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Our first few years of Hogwarts were uneventful. Everyday we had the same routine, same people, same classes. Around Halloween our first year, some of the other students got homesick, but I didn't. I missed my mother every now and then, and hoped she was alright, but I felt no desire to go home. I was content. I sat with Lucius at lunch, which led to me getting to know more about Bellatrix and Narcissa, as Narcissa followed Lucius like a lost puppy, and Bellatrix followed her sister for lack of something better to do, but I was always waiting for opportunities to spend time with Lily. I hadn't forgotten what my father had said to me at the station, though; he continued to tell me every year. Once in our second year it did get back to him that I had been spending time with Lily, and I have no desire to repeat what happened that summer. When he picked me up at the station, he said, "Let's go. We have things to discuss," before turning and walking away. Shocked and confused I followed him, not knowing how I could possibly be in trouble already. When we got inside our house, he grabbed me by the scruff of the neck, dragged me upstairs, tore off my robe, threw me on the bed, and beat me bloody. I screamed and sobbed into my pillow for the better part of ten minutes as the whipping continued. When he was finished, he grabbed a fistful of my hair and said, "Is a mudblood really worth this, boy?" before storming out and locking my door. It was three days before I was let out.

Lily knew I had gotten in trouble; she said she had seen us leave the train station and she just knew that he was going to do something awful to me. She asked if it was because of her and I told her it wasn't, but she saw right through it and told me that we would have to be more careful. I was able to figure out by our third year who my father had assigned to watch and report to him, one of the older Slytherin boys, and I carefully snuck around learning his schedule until I knew when he was busy and when he wasn't. Lily and I met in secret as often as we could, but the meetings were few and far between. So I was stuck with the Slytherins.

Narcissa was quiet, always poised, always proper, but I could see a strange look in her eyes when she looked at Lucius sometimes, like she wanted to just run and never stop. Bellatrix on the other hand…

Bellatrix was what you would call a terror. She always had a gleam in her eyes that at first could be mistaken for a lust for adventure, but after a while, could be identified as a thirst for mischief. She was always trying to pick fights… always. She didn't care who with, but preferably with Lily or one of the other muggle-borns. She was always fidgeting, playing with her wand, or with her hair, which often wound up in knots from her constant fussing. At times, she could be rather unsettling.

Overall, school was a good place to be. I liked to learn and things were going well. That is until one day in December of our third year.

I was with Lily down on the water's edge of the lake, as the Slytherin who was watching me had a lunch detention with McGonagall, and we were contentedly talking, wrapped in our cloaks. It had snowed the night before, and we were sitting on some rocks to try and stay dry. We watched the lake as the reflection of the winter sky glistened on its surface, and every now and then we threw rocks.

After a while, we heard some voices behind us. It was some other Gryffindors, and I assumed they were friends of Lily's so, reluctantly, I didn't say anything as they came down to where we were.

"Hey, Evans. Who's your friend?" said one of them, a boy with messy black hair and glasses. Lily sighed, and I realized a few seconds too late that she didn't like them at all. There were three others with him; a boy with brown hair who looked very relaxed, a boy with black wavy hair, who seemed mischievous, and a boy with mousy brown hair who constantly looked as though he was waiting for something bad to happen. I had seen them before. Their names were James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. They were inseparable. James had a crush on Lily. Everyone could see it, except for her. He was constantly trying to get her attention. I wasn't surprised he didn't know who I was… not many people did.

"Yah Lily, why didn't you tell us you had a friend? We would have thought you didn't have any," said Sirius. I could tell he was trying to get a rise out of her. Lily had lots of friends.

"Shut up, Sirius." She said. She sighed. "James, this is Severus," she answered his question, gesturing to me. I waved.

"Severus, huh?" James said, walking up to me. "You know, Lily, I never would have pegged you for a snake lover. And Severus" he said, hissing the "s" of my name, "is most definitely a Slytherin."

"James, stop it. Go away, no one asked you to be here." Lily said, stepping beside me.

"Well maybe we are just waiting for an invitation," Sirius said. He too walked up.

"Well you're not invited. As you can see, there isn't room for you lot anyway." With that, she took her seat on the rocks again, and I sat beside her, thinking that the conversation had been effectively ended.

"Well maybe we'll just have to make some room," Sirius said.

"After all, there are far too many Slytherin's as it is," James said, and then I felt a hard shove to my back. Startled, I tumbled forward, standing in front of the rock I had been seated on as I tried not to fall face first into the snow. Slipping on an icy patch, I tumbled into the water.

It was freezing. Like knives all over my body, I turned myself right-side up and sat up, gasping for air and shivering as the icy air hit my already frozen and soaked skin. As I stood, I heard laughter. James, and Sirius were guffawing as though it was the funniest thing in the world… after a few seconds Remus and Peter joined in, but hesitantly as though they only did so to avoid being left out.

"You jerks! Go away, Potter!" Lily yelled before jumping from her seat to pull me out of the water. Still laughing, Potter and his friends complied, every now and then looking back to see me shivering, and laughing harder still. "Sev, are you alright?" Lily answered.

"I'm f-f-fine," I shivered, my teeth crashing against each other as I wrapped my arms around myself, trying to find heat.

"Are you sure? You had better go and get dry." Lily said, her eyes full of concern. I realized with a shock that I liked that look in her eyes, because it was directed at me.

"Y-yeah…" I stuttered. "I'll d-d-do that."

Lily and I walked to the castle together before we parted ways, Lily going to Gryffindor, and I down to Slytherin.

As I entered our dorm, Lucius looked up at me in shock. He was lying on his bed reading a Quidditch magazine.

"Sev… you're soaked, what happened?" he asked, swinging his legs off the side of his bed.

"P-p-potter…" I said as I rummaged in my trunk for some dry clothes. "Pushed me in t-the l-l-lake."

"What a jack-ass." Lucius said.

"Y-y-yeah. I'm gonna go sh-shower and get w-w-warm." I said before heading towards the bathroom.

After that, Potter and his friends realized that the best way to get Lily's attention was to torture me… and they did.

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