Kingdom Hearts

The Untold Stories of Organization XIII

I do not own Kingdom Hearts or any of the characters. All rights reserved to Disney and Square Enix.

Chapter 1: A Note


A certain silence filled the Castle that Never Was, one brought upon by the dark night of the City. The looming palace of gray, marked with several of the signature nobody symbles, had become a menacing obelisk no longer, and now housed the eight protectors of the World that Never Was. Much had happened since the passing of Xemnas...

Throughout the silent corridors, the remaining members of the organization slept. Xigbar, Larxene, Vexen, Demyx, Zexion, Axel, Luxord...all except for the thirteenth member of the organization.

"Just a little more..." Roxas yawned, his eyes falling heavy as the minutes ticked by.

Sleep was little priority to him as his pen traced meticulously over a note he'd been constructing since the day had begun. Though the body of the letter had been completely, his efforts now fell upon the detailing of small vines, and the occasional lightning bolt.

A yawn overtook him, his arms involuntarilly stretching outward as his body reminded him of the time. Still, it wouldn't be too much longer, he was almost done, it was worth the effort for her...

"Rox...what's got you up this late...?" came a familiar voice from the bunk bed above his own.

The sudden voice gave Roxas a shock; quickly he placed the note face down on the bed as he glanced up at his roomate.

Through the darkness, it was easy to see the largely spiked red hair, as well as the vaguely glowing clear green eyes. Two diamond shaped black marks just beneath each eye were signature of the man who was like his brother. Out of his usual persona, Axel was dressed in a baggy black t-shirt, and a pair of pj shorts.

"Remember a while back when I said I like to sleep undisturbed?" Axel continued, only pausing to yawn. "I respect whatever you're doing but, the Axel needs his beauty sleep. Sleepy good, wakey bad, got it memorized?"

"Y...yeah, sorry Axel," Roxas bowed his head. "I'll be done in a minute."

Axel leaned down over the edge of the black bunk, "You were scribbling pretty fierce, whatcha working on?"

" in particular..." Roxas lied, trying not to look towards the letter on the bed.

Axel, on the other hand, had already set his gaze on the small sheet. Faintly visible, though flipped over to keep hidden whatever was on the other side.

"Nothing?" Axel asked, reaching for the paper.

Roxas quickly slid the paper further away, averting his eyes, "Nope, nothing important."

"Sure doesn't seem like nothing..." Axel leaned further, reaching out for it once again.

Again, Roxas pushed the note further from the red-head's intriguement, taking great care not to wrinkle it in any way. Axel's pursuit continued, a clear curiousity in his mind as he dangled off the edge of the bunk. This cat and mouse tactic was getting him nowhere, alternative methods would have to come into play.

Quickly, Axel shifted his gaze to their door. He took a steady breath, then shouted, "ROXAS LOOK OUT! THE DUSKS ARE REBELLING!"

Falling out of bed in an ungraceful stumble, Roxas grabbed the closest of his keychains from his bedside stand. In a quick shift of light, the keychain formed itself into the familiar form of the Oblivion.

Charging through the doorway, battle clad in his gray tank top and black shorts, Roxas surveyed the halls cautiously for the gray husks that shared the title of Nobody. However...the halls were still silent, not a twitch came from the shadows all around.

It was then that he realized he'd fallen once more for a prank Axel often pulled. Quickly, he turned, his mind racing, then collapsing, as he saw Axel sitting triumphantly upon his bed. The note was in his hand.

The other hand, Axel's thumb specifical, was on fire, small and controlled like a lighter as his eyes scanned the finely written text. As seconds ticked past, the only sound to break the silence was a snicker from Axel.

"What is this Rox? A love letter?" Axel laughed a little louder, his eyes searching for the name of the recipient. "You're writing a love letter to...woah....woah woah woah woah woah."

Roxas pulled the sliding door closed behind him as he stepped back into their room, his cheeks brightening pink as Axel stared in awe.

"Is this...serious?"

All Roxas could manage was a nod.

"You mean you like...her?" Axel's jaw was practically dropping.

"Axel please don't tell her..."

"Larxene!?" Axel finally asked.

"Shh!" Roxas pleaded.

Placing the note down on the side table, and taking a few blank faced deep breaths, Axel did his best to regain his composure. What had begun as humor had transpired into a scenerio even he had never expected.

"That's just...dangerous," the redhead murmured.

Roxas cast away the Oblivion, and set the keyblade down once more upon the stand. Lining it up parralel to the Oathkeeper keychain, the Bond of Flames keychain sitting beside that. In exchange, Axel extinguished the flame on his thumb, and peered at Roxas.

"W...what do you mean?" Roxas questioned almost inaudibly.

"Rox, we're talking about Larxene here." Axel began. "Y'know, she's means, she's tough, she's Heartless...litterally, she's solitary, short tempered, lightningy, and..."

"Ok ok," Roxas interupted as he lifted the note from the stand. Folding it delicately in half, and writing Larxene carefully over the front, he finally let the note rest upon the desk adjacent to their bunks. "I get the point."

Leaning forward and supporting himself with his hands against the bed, Axel spoke up again, "What do you possibly see in her anyway?"

Roxas moved back towards the lower bunk and let his body collapse, a yawn claiming his breath again, "I don't know...there's just something about her..."

"Puberty, right?" Axel laughed, nudging Roxas with his elbow, "I get it, our little Rox is finally becoming a man."

"It's not that! I mean, I" the boy grumbled. "It's...just the way she is. She's always calm and precise...just entrancing in a way..."

Axel stood up, shaking his head steadilly, "Man, when Sora and you split ways, he took the good taste with him."

"You're one to talk," Roxas countered, "I don't see you surrounded by women."

Axel turned, and casually crossed his arms, "Science had proven already. I'm so hot, any woman who dated me would burst into flames from the slightest contact."


"It's lonely at the top," Axel laughed, climbing back into the top bunk and laying casually atop the sheets. "G'night, Roxas."

Giving up for the night, roxas settled beneath the dark gray sheets of his bed, "Yeah...good night, Axel."

A midnight argument was the last of his desires at the moment. He'd worry about Axel...and the letter...tomorrow.