Kingdom Hearts

The untold stories of the Thirteen Nobodies.

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Chapter 5: Two Halves.


Silently observing from atop the roof of Naught's Skyway, the Savage Nymph let out a relaxed sigh. Since Roxas had returned to the castle, she'd watched him from afar in hopes of making up for lost time. He had given her such attention, the least she could do was learn more about him.

Roxas' encounter with Zexion had been an interesting discussion, bringing into question their existence once more. But more intriguing was the comment from Zexion about their past lives. It was true, for as long as she could remember, she'd kept to herself and sealed her emotions between a shield of sadistic cruelty.

This tactic of hiding herself had lasted right up to her demise at Castle Oblivion. Surrounded by questionable company, finding little attachment with anyone or anything in particular. Her pursuit of her heart was all that she'd cared about. That had been her number one priority.

But, this ambition had faded for her. Existing as the essence of nothing was an acceptable fate in her mind. And as for her heart...she had a substitute for that. Something that almost made her feel whole as she reflected upon her new attachment. She did feel something for Roxas, only now had it been revealed by his confession to her. She did like him...but she could only like what she knew liked her in return. That was her defense, what kept her from both misery, and opportunity.

"Oh well..." she breathed softly, a calm smile over her face, "I have him now..."

The boy of her observation was walking away slowly below her, his hands pocketed in his cloak in a manner of casual silence. Apparently she had remained undiscovered, though she would purposely change that in a moment. She had something she wanted, this night, a simple request to beget what might lead to more.

Her figure slid down the tilted metal surface, her cloak fraying around her as she decended two floors to the landing below. Here, were Roxas had stood, she began her pursuit.

Roxas wasn't difficult to follow, the late hours of the night kept his movements slow and traceable. Passing across the Hall of Empty Melodies, Larxene called out softly to her newly assigned relation.

"Hello, Roxas," she cooed softly, as if unaware they would see eachother.

Roxas turned, recognizing her merely from the voice and bowing his head, "Ah...g...good evening, Larxene."

"What are you doing up this late?" she asked softly, striding gracefully past him with a smile.

"I couldn't sleep, so I decided to come out for some air..." he glanced up at her slowly.

Larxene gave a smirk, then crossed her arms behind her back and began to plot. Roxas was shy, he seemed obediant, but shy none-the-less. Her approaches would have to be tame, which was troublesome to judge as she'd never attempted to sincerely 'flirt' with someone before.

"We had the same idea, then," she spoke in a melodic voice, "I can't sleep either...perhaps you'd like to help me?"

"" he questioned.

She turned, and gave a teasing wink, "Sleep with me."

"" he stammered, his cheeks burning red at her casual stance.

Larxene's hands slid down to her hips, and she stood with her head tilted in amusement. Roxas was such a innocent boy, teasing him was so easy, and surprisingly fun. The burning blush that tinted his cheeks made her giggle in uncharacteristic satisfaction.

"Come on, Roxas..." she murmured smoothly.

Roxas glanced downward, hiding the embarassment in his face as he walked slowly behind. What could he say? For her to suddenly be brining him to her didn't embarass her at all? This was happening all of a sudden, but...

Somehow...he couldn't help but follow her.


Stepping over the threshhold was like stepping into a new world. The light, the space, even the smell of the air was a shift away from his room.

Larxene's bedroom was a small, circular space, occupied by a surprisingly small ammount of things. Directly ahead of the doorway was a bed, easilly the biggest object in the room, curving perfectly in shape with the wall it rested again. Large enough to excede the ranking of King-sized, the bed was adorned with a large black comforter, and numerous round and rectangular pillows.

To the left of the doorway, taking up a large portion of the wall, was a sliding door, partially open enough to reveal a walk-in closet. It was too dark to see any outfits hidding within, but even if it weren't, Roxas' respect for her privacy would have prevented him from peaking as it was.

The remaining wall to the right of the doorway sported another sliding door, though this one was completely shut, and it's designation was unknown. All that was left in the room after these were the black carpet, the dark blue walls, and the ceiling...

Roxas gazed up, surprised at what caught his eye. Overlooking the entire room like a guardian of bits of light was a giant portrayal of the night sky. A moon glowed in the center, apparently the source of light through a lamp hidden behind it, surrounded by smaller stars each emmiting their own faint light. The whole theme made the room feel...larger.

"What do you think?" she asked softly, smiling a warm welcome to him, "It isn't much, but it's comfortable."

"It'" he broke his gaze away from the painted sky, looking back at Larxene with a returned smile.

Without a moments notice, Larxene pinched her fingers around the zipper of her cloak, and slowly began pulling it down her figure. The dark clothe spread around her form, slipping gradually down the skin of her shoulders, slipping down her forearms and stopping at her elbows.

Roxas gazed at her, awestruck as the red returned to his cheeks. Larxene passed a glance back at him, and gave him a luring smile.

"What's wrong?" she cooed, "Am I that beautiful?"

"Y...yes...actually..." he admitted, quickly averting his eyes as her cloak fell to the floor. What she wore underneath was a mystery, his eyes trained on the floor as he crossed his arms. There was no escaping it, he had no idea what to do.

He could hear the sounds of the bed ruffling, the sound of two more zippers coming undone, most likely her boots. Then, another shuffling sound, padding closer, the feeling of hands on his shoulders.

"Look at me," she commanded softly.


"I want you to," she reasured with nothing hidden in her voice. "You think I'm beautiful, don't you?"

"Yes but..."

"Then prove it..." she grinned.

He couldn't back out, troubled in the controversy of respecting her personally, and respecting her wishes. She wanted him to look...was it ok?

Slowly, he glanced upward, taking in the sight of her shroudless figure. Larxene's figure was slender, curved and fit, and completely mystifying. Her skin was pale, lighter than his, her eyes searching his expresion for admiration. Her cloak removed, her body was clothed in nothing more than thigh high black stockings, a pair of laced black underwear, and a matching bra.

She the only word he could express...breathtaking.

"So...what do you think of me...Roxas..." she drew closer to him.

His silent wandering eyes only gave her a warmer smile as her slender fingers curled around the zipper of his cloak. Standing at her mercy, Roxas silently held his posture as she pulled his cloak away. She draped the dark wrapping over her arm, and turned towards the closet door. Taking advantage of the moment he leaned down to unzip the boots that clung to his legs and remove his black jeans.

Within moments, he wore nothing but a white tank top, and his boxers...those, and a bright blush.

Delicately placing his cloak over a hanger, Larxene turned back to admire the pink-cheeked innocence that she'd pulled in with her. Like a fly caught in a spiders web that didn't know whether to submit or struggle. She bent his figure, and began sliding the stockings down her legs with care. Keeping her eyes tilted up at him, she smiled her alluring smile, hiding an emotion she was uncertain of.

Was she embarassed? She couldn't read her own emotion as it had never occured too much with her. It felt natural, he was her boyfriend now, what difference would it make to be in her underwear near him? She wanted to be close to him, but the soft heat in her cheeks furthered her hinted shyness.

She cast her leggings aside with a hint of misplaced attention, her eyes never leaving his figure. She felt...different. Though his face was clear, she couldn't read what he was feeling. Not completely, anyway. She stepped towards him, taking elegant strides as her bare feet crushed against the carpet beneath her.

Standing directly in front of him, her figure overlooked his by a small ammount, her lips lined up perfectly with his forehead. Which she took advantage of at this moment, leaning forward and touching her vessels to his pale skin in tender affection. Her arms laced over his shoulders, she drew his figure against hers in what felt like the most natural way to hug someone she felt she loved.

Almost surprisingly, she could feel Roxas' arms lifting and hugging gently around her figure in return. A warm embrace, gentle but inviting all the same, encompassed them both, and for a moment it felt like there was nothing else in the world.

Larxene parted her lips from his forehead, and the two parted their forms from one another. Roxas looked up at her with trembling blue eyes; Larxene gazed back with shimmering green. Her hands withdrew from around the boy as she murmured softly.

"Shall we get some sleep, Roxas..."

"Y...yeah...alright..." he replied softly.

With the clap of her hands, the lights overhead faded away The two walked silently towards the neatly laid matress; each drew back the sheets in an almost hessitant way; they both lay down on either side, looking at eachother.

Larxene slowly inched herself closer to him, her arms extending and curling around him as she drew his figure in against her chest. His cheek against her breasts, her arm holding him affectionately as a child would a teddy bear, she pressed her lips against his ruffled blond hair.

"I understand what you said before..." she spoke gently.

"A...about what...?" he breathed, eyes closed, his cheeks tinted red.

"Feeling like you have a heart again..." she murmured softly in his ear, "I feel it..." With another gentle kiss, this time upon his cheek, she murmured, "You're my heart now, never leave me...understood?"

She spoke in a soft voice. Commanding, but affectionate, the order was simple. Roxas opened his eyes, and gazed up at her. He nodded his head gently, his hair tickling her skin.

"Yes...I'll always be here..." he replied.

Content with his answer, she pulled him tightly against her once more, comfortable and warm with the boy in her arms. Never before had she held someone...never before had she been held. The warmth, the affection...Roxas in her arms...

She loved it...and she loved him.

"Goodnight, my Roxas..." she concluded.

"Goodnight...Larxene..." he whispered in return.

The two, locked in eachother's embrace, surrounded themselves with nothing but the sound of eachother's breath. Like two halves...of one heart...