Well, Chapter seven here, I had the feeling that the last chapter was not one of my best

Well, Chapter seven here, I had the feeling that the last chapter was not one of my best. So, with an attempt to improve, on with the show.

Still no permission to use Kenshin, I can't say I've asked either


Having just been floored by the mad girl wielding a baseball bat, I had to say my conduct was exemplary. I mealy groaned as opposed to using every fowl word under the sun as I justifiably felt initialled too. My legs were refusing to work after the blow and my stomach felt ready to heave. Despite this I felt that I had to make some effort at introducing myself.

"Hi" I said from ground level in a voice considerably higher than normal.

"So you can still talk you perv! I'll show you what a woman can do." The woman said, raising the bat above her head for what I thought would be her killer blow. I managed to stare up into her fireiey eyes and decided that, as a last thing to see, they were beautiful. By curling up into a ball and covering my head, I braced myself for impact.

The bat came down on the side of my ribs, and again on my arm protecting my head, It HURT! But, before the bat could land a third time I heard Sano's voice, to me it sounded like the angel of mercy.

"Karou, why are you hitting Kenshin? I already told you he came with me to get you out."

The irate woman spun to face him, "What."

"You're hitting Ken, with a bat."

She looked down at me, I waved back, "Hi, nice to meet you, could you stop hitting me now?" I felt it carried the gist of what I wanted to say, shame it sounded as if a schoolboy said it.

There was one of those little pauses where everyone re-evaluates the situation. Then both Sano and Karou helped me to my feet.

"It was really nice of you to help Kenshin, but you really shouldn't mess with these people. Their killers, You could have been seriously hurt." Karou said, as she inspected the damage she'd inflicted.

Sano laughed at the irony of this for me. "You're just as bad," she said, turning to Sano "I know you can look after yourself but what would have happened to Kenshin if I hadn't been there?" I just looked at her, I couldn't think of a reasonable response. "I was fine until you kicked me and went to town with a baseball bat" didn't seem appropriate.

Having managed to pull myself back into a conforming state I managed to ask, "Where are all the guards?" Looking around the room I could still see the "Battousi" unconscious on the floor and the two. "Probably trying to contain the riot that's going on down stairs" Sano said

Riot? What the hell happened, we'd only been in this place for about 10 minutes and had only just seen the boss. As far as I could tell, my nicely thought out plan had gone out the window. I decided to blame Sano as I felt it was usually somehow his fault.

"What's our next plan" I asked Karou. She gave me a look and said "Plan? I just got fed up of being treated like a servant. I ran into Sano as I was leaving, he said you were here and that we had to get you."

"Oh," It was an appropriate response, "in that case, I suggest that we high tail it out of here while their boss is away," I turned to the two women still in the room with us, "I recommend that you two do the same"

I started towards the door we came in from when Sano called out, "Hang on Ken, There's another person down stair, The room was locked, second on the right through the doors, "Ok, I got her, I'll see you two at the meeting place."

"You mean the car?" Sano asked.

I rolled my eyes, "Sano, when you're in the middle of an enemy base, don't say where you're heading afterward." I turned my attention to the fallen Battousi, and started to frisk him, looking for a key of some description. I looked up, the others hadn't moved

"well go, you don't want to hang around here."

Ah, I found the man's keys and his wallet, huh, his name was in fact Himua Gohei. It must be the other brother in hospital. The man also had about his person small combat knife, which was strapped to his back, and about 30 dollars in cash. I struggled with my morels for a few seconds and eventually took the money. I figured he owed me for being complicated in the loss of my pub. I moved to search the man with the broken arm, nothing interesting there.

I heard a commotion at the door. By the sounds of it, the guards were waking up after Karou and Sano's rampage. That could be an irritation. I looked for another way out, the room had a suspended ceiling was the best option, defiantly better than hiding behind a sofa (which I've been known to do.) I leapt onto a sofa, and removed a roof panel. A quick jump put me perched in a half crouch in the false ceiling, on the ventilation and sprinkler systems that supported my weight. I replaced the missing panel and listened to the noise below.

It sounded as if two people had come in. There footsteps were rushed "Boss, Boss, are you alright?" there was a scuffling,

The man with the broken arm said somewhat woosaly "The mad girl came in with a bat and laid me out, where is the person you were talking to?"

"What pers… The bastard hit me from behind! When I find him, he's dead!"

Well, it looked like I'd collected another fan, at least he's missed completely Sano and Karou, He ranted on for another minute or so, and it seemed to be setting in for the long hall, I'd decided to see if there was a way out through the false ceiling. I had a kid to save. Wow, go me, I sound like a hero.

Of course, true to building regulations, the vents and piping were fire proofed, e.g. blocked, I was stuck there until they left, or I could fight my way out. I was preparing to lift a corner of a ceiling panel to get a look around and see where they all were when I heard the door slam open again.

This time it sounded as if a large group had arrived, I felt a chill, whoever just entered was a player. Not someone to mess with, and worst of all, I felt I knew him. I froze in place, I didn't dare breath unless it gave me away.

"Well, if this thing even passes as the Battousi then the world may truly , " That voice confirmed it, Iizuka one of my former handlers. This was all kinds of bad, I had to get out, find the kid and get out.

"How DARE you say that. I'll kill you for that," I heard the fake say, "shut up, shut up" I kept repeating "he will kill you, he will kill you how can you not see this"

"I've heard enough," There was a sound of a pistol, a colt, his favourite. "Clean this place."

"No!" cried the now familiar injured guard as machineguns opened up.

The door opened again and shut, I opened the ceiling and looked down. It wasn't pleasant, I had to get the girl before the cleaning squad did. Second door on the right, not a lot of time. I opened the door to the corridor slowly, Iizuka was walking out the front door with two men. I heard gunshots through the doors on the right. There would be at least four men in the cleaner squad, each proficient with their automatic weapons, with armour piercing bullets as well as body armour under their suits.

Gohei's group would be like lams to the slaughter.

I went to the ground and looked under the door. Two shifting shapes, guards holding the entrance. I went through the doors quick, rolled to my right and scanned. One of the guards had been clipped by the door, the other was turning to face me, can't have that, a round heal kick drops him before he can complete the turn, I quickly jump the last man while he was still groggy, choking him out.

The corridor had two doors on either side and ended with a T-junction, gunfire was coming from around the corners. The doors on either side were still closed, the two guys here were meant to be the ambush, people could be flushed from the rooms and corridors and into their line of fire. No one in this building was leaving alive. I had to be quick before they noticed the two missing guards.

I ran to the door in question and tried the handle, locked. I pulled out the keys I'd taken and tried to match them to the lock, gave up and rammed the knife into it and turned, breaking it.

I opened the door and threw myself to the floor as a table leg sailed past my head. "Stop, I'm here to get you out!" why was everyone out to hurt me? Especially the people I'm trying to help! It was getting ridiculous.

"Sano and Karou sent me to get you out" I said glancing around the room, a young girl stepped forwards, maybe about 15, I would have taken more time to explain what was happening if I hadn't heard a call from around the corner for the two unconscious guards.

"Ok, Were out of time, sorry about this" I said as a grabbed her hand, "keep quiet or were in real trouble" I said as I checked the door, I could here footsteps coming from around the corner. We had to go. I picked up the girl and ran for the door. I heard the shouts regarding my two fallen foes as we rounded the home stretch.

We burst through the doors to the out side to find it deserted, much to my relief, It was probably the first bit of luck I'd had. We ran to the edge of the club. There was a line beginning to form of people querying to enter the club, completely unaware of what was happening behind the exclusive VIP doors at the back.

I could see no sign of Iizuka thank god. I took a look back and judged the ally to still be clear, time to leave, I pulled the girl behind me to the parking lot where I found Sano's car with the engine on and the lights off.

The occurrence of the car all jumped when I opened the door.

"Hi, room for two more?" I asked forcing a smile on my face, as I handed the girl to Karou in the back seat, and joined them, Sano turned to me and asked "where to boss?"

"That's not even funny, Just get us to a hotel, preferably a long way from here." I had been severely rattled and I needed to think, I also didn't want people who we didn't know coming back to our safe house. If you could call Sano's flat a safe house. The place was not known to Choshu and in the interest of everybody, I would like to keep it that way.

On the plus side, if they knew were I was, they wouldn't have bothered raided the gang's hideout. At least I hoped that that was it. Maybe they got my bar confused with a pub. However unlikely.

Of course it was always possible for party politics to play a hand. I'd have to find out, but not until we'd all laid low, today had been too close for comfort. And you never know, they might have given up in this area and move on.

Well, they might.

-- -- --

We'd booked a room at a day's inn, which was about a twenty-minute drive from the club. We'd booked it more for a place to talk than a place to stay. Sano had opened the mini bar and was passing round the miniatures.

"He's to a successful mission, not that our Little Missy here didn't have things under control. Hay, we need to call Yahiko and tell him we've got you."

I sat down with my back to a wall facing smiled, at the girl I'd rescued, "Hi, we never were formally introduced, I'm Kenshin, what's your name?"


"Nice to meet you, Tusubame," I turned to the other two women, "Nice to meet you lot too,"

"You said you were some sort of boss, You and,… Sano, was it?" said one of the two women

"Ya, but that was a lie, we just had to get us in, wasn't it Ken." Sano said as he searched his pockets for his phone

I just shrugged, and smiled as innocently as I could "If it's any help, I own, well, owned a pub."

There was a thoughtful silence after that.

"I hope you don't mind me asking but who are you and what were you all doing there? I thought that it was just Miss Karou their to get out."

"I'm Tae and this is my sister Sae, Some guys came by our restaurant about a week ago and demanded protection money, We told them to get lost. The next thing we knew, Sae and me had black bags thrown over our heads and we were taken to that place and locked up. Told that if we didn't serve the lords, they would kill Tusubame, our waitress.

"Two days later they brought Karou in kicking, I remember her being dragged to a room at the back and two guys being dragged out with blood flowing from there noses. It was the first thing worth smiling about."

"Yea Karou can get like that when she's mad." Sano added from the corner as he found his phone in his coat pocket and stepped out to call Yahiko

"I suppose we'll all have to leave town now. They won't let us live after this." Sae said her head sinking.

"I wouldn't worry about them any more. We got …lucky… in our timing, As me and Tsubame left another group was arriving and they were not friendly, I think protection money will be the least of Mr Gohei worries." I said from my spot by the wall.

I didn't want to tell them that everyone in that building was dead, or soon to be dead. They'd hear about it on the news soon enough. Probably under the title "Murder on the Dance Floor" or words to that effect.

I just hoped we were out of it.


Sorry to end on a place like this, but I felt I had to get another chapter out after the last one, I wasn't very happy with it but it got everything told in one. I know Sae and Tai and twins but I wanted names for restaurant owners and I needed two women.

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