author's Note

Well I did not think I would have to explain myself, but I will.

For those who mentioned putting in warnings about character death, you are right. It really just slipped my mind. I will be changing this as we speak.

As for my ending…it had to happen. Harry needed time away to heal. On Arda, he was always expected to do something, or he was constantly reminded of lost love. It may have been a bit melodramatic for him to die because of a broken heart, but elves cannot die unless grieving or mortally injured. I figured emotions would have a much stronger hold on an elf because of this.

If you are mad that Harry did not end up with Legolas, I am sorry, but it wouldn't have happened. Legolas just got brokenhearted by the man he loved. It is unrealistic to believe that right after Aragorn chose Arwen that Legolas would be falling over his friend. Even if he did, it would seem the Harry would only be a conciliatory prize. So no, they did not end up together. The point of the epilogue thought was to give Harry AND Legolas a second chance. It was an open ending; many possibilities can happen.

Maybe that was why I forgot about the character death warning; Harry came back to life again, like Glorfindel. Regardless, I will make that change.

Once again, sorry for disappointing some of you, but this is how I saw it happening. I don't think I will be making a sequel, though I am not sure as of yet.

Best wishes on future reading,