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A/N: This is a mix of the Phantom of the Opera and Naruto, I pretty much follow the movie storyline but added a few twists of my own. Please R&R!

A car pulled up to the old opera. The driver got out and went to the back seat. An old man got out from the back of the car, refusing the help from the driver or his nursing aid. The feeble man sat in his wheelchair and was rolled into the opera. He could hear the auction beginning.

"Lot 664, ladies and gentalmen, is the play poster of the famous production Hannibal." the auctioneer said. " One of the opera's most successful productions, how shall we start the bidding."

The old man was not listening to the auctioneer, his eyes wondered to an older woman standing at the front of the podium. He new her and she new him, she nodded her head in acknowledgment.

"Now," the auctioneer continued, " Lot 665, a small teddy bear found in the vaults of the theater, still in great condition ladies and gentalmen. Now shall we start the bidding at 20?"

The man raised his hand.

"Yes you sir, 20."

The woman raised her hand.

"Yes, Madam Temari, 25."

The man raised his hand again.

"30," the auctioneer looked at Madam Temari, "And 35?"

She looked at the man then shook her head.

"Sold for 25 to the Count Uchiha."

They brought the teddy bear to him.

So this is what she was talking about. The count thought.

"Now Lot 666 ladies and gentalmen, is the exact chandelier from the famous disaster," the auctioneer said, " I'm sure all of you are familiar with The Phantom of the Sand, a mystery never fully explained." " The chandelier has been rebuilt to the new electric light, perhaps we can frighten away the ghost of so many years ago with a little illumination, Gentalmen!"

As the chandelier was lifted they all watched in wonder as they felt themselves almost go back in time.