Title: Ars Amatoria Forty Ranger Themes: Tommy & Kat

Rating: Teen

Pairing: Tommy Oliver and Katherine Hilliard

Season(s): MMPR Season 3, Alien Ranger, Zeo Rangers, Turbo


Patience was something Katherine had learned at a young age. You had to wait your turn to dive or dance and you had to wait until you reached a certain level before you could do Pointe, which was what had drawn her to dance in the first place.

It would take patience for her to have the person she had fallen in love with.

As she watched Tommy's face as he read that dreadful letter her heart had broken in two for him. He didn't deserve to be dumped like that, not by Kimberly, the person he had expected to spend the rest of his life with.

When he left to get his thoughts together the others had tried to follow but she had convinced them it was best to let him be and then she secretly followed him out to the lake. Seeing him there in such distress made her want to reach out to him and hold him but she couldn't allow herself to do that, not yet anyway.

"Tommy, are you going to be ok?" she asked as she placed a hand on his shoulder, making him jump.

"Eventually, but God Kat, why would she dump me in a letter, telling me that she's found another guy? It doesn't sound like my beautiful, she's changed that much is obvious." He said as a tear began to fall down his cheek.

Katherine just sighed and pulled him into a hug, allowing him to cry.

Yes, she would just have to have patience.