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[[EADGBE-Standard Tuning : 4/4 Time, A, Em, C, C, G, G, A, D7, G, Strum full chord. Repeat until verse one.

Titans' Tower, Jump City. Everyone knows its strange extravagance, its high-tech abilities and supercomputers, its well-equipped training rooms, and other expensive modifications that probably aren't as easy-to-get as we'd like to believe. Plus the rooms of the house were set up according to each of the team's personal liking, including my own - Not unusual, surely, but some modifications that seem to be flaunty or unimportant to most people.

For example, BeastBoy recently decided to install a claw machine in his room. Sure, it's a fun treat, but after a while, it'll get old, especially since he purchased one that required his pay, and he had to refurbish the machine on his own time and cash. Starfire thought she'd put a swing in her room. I hardly see the point in this, seeing as she levitates almost constantly, flitting about like a bubbly, bright butterfly. Cyborg, I have to admit, programmed something at least a bit useful in his room - a large stereo that could probably shake the entire tower if he turned the subwoofer and bass up all the way. Robin got yet another punching bag, I think, and a small boombox, too. The last one broke when he slipped and fell on it. I decided on something practical, something I'd asked for for two reasons: A.) I'd wanted it for quite some time now, because I had trouble keeping some secrets, and was nearly discovered by BeastBoy twice and Star at least six or seven times. She never knocks. And B.) I'm tired of listening in on the other's conversations, especially when they have friends over. It makes me feel like I'm eavesdropping and learning things that I either DO NOT want to know, or things that I probably just shouldn't know. Therefore, I got my walls soundproofed.

It seems silly, to you guys, and probably seemed strange when the other Titans heard about it, but I did it without many questions asked. Truth is, I have a secret, and I really don't like to share my secrets without cause, as most are knowing of, and as most respect that boundary. Besides, if everyone knew, I think I'd become less skilled, because I don't really want to let people see what I do. For starters, people'd ask me to show them, and if I didn't, they'd say I was lying about doing it. Then I'd stop the task, and my skills would dull into nonexistency.People are so stupid. They can't accept the truth without proof, even if they know I don't have any reason to lie to them. I guess I'll just have to stay in the dark about this. Plus, it's kind of exciting to hide something special, this thing that only I know about, from everyone.