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One Hundred Little Words

1. Dream

Her night visions were always horrible; classified as night terrors or nightmares. But she wasn't sure how to classify this one. Nothing truly terrible had happened. It just left her wondering why the first dream she'd ever have would involve a green butterfly landing on her nose.

2. Mountain

"How long?"

"Come on, Rae. It's not that bad."

"How long?"

"Does it matter?"

"Garfield Logan, how long has it been since you last did your laundry?!"

"… six months."

Raven sighed and covered her eyes with her hand. "Get me a shovel," she said. "There's no way in Hell I'm touching any of this with my bare hands."

3. Razorblade

It was such a little, slender thing. To think, he could easily slip it out of his razor and slide it across his skin. Would it really cut instantly? Would the blood gush out or would it only look like a scratch or scrape? The few nicks he got when shaving certainly bled a lot. And how would it feel? Would it sting? Would he not feel anything? Could he really bleed to death from this simple little razorblade?

He sighed and placed the razor back down onto the bathroom sink. He decided today wasn't the day he'd test his theories.

4. Broccoli

"Come on, is it the same or not?" asked Beast Boy.

"What does it matter?" asked Raven.

"Just humor me," said Beast Boy.

"That's a funny phrase coming from you," said Raven.

"Raven!" he whined.

"Fine," Raven sighed. "No, your hair is not the same color as broccoli."

"You hear that, Cy?!" Beast Boy shouted. "You can't call me broccoli-head, anymore!"

5. Puzzle

"I don't understand you!" they yelled at each other.

They both at looked at the other oddly and their anger faded away.

"Y-You don't understand me?" asked Beast Boy.

"No," said Raven. "You don't understand me?"

"No," said Beast Boy. "You're like… a puzzle or something."

"That's how I feel about you," Raven admitted.

It grew quiet again and they both began to think.

Beast Boy then smiled and said, "Raven? You wanna help me solve a puzzle I've been working on?"

Raven thought for a moment then smirked, "Only if you help me solve the one I've been trying to figure out for four years."

6. College

It was two in the morning and she still hadn't made a dent into the paper. She sighed and continued to type while referring back to the various textbooks. When she had decided to take a few college courses to stimulate her mind she'd had no idea it would be this stressful and overwhelming. She thought she could handle it. She'd been tested and was blessed enough to have an IQ of 157. And yet this damn American Literature paper was going to be the death of her and make her the laughing stock of the Titans.

7. Soul

"Robin, is it true that animals do not have souls?" asked Starfire.

"What do you mean, Star?" he asked.

"Well, I learned that some people believe that only people have souls and that animals do not," said Starfire. "Is this true?"

Beast Boy was shocked by this and was about to open his mouth when someone cut him off.

"Of course it's not true," said Raven from behind her book.

"But how do you know?" asked Starfire.

"Because Beast Boy changes into animals everyday," said Raven. "I doubt his soul could just disappear every time he transforms or else he wouldn't have the consciousness to control himself. So, rest assured, Starfire, animals have souls."

"Oh," said Starfire, quite relieved.

8. Gem

Such a small word; a small word that stood for something beautiful. But when she heard the word she only thought of one thing: doom.

9. Friends

"Raven, we're friends, right?" he asked.

"Yes," said Raven, turning a page in her book.

"How good of friends do you think we are?" he asked.

"I don't know," she shrugged. "Very good, I guess."

"So you think we can become better friends?" he asked.

"I suppose," said Raven.

"Do you think we could ever be best friends?" he asked.

"Anything's possible," said Raven.

"And do you think we could ever be… more than friends?" he asked, shyly.

Finally, Raven looked up from her book.

10. Kiss

The two sat on the edge of the pool blushing and avoiding each other at every cost. Finally, Raven spoke up.

"I could've sworn you weren't breathing," she said tensely, mostly because she was embarrassed.

"No… just, you know, taking a rest," said Beast Boy, scratching the back of his head.

"Well… who takes a rest while holding their breath?"

"Who uses tongue when doing CPR?"

11. Martyr

"No, she wasn't."

"Yes she was!"

"No, she wasn't."

"Yes she was, for the last time!"

"Beast Boy, a martyr is someone who willingly dies rather than renounce their beliefs or principals," said Raven. "Terra sacrificed herself. There's a difference."

Beast Boy thought about this for a moment. "So… what did your death qualify you as?"

12. Birthmark

"Hey, Raven, what's that on your lower back?"

"Oh, uh…"

"It's really big and it looks like uh… raven or something."

"Well, you see…"

"Is it a… is it a birthmark?"

"Y-Yeah! That's what it is."

"Cool. Kinda looks like a tattoo."

"Yeah… kinda…"

13. Remember

Beast Boy groaned and said, "Come on, Raven, when're you gonna laugh at one of my jokes?"

"When you're funny," said Raven, sipping her tea.

"I find it pretty hard to believe that I've never been funny," said Beast Boy.

"I never said that," said Raven.

"But you've never laughed at any of my jokes!" said Beast Boy.

"I have too," said Raven, her brow furrowing.

"When?!" said Beast Boy.

"Think way back, Beast Boy," said Raven. "And I mean way back."

14. Haunting

Even when he lay in bed at night he could still hear her voice echoing in his mind. "Azarath… metrion… zinthos…"

15. Mouse

It all began with Raven swearing that she'd never be so scared or startled that she'd scream at a Starfire-like octave. But when a little black mouse ran between her legs she'd quickly been made into a liar as she screamed so high and loud everyone jumped a foot and was given a gray hair. She only regained her composure when she saw little mouse paw prints on the floor. And they'd been made with black paint.


16. Kids








"Garfield Logan, if you don't think of a lower number I'm going to get my tubes tied tonight!"

17. Crime

"You know, Raven, it really is a crime to hide that smile away from the world."

18. Girlfriend

She knew he couldn't go on forever without a girlfriend. He needed the attention; not to mention someone to cling to, someone to protect, someone to save. She just had no idea his girlfriend would end up being her.

19. Comfort

She'd never liked physical contact. The slightest touch made her heart race and her stomach to fill with dread. Robin putting his hand on her shoulder was going too far, let alone Starfire's hugs. But now, as she sat with his arm draped over her shoulders, holding her close and allowing her to rest her head on his shoulder, she actually felt… comfortable.

20. Hero

"Beast Boy, when was the first time you realized you were a hero?" asked a news reporter.

"I'll tell you when it happens," said Beast Boy in an oddly serious tone.

21. Break

The air was still tense and thick from the fight; their hearts still racing and their emotions raging. She then looked up at him with tear filled eyes and uttered those six words they'd both been terrified of.

"I think we need a break."

22. Blue



"Are you happy?"


"Then why's your cloak still blue?"

"Because if it were white I'd have to clean it far too often."

"Oh… that makes sense."

23. Spell

Beast Boy spotted Raven sitting on the couch, reading, as usual. He quickly and stealthily ran through the room and stood in front of her. He cracked his knuckles and said, "Hey Raven?"

Raven looked above her book.

"I've put a spell on you," said Beast Boy, his arms stretched out and his fingers wiggling. "And now you're mine!"

Raven stared at him for a moment then looked back into her book.

"You forgot to say 'hocus pocus' beforehand," she said in a bored tone.

24. Candles

The fire extinguisher fizzled out and he tossed it aside. He coughed and waved the smoke away from his face so he wouldn't inhale it. He looked around the room and sighed. "I try to be a little romantic and I end up destroying all of her earthly possessions," he said, running his hand through his hair. "God, please let Starfire keep Raven at the mall as soon as possible. I need to make out my will."

25. Pain

"Beast Boy, I know this is probably a stupid question, but I need an answer," she said. "Does it hurt when you transform into animals?"

Beast Boy furrowed his brow and sighed, "Yes."