Summary- S3- A hunter learns Sam maybe a threat, so he kidnaps Sam and disables him, so that he's not useful to the demon side. Sam may be able to use the disability to save Dean from his deal. Limp Sam, Protective Dean.

Spoilers- There are spoilers to S2 -All Hell Breaks Loose 1&2. This story takes place in early S3 so there are mentions of one of the new female characters this season that are spoilers.

I want to give a big thanks to my beta, sendintheclowns! She is such a great support!

The Sounds of Silence Part One

Ralph Moore was a second generation hunter. His dad had raised him to hunt the things that went bump in the night. It had been a nomadic life that in time Ralph had come to hate. His mother and father loved it, so in the end Ralph had a falling out with his family.

Ralph decided to pursue "normal." He had always been good with his hands so he went to Vo- Tech School and became a certified mechanic. While at Vo-Tech he had met a pretty young thing named Susan. They had fallen in love and gotten married right after they both graduated. It wasn't long after that their daughter Lisa was born. Ralph was happy. He had normal.

That all changed two years later when both of Ralph's parents were killed on a wendigo hunt. Ralph was devastated and determined to get revenge on the creature that had taken his parents.

Susan didn't understand, thought he had gone mad. She told him the night he left, that if he walked out the door not to come back. Unable to resist the need for revenge, he said his final goodbyes to his family and took off after the wendigo.

It turns out he wasn't the only hunter after the beast. His first night camping out, he'd run across a fellow hunter by the name of John Winchester. Ralph wasn't happy to share the hunt, but in the end John had kept him from getting killed. Well, the fact was that John had saved his life.

Ralph and John remained friends after that. It had hurt Ralph deeply when he learned of John's passing. Today, Ralph had learned something more troubling. It seemed that one of John's boys was being hunted.

Ralph had learned from a fellow hunter that Gordon Walker had quite a few fellow hunters convinced that Sam Winchester was a threat to all hunters. That it was just a matter of time before Sam joined the demon side of the war.

After doing a little research of his own, and finding out that Sam had been one of the psychic children chosen for the war, Ralph decided he had to act.

Ralph had never killed a human that wasn't possessed, and Sam being his friend's son, made it even harder to even think of eliminating him. Ralph also knew that there was a chance that this boy might not go dark side, and he wanted to give the boy the benefit of doubt.

Ralph came up with a plan - if he could disable Sam, and make him no good to the demon side - then he might be able to save Sam not only from the demons, but maybe from his fellow hunters. Ralph would just need to find the boy, and decide how to take him out of the game.


Sam was tired. He was tired of all the secrets, and the war on demons. He was really tired of the demon Ruby popping in whenever she damned well pleased.

He knew though, he had to move forward, to keep fighting. It was the only way to save his brother.

The last few days hadn't been too bad. He and his brother were holed up at Bobby's waiting for the next lead on more demons to hunt.

Sam had been staying up late with Bobby working on research on how to save Dean from his deal. So far, nothing was panning out.

It was late morning and Sam was just finishing his third cup of coffee when Dean entered the kitchen from the outside door.

"Hey Princess, you leave any of the black sludge Bobby calls coffee for me?" Dean smirked as he headed over to the coffee pot.

"Yeah, Dean, there is plenty left. What have you been up to this morning, and where is Bobby? I haven't seen him since I woke up." Sam noticed that his brother was a bit grimy this morning.

"Well, sleeping beauty, while you were sleeping in, Bobby and I were giving the Impala a tune up. Bobby noticed that we needed some new spark plugs and he headed to town to pick some up." Dean replied as he sat down at the kitchen table.

"So when will you be done?" Sam asked really just to make conversation, because honestly talking about the car bored him to pieces.

"Probably after lunch, so if you aren't too busy this afternoon, why don't you whip us up some lunch!" Dean said as he finished off his coffee.

"Sure thing Dean, and is there anything else I can do for my wonderful brother?" Sam replied sarcastically.

"Find us a job Sam, I'm going stir crazy here!" Dean sighed as he got up to head back outside.

"We've been here three days Dean, and you already have ants in your pants huh?" Sam said with a smile.

"Hey, just you find us something to do, or you might actually find out what it's like to have ants in your pants Sam! Oh, wait, that's right, you already know. I taught you that lesson when you were what, ten?" Dean replied with a chuckle.


"Bitch" Dean replied as he headed out the door.


Ralph had been doing lots of research on the best way to disable Sam and not hurt the boy too bad. He had come up with a potion and ritual from a mix of a few of his books that should do the trick. Now he just needed to find the boy.

He had heard in the hunting circles that the Winchester boys were keeping in contact with Bobby Singer, so Ralph felt that Singer was his best bet at finding them. He knew Singer pretty well, they had helped each other on various hunts so he felt that he could get Singer to trust him.

He just needed some bait and he could put his plan into action.