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Chapter 1:

The words burned in her ears as they were being read out loud to her. She felt her temperature rising, her lip twitched in anger. Her hands clenched together in a tight fist in front of her as if she were praying. Perhaps maybe she was praying for a miracle, a miracle to get her as far away from this revelation as possible. She was fuming and if you looked close enough you could almost see the flames blazing in her eyes. She pursed her lips, holding them shut for if she didn't she would have a raging outburst, but she was under no condition to be having blow-ups of any kind. She sat there with her elbows planted on the table and her clenched fists lightly brushing her lower lip, her eyes fixated on the long wooden table before her. She subconsciously registered the gossiping whispers of the other pirates of the Brethren Court surrounding her but she ignored them, she had too, she had to face the adversity of her situation. She had to prove to them that she had the will, strength and mind to rule the pirates of Shipwreck Island. She had to prove to them that having a woman Pirate King wouldn't end in the annihilation of pirates and their beloved Shipwreck Island. This was her home now and she wanted to do everything to protect it, yet no one but she believed herself capable to do so. All she needed was a chance…

"So ye see Captain Swan," her name pulled her out of her deep thoughts and she looked into the dark eyes of Captain Teague as he continued, "as we all know there are no laws or anything in the codex that states against woman Pirate Kings, but the Brethren Court Council members have expressed deep concerns as to whether you are fitting for the part."

Captain Teague's eyes bore into Elizabeth's daringly. Though the man swaying before her was elderly, the intensity in his eyes was intimidating, all he needed was a quick draw of his pistol and it would be fatal, but still she didn't allow herself to stand down. If she was to be king she had to defend herself and set her place. She took a deep breath and stood carefully, "This is absurd," she began sternly, placing her hands on the table for support, leaning in slowly, looking into the faces of all the council members, "I lead you all into war. A war that was won without any of you having to raise a single sword because I as well as Captain Sparrow, Captain Barbossa, Captain Turner and our crew faced Davy Jones and his Flying Dutchman head on. And now, you all have the audacity to tell me that I don't have the strength, or the power, or the will to rule the pirates just because I don't have a physical pair of balls?" she asked angrily, "ha, don't make the mistake of underestimating me because those who have, have died," she concluded confidently. She once again met the eyes of the Keeper of the Code only this time the daring gaze was replaced with a sparkle of…pride? It was tough to say but he didn't look displeased, which was good.

"Ye make a valid point Captain Swan," Elizabeth lips curled into a faint smile, "but the concern of the courts council members is overwhelming, so I simply can not discard this." Elizabeth's smile faded and the Captain continued, "Ye will not be denied the rights that have been bestow upon ye as King, you just won't do it alone."

Elizabeth knitted her eyebrows in confusion, "What?"

"If ye want to be King Captain, ye will have to marry within the Brethren Court." Teague announced. The Pirates all nodded in agreement and faced Elizabeth.

Teague's words stabbed her like daggers, she was stunned. "This is an outrage! I'm perfectly capable of doing this on my own! Why can't you just trust me?" she yelled.

Captain Teague narrowed his eyes at Elizabeth, "We're pirates darling. We trust no one." He said indignantly. "I will leave it upon you to choose said person, but we shall need yer answer by tomorrow," with that he clubbed the table with his pistol and the meeting was over.

Elizabeth was left dumbfounded. How did this happen? Will. No, it wasn't fair she already had a husband. She leaped out from behind the table and rushed after a slow moving Captain Teague. She spoke between her breaths, "How…can I…get married…if I already am?"

Teague didn't even turn to look at her. He just kept moving forward, "Do ye have proof of this marriage?"

Elizabeth sighed. She had been spontaneously married to Will during a battle by Barbossa. There had been no time to sign any legal documents and Will had left shortly after the consummation of their marriage. Unfortunately there was no proof of their marriage and their only witness, Barbossa, had disappeared. She shook her head, "No," she said solemnly.

Teague continued walking, "Then I suggest ye start deliberating."

Elizabeth stopped following him and stood hopelessly in the middle of a small corridor. She watched Teague walk away until he had fully disappeared. She hung her head and closed her eyes. Her whole life had just crumbled before her. A few weeks ago she had been married in a most romantic manner, well at least to her it was, to the man she had always loved. Though their fate drew a short straw and separated them for ten years, at least he was alive. She had come to terms with it and she promised to keep her vows to Will. For the meantime they would each focus on their duties and remember their love until the day they would be able to be together again. But now her duty was on the line, her title was to be taken from her unless she complied with the demands of the Keeper of the Code, who in fact was next in power after the King, and since she was basically on trial, his word would be the final one.

Elizabeth did not remember the moments that followed. Her mind was clouded with all her problems and she unknowingly ended up on her favorite cliff that overlooked the ocean. A salty breeze kissed her face and finally she came too. The sight was breathtaking as always despite a thick layer of mist which made it difficult to see past it but it somehow soothed her pain. Elizabeth knew she was faced with a difficult decision, whether she wanted to be King, or if she would renounce her title. The latter one devastated her simply thinking about it. She couldn't deny how badly she wanted to be King, she had earned it. She had loved the adrenalin that flowed through her veins as she addressed the Pirates, hyping their spirits about fighting for their freedom. The look on Will and Mr. Gibbs faces were priceless, she had seen pride in their eyes. She smiled thinking about it. The cheers of the pirate's voices still echoed in her ears. She had only wished Jack had seen her, he too would have been proud. After all he was the reason why she was King to begin with. Jack had given her a gift; he had trusted her with it. Sure it was for his own benefit, but she knew she had proven herself to him. She caught him a couple times staring at her in awe, and it had made Elizabeth's heart begin to race. He had seen her power, now why couldn't the others? Her sadness returned. What am I going to do? I can't betray Will for my own selfish pleasure. But if I give up my title I will surely regret it. Tears fell down Elizabeth's cheeks, being King was something she truly wanted.